WWG1WGA Update #1

11 October 2021 - WWG1WGA Update #1

  • COVID has done the rounds. The smokescreen is over. People are waking up as health ministers can’t provide evidence that the COVID-19 virus exists - biowarfare exposed. The jabs are bioweapons - WARNING. Many deaths over the dark winter are expected due to bioweapons. GENOCIDE. Ignore all Covid fear propaganda in the MSM. It’s over.
  • The Black Sun Order has broken and is malfunctioning. Global pedophilia exposed. Tribunals.
  • Martial law was enacted in the US at 8.04 pm after Trump’s farewell speech on 19 Jan 2021. No new President can be inaugurated under martial law. Biden is NOT President.
  • Trump is Commander in Chief.
  • Space Force runs the White House.
  • Tribunals continue in GITMO and elsewhere as the Deep State is taken down. Nuremberg 2 trials to follow - ignorance no excuse. Executions of medics, reporters, teachers, politicians, etc., pushing the jabs.
  • DUMBS network destroyed.
  • Only 1% of the truth gets into alt-media - on purpose. The MSM is entirely corrupt and will stand trial.
  • The QFS global reset is unlikely to happen before mid-2022 at the EARLIEST. It won’t go ahead until corporate greed and corruption are finished. The system demands that ALL funded projects the world over be under Natural Law. Greed will be outlawed. Funded companies that break the new rules will be defunded. MANY Quadrillions ($1015) are now available for ALL people on the planet. We’re WAITING for right attitudes by corporate types.
  • Employers will be assisted to pay workers LIVING wages WHERE they are based. This does NOT mean minimum wages, but proper LIVING wages, so lack of money is no longer a burden. Also, the 40-hour week will be no more as there will be lots of vacancies allowing people more time with their families and more leisure time. Adequate training for skills will be no problem.
  • Q is AI.
  • The coming wars will be pure theater to distract the fact that both the US and China have no more fiat money.
  • Ports CAN’T handle huge container ships lying off the coasts—shortages over the coming DARK WINTER will hit everywhere due to the lack of container handling facilities. Many containers hold trafficked people.
  • There will be no NWO Orwellian reset—there’s no more fiat money for it.
  • Governments everywhere will collapse. Taxes will be abolished, and all debts will be written off.
  • It’ll be the end of the pharmaceutical industry’s blackmail and greed. Hidden cures will be released, and people’s health will be restored. The need for doctors’ surgeries, dentists, and hospitals will be reduced.
  • The US capital to relocate to Texas.
  • Gesara to follow everywhere to fix the planet. People will rebuild their countries in harmony with nature.
  • One thousand years of peace at least expected.
  • Hidden technologies will be released.