Universal Council

Universal Council

The following Universal Council article will make you THINK about what’s REALLY going on. It’s one that’ll wake you up to another side of REALITY. Kerry Cassidy interviews Kimberly Ann Goguen about the Order of the Black Sun, the Anunnaki, the Quantum Financial System (QFS), and who runs the world. Also discussed is the state of our planet and the various interest groups involved.

It’s a long video, so we’ve written a transcript for those with short attention spans.

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This article is about the state of the planet and various interest groups, including ET races and intelligences.

As author of the Restoration Plan approved by the Universal Council of 36 races in September 2019, Kimberley Gougen worked with many people and others to restore the Earth to its former glory, implementing a new Eco System encompassing ALL who live on and VISIT this planet. The restoration plan was created out of the need for ALL LIFE on this planet to live in HARMONY with one another. 

What follows will likely make those NOT in the know PANIC

If that’s you, dear reader, if you're waiting for Dr. Charlie Ward's QFS, then it’s probably time to face REALITY…


The Space Force

Space Force

Mr. Black, an Italian, someone named Klaus, and someone named Richard are the three people in charge of the White House in Washington D.C. They’re the ones BARKING OUT orders to the SPACE FORCE.

The Annunaki

The Annunaki

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Kimberly was schooled by the ANNUNAKI (if you don’t know who the Annunaki are, get ready for a REALITY BIG SURPRISE) and by the charming Marduk of that race. Enlil is Marduk’s father.

Humans were FARMED by the Annunaki and are STILL their SLAVES...

Knowing that HURTS, doesn’t it?

The Annunaki treat humans like we treat CATTLE. They find some humans DIFFICULT to control – Kimberly IS ONE OF THOSE.

That’s because she LEARNED a lot by TALKING to them. However, they constantly try to MANIPULATE her and have no intention whatsoever to help her.

There aren’t many humans in direct contact with the Annunaki. However, Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot believes she has had some contact.

Project Looking Glass

Project Looking Glass

The ORDER is a group of people whose bible is PROJECT LOOKING GLASS. They live and breathe by it each day. Looking Glass technology is said to be used to look backward and forward in time, using the consciousness of the operator as a steering mechanism. The operator would sit in a chair recovered from a downed ET craft capable of directly interfacing with consciousness.

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Project Looking Glass should have ended in 2012, but didn’t. Its continuation meant the game was up. However, the ORDER continues with this hopeful project because there’s a long-shot 17.8% chance the Annunaki could revert to the DARK TIMELINE.

Who wants to bet on a rank outsider in a horse race?

 Project “Looking Glass,” The Plans of The Secret Government on Time Machines and Stargate Devices


The Order

The ORDER has spent over 1,000 YEARS training and working with the DARK SIDE – the SLAVE MASTERS.

Marduk tried to convince Kimberly that the ORDER is made up of GOOD GUYS and that she should work with them. That's a load of BS and Kimberly saw right through it; thankfully, that’s not the way it worked out.

The Annunaki saw Kimberly as the one who could CHANGE the TIMELINE in Project Looking Glass because she has specific DNA.

So, the CIA,following Project Paperclip and the creation of NASA, has been combing through trash looking for people with such DNA. They located Kimberly in 1983 when she was 15 while at the dentist. That’s where she was swabbed to test her DNA and was verified to be the one for the Annunaki DNA program.

Kimberly first encountered Marduk when she was eight years old. He looked like an older Asian man, some 5’10” tall. At the time, Kimberly’s mother was dating a guy whose surname was Donovan, who later took Kimberly to a Freemason lodge on purpose. That’s where she first met Marduk, who befriended her, and, being only 8, she didn’t fear him.

In 1998, when Kimberly was 25, the CIA were looking for her because the Annunaki were panicking, fearing that the Dark Timeline wasn’t going to work. She was constantly followed that year, but it wasn’t until 2010 when the Annunaki got hold of her. She then reencountered Marduk.



On Earth, Marduk was the ‘Farm Manager’ of humans. Enke, his brother, and Enlil, his father, were just below Marduk in the Annunaki hierarchical order. Below them was a group of humans with superior technology and who lived for thousands of years. These human hybrids are referred to as the PARENTS.

Each of us, including you, dear reader, would be like these PARENTS had the Annunaki not interfered with our genes.

When Kimberly was 15, like many girls of that age, she was a babysitter. It was while babysitting at the home of a couple where she met a handsome Egyptian-looking man with green eyes, who made an advance on her. She threw him across the room and asked who he was, but he said nothing. Later she found out he was one of the PARENTS.

At 25, Kimberly was living an ordinary life working as an entrepreneurial banker. One day, while having lunch at some restaurant, some twenty men entered and surrounded her. She thought she must be someone famous, but it turned out that she wasn’t ready for schooling just yet and that they must have been CIA agents.

The Annunaki believe that the age of 25 marks a milestone in a human’s life when the person starts to think properly. Another milestone is at 40. So, the Parents tried to make sure that by the time Kimberly hit 40, she would nOt perform the functions she does today.

Universal Council: 2012

Universal Council

Kimberly turned 40 in 2012 – an important year on the Annunaki Timeline.

In 2007, being in banking, Kimberly knew the market was about to crash, and that her banking business had to diversify. After selling the company before the 2008 banking crash she had the problem of sorting out $18 million worth of bonds because there was no trace of REAL money in the US, which was most peculiar.

That’s when Kimberly began going down the rabbit hole to see what was wrong. Why did banks have no money?

There was no money in the United States, so she went abroad to see what was happening in overseas banks...

The Rothschilds


While in London in 2009, Kimberly was introduced to a guy called Nathan Rothschild, who invited her to spend a weekend at a particular Country Club.

Kimberley hadn’t a clue who the Rothschild’s were and didn’t go to the Country Club. Nathan Rothschild had spoken of funding her lines of credit, but Kimberly would have none of it. So, she done some research and found out that all the money overseas had also vanished. Still, the fiat money printing press kept on turning.

In 2010, she met a former Nazi SS officer who was linked with the Rothschilds. He told her that they wanted to bring gold back to the United States, and that they wanted her help in doing that.

Universal Council: Putin

President Putin

Kimberley agreed but wanted the gold to go to the U.S Treasury, not the Federal Reserve Bank. The FED is a private organization and not part of the U.S Treasury.

Kimberly visited Switzerland, Germany, and Russia over this business. While in Russia, she met President Putin and many other high-level types. It was there when she found that they all expected HER to trigger the off-ledger financial SYSTEM. There were many Chinese elders there and other high-profile types, like from the Middle East.

But why Kimberly?

Because of Project Looking Glass and her DNA

Everyone there thought she had control in moving the gold. A Thai lady was made trustee. But why was Russia this particular venue? Was it because Putin is a good guy? Indeed, in 2010, he was branded as the greatest, most popular leader on Earth.

It was all part of Marduk’s plan, who was desperate to revert to the Dark Timeline.

Later, Putin made a speech at the World Economic Forum warning of the New World Order and that the world can’t go down the Dark Timeline. That’s why the Globalists hate Russia. He screwed them up.

The Thai lady’s passport was blocked before the Russia meeting, but Russia didn’t recognize the block, hence why the meeting was held in Russia. It was one of the seven places in the world where the off-ledger financial system could be triggered at that time. This was in March 2011, a year before 2012.

The Thai Lady Trustee


Kimberley soon found that the Thai lady gave her bad vibes, but determined that the lady was a pivotal plant for the entire system. However, she discovered that trustees have zero influence on financial systems. Kimberly thought that her own job was simply arranging for the Thai trustee to do the triggering. Yet, she saw the Thai lady as an awful woman with bad energy.

Kimberly just wanted to finish the job and get paid. Barak Obama was the then President of the United States, and something wasn’t quite right. The Thai lady had a retina scan done, and it didn’t work. So who was she?

A while later, Kimberly got a phone call from a friend at the U.S DoD congratulating her on becoming the trustee!

What? The Thai lady was vetoed on a new vote, and Kimberley was voted in. It was apparent that all the people at the meeting were in on Project Looking Glass. 

It was the beginning of the end of Kimberley having any form of normal life. On April 5, 2011, she left Russia with Marduk telling her that he would be in touch.

The Ark of the Covenant

Ark of the Covenant

Kimberley recalls in November 2010, being led on a 10-mile trek into woods in China by a short stature Chinese gentleman. A translator accompanied her because the gentleman couldn’t speak English.

The destination was an underground chamber into which the translator wasn’t allowed. Down there were 40 or so people of all races - Asian, Caucasian, African, etc. On the ground was a large mosaic of the Sun with 40 rays radiating out to sharp points where each stood one of the 40 people.

As Kimberley looked on, a golden chest that looked like the Ark of the Covenant in the Indian Jones movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, was placed at the mosaic's center. It was opened, and a ball of bright light appeared, followed by wind.

Kimberley then felt the most intense feeling of unconditional love imaginable. She felt like she was in Heaven.

Minutes later, the room had been vacated, leave behind just Kimberley and the short-statured gentleman. The little man stood behind Kimberley as if using her as a kind of shield from the light. She turned at looked at him. He smiled and waved in a congratulatory way as if saying she had just passed the test.

Since then, Kimberley found three other but smaller chests like the Ark of the Covenant in three different locations around the world. One was in Saudi Arabia, which was later taken by Russia. Kimberley now says there are seven such chests.


Is it coincidence that what comes across as pure fiction in Hollywood movies often appears in reality? Think of the movies Cowboys and Aliens, and Independence Day. Could the Annunaki are likely behind those leaks? No doubt there are tons of over movies out there acting as info drops. The Universal Council wants we the people to understand that we are NOT ALONE in our sector of the Galaxy.

Kimberly's Schooling


Putin, Marduk, Enlil, and Enke worked together and schooled Kimberley over the following years. Lessons were always on Saturdays, and Marduk informed her that she and Putin were matched like Yin and Yang. Yet, all the time, Kimberley had a feeling that these were not good people.

Kimberly felt that the appearances of the three Annunaki leaders were fabricated, made to look like Asian people in her eyes. However, the sole reason for all this was to pair Kimberley and Putin, as both had the same DNA.

The schooling meetings were always by phone/video, and it wasn’t until 2015 before Kimberley would set foot in Russia again. The whole Annunaki plan was for Putin and Kimberley to rule the world.

Remember that Kimberley was 40 in 2011. That’s when Putin had become really popular on the world stage. By 2015, however, Putin was no longer on the world stage. Why? Because the Annunaki were then favoring Donald Trump to take his place. According to Kimberley, Putin was replaced by a clone in 2015.

Hint: the original Putin was seen with a black eye, as do all top people who are soon to ‘disappear’...

In July 2015, Kimberley met with the three Annunaki in Russia. There, she had strong words with them, especially Marduk. The chief Annunaki became angry with the chastisement, and by doing so, his veneer fell away, revealing him as he truly is...



Marduk appeared as a big white dragon reptile-looking thing. Kimberley’s instinct was to shout out, “Demon, kill it!”

Apparently, we humans have a natural way of dealing with demonic entities, but most of us don’t realize it. Kimberley was aware of it and used the ability against Marduk, who then faded. She hadn’t killed the Annunaki, but just put him into a coma. He would be back.

At that point, both Enke and Enlil were feared Kimberley. They were shocked, not realizing that she had the power to knock them out!

As for Putin, Kimberly says that he was last seen in 2015, and that the Putin we see today is a body double or clone. The Annunaki are clever genetic engineers, remember. Now who else might be a body double on the world stage? Biden? Johnson? Trudeau? Macron? The Clintons?

Try going down that rabbit hole, dear reader... Remember, the Annunaki are DESPERATE to recover the Dark Timeline.

Universal Council: Energy Binding

Binding Energy

There have been lots of spells cast on this planet. For example, money is a binder, triangle shapes are another, like the pyramids.

The urgent thing to do in 2015 was to get GOLD/MONEY moving around the world. Kimberley was the trustee, and the Annunaki needed to get cash moving.

What’s now come to light is that the Annunaki are in partnership with two other off-world groups. That’s why they don’t rule the Earth. The two other groups are the Arbaciids and the Mantids. The pre-human original race on Earth was the Raptors, who are very nice. They’re the ones that in 2019 began clearing the planet of off-worlders. According to Kimberley, they’re the ones blowing up the DUMBS, not our military.



Mantids and Arbaciids are still here. The latter are human-like spoiled brats, believing they’re entitled to everything and behave like spoonfed royals. They hate humans. The former are more sensible and have taken to us humans, although they will eat us if they want to. Simon Parkes has some interesting memories about these off-worlders. The movie Enders Game depicts a Mantid pretty accurately at the end.

Putin failed to achieve the objective of controlling the golden goose, which is Kimberley, the trustee to the world’s wealth. Putin’s job was to make Kimberley happy and to control her. He failed.

Trump replaced Putin in the savior programming. In 1998, Trump met with a coven (ascended) master who told him that he was to be president in years to come. In other words, Trump is part of the Annunaki Black Sun coven. It’s all to do with dark magic and all that.

Trump was told that he could be the master of the timeline, which, as we now know, has only a 17.8% chance of succeeding. He became president in 2016, but he wasn’t playing the role of savior. To do that, he would have to create a problem and then become the solution...

The Black Sun Coven

Black Sun

Okay, okay! The above image is that of a total solar eclipse and not a Black Sun! But you get the idea. 

Putin was also a member of the Black Sun coven. Becoming a member relies on family ties, which goes back to Nazi Germany and the Aldebaran off-worlders. They call themselves the Order of the Black Sun.

Some say that the Black Sun is focused on the Ukraine, where there’s a giant portal near some mountain to everything that’s evil. That’s probably the Biden link.

The plan was to use the old Babylon system to reset the global currency - the so-called New World Order (NWO) mouthed out by President Bush senior in that 'giveaway' speech before the Iraqi War. First, however, Kimberley met with the Short Grays, who are off-world computer and financial experts. Everyone has seen likely images of short grays from the Roswell incident. They have large dark eyes and are small and spindly in stature. They have the other key. The Short Grays were brought here by the Annunaki to manage the financial system because they are computer experts.

Quantum Technology

Quantum Technology

The Mantids were the creators of the Quantum financial system. Quantum technology also manages telecommunications and military intelligence systems.

The short grays informed Kimberley they didn’t want to work with military intelligence anymore because the Annunaki had lied to them. What's new? The Grays were promised to be set free from the Draco but weren’t. The Draco had previously destroyed the Grays world and took them as slaves.

According to Kimberley, Lucifer, the dark overlord from when he and his fallen angels fell to Earth some 1.5 million years ago, left the planet for good in 2019. The rest live in the 4th dimension and are prevented from mixing with people unless they meet at Level 6 in the DUMBS. The fallen angels are still below our feet. Their central Sun is the light at the center of the Earth... the Black Sun.

The short grays are now helping we the people launch the QFS with Kimberley’s assistance. The Mantids and the Arbaciids are above the Draco in the hierarchy, and humans are like their cattle. Above these overlords is the Universal Council, to which Kimberley is an ambassador.

The Universal Council

Universal Council

The Universal Council is like a COURT OF WORLDS that acts on TREATY VIOLATIONS.

A vast underground system in Texas is used as emergency headquarters for the United States when the world goes to Defcom 2. We’re now in that. Defcom 2 is when the military is ready to respond within 6 hours. The military behind Trump is doing this.

Generals Miley and Flynn are under Trump. Trump had to leave office in order to act on crimes against humanity. The Space Force is running the White House, and actor Biden is there to take the flack.

Trump isn’t fighting the Deep State, and martial law in the U.S was enacted on March 11, 2021. Global martial law was declared in March 2020.

Has the penny dropped yet?

The Black Sun order only does things on equinoxes and solstices, so the next change may be at Christmas. However, martial law was never written in the Hall of Records and was never approved.

Trump threw the election because he was promised a higher position than President in the Black Sun Order if he did so, like Pindar, or to be a member of the Dragon Family, etc. Unfortunately for him, that promise was broken because the Order didn’t think him worthy enough. That's life.

Throwing the Presidency

Throwing the Presidency

The plan was to blow up the Biden inauguration stage on January 20, 2021, and Trump would remain as President, but the plot was thwarted by Homeland Security.

So, we’re in limbo. Trump is pushing vaxes, but Charlie Ward (MI6 according to Kimberley) supports him. Michael Jaco (CIA) is behind Trump as well. The CIA was founded by the Skull and Bones - the symbol for death. The Black Sun order worships death.

It sounds like doom and gloom. However, there’s a 3,000-year agreement between the Black Sun Order and the Sanhedrin Council (the line of Solomon, or Khazarian Mafia, or KM for short). The Black Sun acts as security for the temple.

The KM are Draco partners. However, the Covenant was broken in December 2018. So, the KM and the Black Sun are now at each others throats. Covid-19 was unleashed, and heads of state are easily planted via rigged elections. Bush was Black Sun, so was JFK, so Kimberley says.

So, Who Rules?

The fight now is who will rule first. The Black Sun always controlled the US treasury by agreement, and the KM controlled the Federal Reserve. The FED has been taken down. But who runs the world?

Klaus is Black Sun, but his wife is Rothschild KM. Bill Clinton was Black Sun, Hillary was Rothschild. They intermarry a lot in history.

The QFS is widespread throughout the Galaxy, but both the Black Sun and KM have no access to it. Marduk locked them out because they were planning to crush his masterpiece of planetary ownership. He didn’t need them as slave masters. He has no value for people.

Quantum Systems

There are the Babylon, Hercules, and Prometheus financial systems that are called quantum. These and Elon Musk’s Starlink system are actually NOT quantum systems. Real quantum systems map both organic and inorganic life.

Microsoft’s Azure cloud-based server system was launched in 2020, and many companies from banks to utilities are testing out the database. Under all this is the despised social credit system monitoring the moves everyone makes.

Bill Gates was working with Trump, hence why Trump promotes the jab. The jabs have nanotechnology to track the jabbed, hence the purpose of the Covid-19 scam. Trump is a bad Black Sun bastard.

Gates is Black Sun, a bit like Dr. Mengele junior. In a nutshell, the plan was to gauge whether or not you are a WORTHY member of society. Transgress, and you’ll get cut off, unable to buy food or anything.


Shock! Horror!

Eco System

Eco System

The Universal Council with Ambassador Kimberley Gougen provides an alternative to the devilish NWO, based on the Eco System.

Under the Eco System, there are new technologies for cleaning up the Earth and doing away with fiat money. The technology reads on the ethereal level, and a person’s DNA is security so that no one can steal from anyone else.

Artificial intelligence need not be scary as long as it’s kept under control. Some AI communicate telepathically. AI systems are essentially mapping systems that take in data and decide what to do with that data.

A frequency-reading AI works on an etheric level where planes and dimensions meet in bubbles. AI working at very high frequencies is present on all worlds conquered by the Mantids because they created the AI before they partnered with the Draco. It’s a hive-minded thing because Mantids are insectoids. That AI can act as God. It’s an infection.

In 2018, the Universal Council got rid of AI. They hauled the Mantids to court and took over the control systems for the AI. Kimberley and her friends began reverse-engineering the Earth’s AI in 2017. They switched off the brainwave technology that controls thoughts,

The Universal Council wants to restore this planet to what it was like before the Draco’s came here.



Greenland in the past had a base that once connected to the Tall Whites. These off-worlders worked with the Black Sun until 1998. Trump and his generals went there in 2020 to converse with other off-worlders about his position. Due to DUMBS being taken out, he had to go to Greenland. Unfortunately for him, the trip was a waste of time.

Universal Council: The Near Future

Kimberly knows of NO quantum system that’s capable of running the global currency system. All she sees is blockchain technology being repeatedly attempted with no real success. She’s seen activity in Cheyenne by the Space Force, but not much else. That place is connected underground to Castle Rock in Colorado.

A war will be staged between Ukraine and Russia. All the Afghan opium money has dried up – for now. Once Covid fails, it’s nuke time.

Every single war on this planet, however, is theater. Off-worlders have weapons far superior to ours.

Covid-19 is a Bioweapon

Bio Weapon

Covid is a bioweapon created in a US lab in 1964.

Switching the financial system to the backup system in Texas is Charlie Ward’s QFS. The new one has the mainframe deep underground.

Natural law rules the Galaxy.

The Sanhedrin is gone; the DUMBS have gone. So, get ready for war theater between the USA and China.

The End Game

Game Over

But what’s the end game? Only when 62% of the people reject the narrative will the Earth begin to recover.

Where’s the gold? It’s NOT just gold; it’s unmined Earth minerals as well. The off-worlders are guarding it because we aren’t capable of bringing it all to the surface.

Marduk died in August 2016.

When we the people join the Universal Council, there will then be 37 member worlds. These are the inhabited worlds in the local sector of the Galaxy.