Why You Can't Catch a Virus

The above 10-minute fast-track educational video in COMMONSENSE is the cure to all the COVID-19 and vax B.S. out there. This video is pure GOLD. It got 200,000 views in 48 hours on YouTube before being PULLED by the COVID mafia Deep State twats. Screw you, Chicom Google-YouTube-Alphabet; everyone can now watch the video on Bitchute.

Since you CAN’T CATCH A VIRUS but can ONLY get one and the accompanying animal/fetal tissues/metal toxins/graphene via a JAB, SURGES in so-called COVID-19 (read as blood clots, neurological problems, etc.) hospital cases will be from the JABBED. But the Deep State bastards and PURE EVIL-aligned governments and their cohorts will try to blame the unvaxed for spreading it! Yet the vaxed should be IMMUNE because they’ve been jabbed! See how upside-down it has all become?

Coercion to take experimental medical drugs breaches the Nuremberg Code, so government ministers and their advisors are in DEEP SHIT. They WILL face MILITARY COURTS for this wicked CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY, as will anyone, including POLICE, EMPLOYERS, DOCTORS, TEACHERS, and NURSES, who have participated in pushing this crime.

Anyway, the reality, according to the 'speaker of commonsense' in the above video, is that viruses CANT mutate because theyre NOT LIVING things! Viruses are solvent-like substances CREATED by cells polluted by toxins from household chemicals, pesticides, drugs, etc,. That’s why a COVID-19 virus has NOT been isolated. Listen to what the speaker in the video tells you: Viruses are non-living solvents created by cells to remove invasive toxins.

Is spike protein shedding theory correct? Go on, research that. There’s a lot of muddled thinking out there between medical doctors. Find the truth that viruses are cellular defense mechanisms. BTW: You can certainly catch GERMS.

The only way to catch a virus is to get it INJECTED into you. Has the penny dropped yet? The symptoms of colds and flu are due to the excretion of toxins from the body by viruses created inside our cells, hence all the mucus, the sneezing, and the coughing. We ALL have T-cell immunity to so-called SARS coronavirus infections, no matter the so-called VARIANT. Variants are fictitious political bait to mislead and scare the ignorant to take BOOSTER jabs so that Big Pharma and its AFFILIATES can make even MORE MONEY. COVID-19 is a man-made effin BIOWEAPON. Dr. David Martin has shown that.

Booster Coercion Model

COVID-19 virus PATENTS were FILED and PAID FOR by the likes of Anthony Fauci well BEFORE the COVID-19 pre-planned plandemic began. It’s all about MONEY because of the imminent global QUANTUM FINANCIAL RESET to which ALL nations and territories have signed. The Deep State, the Bilderbergers, the Globalist fiat money Ponzi scheme banksters, and PURE EVIL will be DEFUNDED when the world switches to the coming gold-backed currencies, hence why this COVID-19 shit went global. It’s all a quick MONEY GRAB by the criminals and slave drivers that have controlled the planet since Babylonian times. Times are changing. The Deep State and governments are about to collapse. The criminal’s heroin supplies from Afghanistan have been stopped with the U.S withdrawal. It’s all about MONEY, and the fiat money is about to vanish.

 What a movie script...