Why ANY Jab Can Kill and Maim

Why ANY Jab Can Kill and Maim

Why ANY Jab Can Kill

Why any jab can kill

Before beginning this article, a couple of definitions:

Medical doctors: those IN THE KNOW about how vaccines are made, the actual science behind them, and the SHENANIGANS played by the vaccine manufacturers in order to MAXIMIZE BIG PHARMA PROFITS.

Medical Quacks: those NOT IN THE KNOW about how vaccines are made. These ignoramuses HAVEN'T A CLUE about the science behind jabs and the shenanigans played by the vaccine manufacturers, who use these stupid quacks as their snake oil salesmen.

Why Any Jab Can Kill

When parents take their newborn babies to the clinics for ROUTINE vax jabs - you know, the usual MMR jabs and the rest - they're ASSURED that the quacks there know ALL about vaccines, right?

Parents can safely assume that the quacks learned EVERYTHING about 'vaccines' in super-duper medical schools, like whether they have been studied adequately for safety, effectiveness, and necessity.

And, of course, the quacks are familiar with all the medical literature that PROVES vaccines are safe, effective, and necessary.

That's total BS, as the video below shows:

WARNING - Why ANY Jab Can Kill

  • MANY quacks have been interviewed over the years and say what they learn in medical school is mostly about HOW TO GIVE JABS.
  • Quacks DON'T learn that NO study exists comparing the MEDIUM- or LONG-TERM health outcomes of jabbed to unjabbed populations.
  • They DON'T learn that vaccine safety studies DON'T use a TRUE placebo, but instead use another 'vaccine' or a solution containing highly toxic MERCURY or even ALUMINUM as a fake placebo.
  • Quacks DON'T learn that vaccine safety studies often last a mere few days to a few weeks, keeping HIDDEN long-term side effects.
  • They DON'T learn that vaccines can OVERWHELM the immune system and cause autoimmune diseases like Guillain-Barr√© Syndrome.
  • Quacks DON'T learn that the aluminum in vaccines is KNOWN to cause cognitive impairment. For example, Alzheimer's disease, autoimmune disease, gut issues, and a host of other damage to healthy adults. NOBODY knows what they do to infants!
  • They DON'T learn that the mercury in vaccines is documented in the medical literature as a POWERFUL NEUROTOXIN. And that the metal is still used in the manufacturing of some vaccines and as a PRESERVATIVE.
  • They DON'T learn how the body processes the vaccine components because NOBODY has ever researched it!

Don't Trust Quacks

And parents put their TRUST and the wellbeing of their babies in these effing ASS HOLES! You couldn't make it up! What a dumbshit society in which we live.

  • Quacks DON'T know about the RISK of vaccines because they are simply NOT told about them.
  • The DOCTORS that DO know have researched for themselves. That's because the workings of the jab industry are not part of the curriculum. Many parents have discovered MORE about WHY vaccines are so controversial. Many of are usually parents of autistic children, and have put 1 + 1 together.

While we would all like to trust all people in positions of authority, it's incumbent upon each and everyone one of us to INVESTIGATE vaccines for OURSELVES and MAKE DECISIONS for OUR families based on the WHOLE BODY OF SCIENCE, not just the science done by the PURE EVIL-owned jab makers.

There's so much about vaccines that quacks DON'T know. So, properly inform yourself so that YOU DO!

Trust NOBODY, and above all, FOLLOW THE MONEY to discover the TRUTH. There, you'll always find the tentacles of PURE EVIL.

The days of BIG government, BIG pharma, and USELESS schooling are ending with the GREAT AWAKENING of the masses. In truth, millions of people worldwide now know all about vaccines. They know how these poisons are used by corporate criminals like Vanguard and BlackRock. We know vaccines are ENORMOUS CASH COWS.


The GREAT AWAKENING will also stop the NWO Nazi/Communists in their evil tracks to depopulate the planet for nefarious means.