Bio Warfare by Covid Hoaxers

In dealing with brainwashed medical types in power, the key point is to ask them why NOBODY has a purified isolate of SARS-COVID-2 and why it has NEVER been seen under a microscope. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) etc., all ADMIT they do NOT have a sample.  

The genetic sequences they are magnifying are a collection of common genetic material, and that’s why over-magnified PCR creates POSITIVE test results for such things as goats, fruit, cola, ice cream, etc.

The testing centers tell people that smoking or having coffee, or eating BEFORE the saliva test will result in a false positive. In other words, the PCR test is magnifying certain types of non-human DNA and calling it “Covid-19.” You couldn't make this shit up, and these educated so-called 'Doctors, Ph.Ds.' etc., want ignorant Joe Public to believe them. How evil can you get?

A senior doctor at a major Canadian hospital that is the center of the fight against Covid-19 says there's something “extremely unusual” about the reaction. Every year new types of coronavirus (read as the common cold) appear, and every year about 8% of mostly elderly people succumb to it, she says. There was NO difference between the coronavirus mortality in 2020 than there was in any other year, so the government reaction “is some kind of conspiracy,” she says.

Declaring medical martial law based on a pandemic that does NOT and NEVER DID exist is a doomed strategy because it is NOT based on the real world.

Somewhere an electric chair is waiting for the vaccine/Covid mafia owned by PURE EVIL that has patented ANY virus. It breaches the International Biological and Chemical Treaty. How thick can these so-called expert PhD twats be? All those behind this Covid hoax need arresting and put on trial in a military court. GITMO.