Who are the Zionists?

Who are the Zionists


Who are the Zionists?

Most Israelis do not understand who the Zionists are. In Israel, Zionist is a term used to define the Jews that returned to Israel after 2,000 years in exile. Zion was the land promised to the Jews by God and temporarily taken for 2,000 years. That goes back 4,000 years today.

In Israel, the term Zionists does not refer to any violent group of people seeking the destruction of others.


Who are the Zionists?   

Who is heading them?

Where do they operate from?

What are their goals?

What is their relation to Israel?

Do they pose any threats to the Israeli citizens?

Who do they target and why?

Here are the answers and some hard truths...

A HOLOCAUST is a BURNT OFFERING to Moloch, otherwise known as Ba’al or Set. This is known to Christians as Satan. During World War II, the Jews of Europe were killed as a burnt offering to Moloch.

Zionists are specific to a group known as the Sabbattean or Frankist Jews. These people BELIEVE that it is up to them to make the prophecies of the holy books COME TRUE.

They were founded and headed by the ROTHSCHILDS and other prominent pseudo-Jewish families. When the Jews of Europe REFUSED to accept financial incentives to move to Israel, these people used one of their family members, a certain Adolf Hitler (Saxe Gotha, who was a member of the British royal family, whose illegitimate daughters are said to be former UK PM Mrs May, and former German Chancellor Mrs Merkel), to FORCE the Jews out of Europe on pain of death.

This is what happened to the Ashkenazi Jews, including members of Polish and German Jewish families who were either killed or forced to flee their ancestral European homeland by the NAZIS (National Socialist Zionists).

The Ashkenazi Jews OPPOSED the Sabbatteans, saying ONLY God did God’s work, and it was blasphemy for humans to try to take on this task.

That is why Ashkenazi Jews were PERSECUTED and KILLED.

Israeli Jews need to understand that Satan-worshiping pseudo-Jews were behind the holocaust.

The worst part of it is that these PSEUDO-JEWS, who are the KHAZARIAN MAFIA (the KM), are still trying to start a war between Gog and Magog in order to kill 90 percent of humanity and enslave the rest.

These scumbags are behind the New World Order, election rigging, the WEF, 9/11, Fukushima, the WHO and the Certificate of Vaccination ID 2019 bioweapon, climate change, all wars, weather manipulation causing droughts and famine, chemtrails, money laundering and fiat money printing, political assassinations, and global totalitarianism via the deep state. They are real badasses.

This does not come from some sort of internet “conspiracy site.” The Canadian journalist Benjamin Fulford was invited to join them in this plot by representatives of the Khazarian Mafia’s David Rockefeller. Benjamin has the tapes to prove it. There is plenty of other rock-solid evidence showing this plot is very real.

The forensic trail shows that the leadership of this CULT OF DEATH has its headquarters in the Rothschild family complex near Zug, Switzerland. They are now being systematically hunted down and brought to justice.

Another thing the Israeli Jews need to realize is that the inhabitants of the Ghettos were not only Jews. The most persecuted group of all were the atheists, who lived in the Ghettos as well.

Another group of this Cult of Death is the descendants of the Carthaginians (today's Tunisia), who practice CHILD SACRIFICE. They appear in the Book of Ruth. It was the murder of children by this sect that was often the trigger for pogroms and persecutions. (Pogroms are organized massacres of a particular ethnic group, in particular, that of Jewish people in Russia or eastern Europe. The Nazis began a pogrom against Ashkenazi Jews in Germany.)

The true ancestral homeland of the Khazars or Ashkenazi Jews is roughly correspondent with present-day Poland and Ukraine.

If the Ashkenazi Jews really wish to return to their ancestral homeland, then that is where they should go. Unfortunately, the Cult of Death has infested that land for over a millennium. The Khazarians originally came from the area now called Kazakhstan. Here's who they are today:

Khazarians Zionists

Notice the link between the symbol of Ukraine and the Khazarians:

Ukraine and Khazarian Crests

As for Israel, the Palestinians are the original inhabitants of that region who, at a certain point in history, converted to Islam.

Israel was invented in 1948 following WW2, up to which point it was part of the British Empire.

Way before that, the Israelites were in that region during Biblical times when planet Earth experienced nasty electrical events caused by a hot big comet born from Jupiter (the Great Red Spot is its birthmark) messing up Earth’s and Mar’s orbits, tilts, and rotations, which caused seas to part and other weird and nasty events such as permanent nights and days, plagues, volcanoes, mountain building, typhoons and hurricanes ten time more powerful than today’s, constant meteorites, the sky falling down, floods, southern stars in the north, fierce dragons in the sky, etc., all documented in the scriptures and worldwide by natives in South America, Africa, China, etc, dating from just 4,000 years ago and now stupidly dismissed as myths by dumbshit modern so-called educated man who is mind-controlled by the very same Cult of Death who own the corporate media and fortune 500 companies, via which they breached the Nuremberg Code to begin their genocide campaign caused by their BIOWEAPON gene altering Covid jabs manufactured in Ukraine BIOWEAPON labs.

That comet, by the way, is the new hot planet we call Venus, but not a lot of people know that today because the truth has been kept hidden via the Cult of Death’s infiltration into and dumbing down education systems.

Also, that dirty comet was called Ba’al in those days, so now you know from where Devil-worshipping arises. There’s a reason for everything.

We live on a sick planet that needs healing. The sooner we rid this world of the Khazarian Mafia Ba’al-worshipping Cult of Death masquerading as Jews – the very people the KM hate most of all – the quicker it can start being healed. The cleanup operation by the Russian Federation in former Khazaria (Ukraine) is part of the start of that process. Gesara and Nesara and military white hat operations are also part of that process. In fact, all countries are currently under military rule. It’s all about exposing these nasty creatures who were originally parasitic slave merchants and slave drivers from Khazaria.

Patience is a virtue, but there will be casualties. It had to be this way.



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