We’re done with all this Covid bullshit. It’s time we called this out for what it is – a deadly HOAX. And the UK Gov is DESPERATE to keep Brits compliant through FEAR – a classic NAZI psycho trick.

The UK Gov under Boris Johnson is a pack of psychopathic LIARS who don’t care about the lives and businesses lost through lockdowns. 

The suicides are MORE epidemic than the Covid plandemic itself. Kids have suffered psychological harm, and lives have been ruined. All to save the effing NHS whose workers are gagged.

It was NEVER a virus, just a pretext to achieve deep-state NWO goals of complete and utter control and population extermination

Johnson, Hancock, and Witty PRETEND to give a shit about we the people. The suckers are just pawns of the NWO deep-state Satanists and child-traffickers who want us dead. Both Boris and his dad Stanley Johnson have revealed themselves as eugenicists in their writings – even blatantly stating that a "killer virus can be used to cull the UK population!" And that fat bastard is spearheading Brexit!

The NWO refers to we the people as ‘useless eaters’ and the ‘great unwashed.’ 

The fuckin so-called virus ain’t killing people, but the fuckin vaccine is!!!!

Listen to Dave. He knows UK law.

If the video isn’t performing, watch it on Bitchute here.

BTW: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny explains how the depopulation Covid Vax will start working in 3-6 months and will have maximum effect within 14 months: Click here. The video is on brandnewtube.com. Scary! The NWO deep-state twats will blame the deaths on the Covid virus! Don't be a fool. Give two fingers to the vax. Don't get horribly sick and die. Expose the eugenicists before they kill you with autoimmune syndromes. There ain't enough immunoglobulins to go around.

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