WAR Update #1


21 July 2021

Science, the study of facts based on observation and experiment, WILL always prevail over LIES, even endlessly repeated LIES pumped out by the scamming mainstream media. The facts are that overmagnified PCR creates BOGUS numbers to instill FEAR, and Covid-19 is a collection of common cold and flu symptoms for a virus that HASN'T been truly “isolated” and therefore DOESN'T exist, which means the entire plandemic martial law and coerced vax scam are WAR CRIMES.

Sources in Western intelligence tell us they're waiting for court cases to prove the plandemic is a war crime before taking FULL MILITARY ACTION against the organizations and individuals behind this biggest ever CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. They say they support the various legal actions being taken by Reiner Fuellmich and his colleagues worldwide against the plandemic and vax pushers.

Dr. Fuellmich says that if you told him a year ago that a small cabal wanted to kill a huge portion of humanity and enslave the rest, he would have suggested you need to go to a mental hospital.  However, now having obtained testimony from hundreds of experts in various fields, he can and is proving in courts of law that this is exactly what has been happening.

General Michael Flynn put the following out on Telegram [14.07.21]:

“The future is so much brighter than people can imagine.  Nothing about what we are going through is normal, and the reason for that is this: We are on the precipice of a new era.  This is why you are experiencing so many challenges; this is why you have been tested and trained.  The cabal had nearly unchallenged authority before this generation.  All that is changing, and we aren’t going back.  Keep this in mind whenever you struggle.  These birth pains are not in vain.” 

However, much more turmoil will be seen worldwide over the summer as the revolution continues.