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  • Covid – a Global US DoD Biowarfare Program?

Covid – a Global US DoD Biowarfare Program?

US DoD Biowarfare program

Covid-19 Deep State biowarfare depopulation program

Watch, listen, and LEARN. Then make up your mind about what is true in the following video.

It's time for people to start DIGGING AROUND. Insiders knew in 2020 that the chicken would eventually come home to roost at the place from which it came.

It went from the US to Wuhan in China, and everyone pointed at China as the source of the plandemic. 5G was sometimes suggested as the cause, but that's another story. Then, suddenly the plague appeared in the ski resorts of Italy before 'spreading' worldwide, but mostly in Western countries and not much in Africa.

The chicken has come to roost three years on, and the Deep State US DoD has been found to be behind it, breaking international biowarfare and biological weapon agreements.

Russia is NOT to blame; America is.

But eugenicists like Bill Gates don't care about that. And it was all based on only 40 cases out of 7 billion people worldwide. If this is true, it explains the inane actions by Western governments that pandered to the Deep State-run United States under the all the Presidents after the Kennedy assassination in 1963.

In the video link below, testimony by former pharmaceutical executive Sasha Latypova points to the US Department of Defense as the origin of the Covid biowarfare weapon rollout of the toxic jabs. Ukraine and Taiwanese bioweapon labs developed the nanographene oxide/mRNA/spike protein poisons in the jabs, the former labs the Russian Federation forces have now obliterated, but Western normies don't know that.

Creating a PROBLEM for which the jab would be the so-called SOLUTION is the tried and trusted Deep State mind-controlling method that David Icke has been going on about for years, and normies continue to be ignorant of this.

There is more to this scenario than meets the eye, but the video looks at the Covid crime from a slightly different angle – something for researchers to explore. The TRUTH always comes out.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, the culprits behind the depopulation bioweapon in the jabs have BUSTED the Nuremberg Code. They must be arrested and tried in MILITARY COURTS to answer for their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. We know WHO they are and ALL those who supported and continue to support this global massacre.

However, watch how things change in America as the Deep States gets taken down, and that's already happening. Global MILITARY ALLIANCE is the ONLY way to erase this nasty EVIL from this planet. The gangsters are deeply embedded in all walks of life and are being EXPOSED. Shit will soon hit the fan, and after it does, the world will recover as stolen assets are returned to their owners.


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