Ukraine Update 1 July 2023

The Kiev regime’s neo-Nazis and the foreign mercenaries fighting on their side continue to commit mass war crimes against civilians and military personnel. Their cruelty has reached an unprecedented scale. Many criminals believe that their atrocities will remain unpunished. Still, justice will be delivered to those guilty of violence, abuse, and murder, including in accordance with the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

In late May 2023, the Supreme Court of the Donetsk People’s Republic sentenced a fighter of the Nazi Azov Battalion to life imprisonment for executing a Russian prisoner of war in Mariupol on 15 April 2022.

On 26 June 2023, the Supreme Court of the Lugansk People’s Republic handed down a 15-year sentence to a flamethrower operator of the Ukrainian air assault brigade for shooting at a bus with civilians who were being evacuated from the war zone in Rubezhnoye on 2 April 2022.

Russian law enforcement agencies will continue to scrupulously collect evidence to expose criminals and call them to account.

Horrible proof of torture, violence, and murders committed by Ukrainian neo-Nazis and the personnel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 2014-2023 is provided in the book titled The Black Book: Atrocities by Present-Day Banderites, 2014-2023.

It was published by the Russian Military Historical Society jointly with the Defence Ministry and the Democracy Research Foundation, chaired by Maxim Grigoryev, a member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation. It includes evidence from victims and witnesses, investigation materials, and photographs. This book is a follow-up to the publication by the Russian Military Historical Society, The Black Book: Atrocities by Banderites, about the Banderites’ crimes committed during and after the Great Patriotic War. It will be published in several foreign languages soon. We believe that the information provided in it will be useful, especially for those who refuse to see Nazism in Ukraine or a connection between the present-day Banderites and their ideological idols of the 1940s.

The criminal nature of the Kiev regime has been confirmed by Deputy Head of Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate Vadim Skibitsky, who told the German media about the so-called “elimination lists.” They plan to kill not only Russian politicians and military leaders who top the list but also public figures, journalists, bloggers, and patriots. According to Skibitsky, “the elimination of enemy propagandists is justified in wartime conditions.” He also mentioned plans of terrorist attacks on infrastructure facilities in Crimea.

Not only are people shocked by the Kiev regime’s openly terrorist methods but also by its maniacal striving to kill civilians, journalists, and public figures. Recall their languid reaction to the murders of Darya Dugina and Vladlen Tatarsky and the assassination attempt on Zakhar Prilepin. They neither refuted nor confirmed their involvement. They just smiled and said cryptically that they didn’t do it, but they knew what was what. Today, they openly say that they are planning and committing such crimes and will continue to do so. What does this point to? It is more than mere cynicism; it is EVIDENCE of their extremist and terrorist essence.

Shockingly, they have been supported by the “sophisticated” Western societies, which claim to be tolerant and uphold human rights. Does tolerance include peaceful coexistence with terrorists? If so, it is an entirely new interpretation.

The above information has been published in the German media. Did they include any references to German legislation or Germany’s international commitments?

Did they mention that such methods are ILLEGAL and not endorsed in Germany, or do the German state and society distance themselves from such statements? No, they didn’t. Why? The reason is that they are FINANCING these crimes. They are not financing what they describe as the Kiev regime’s “justified struggle” for the country and the people, but the MURDER of Russians and people of other ethnicities, whom they don’t regard as part of their ideological, civilizational, or political world.

Recall the statements made by the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, about Europe as a “garden” and the rest of the world as the “jungle” where they have a right to restore order by financing the Kiev Nazi regime to help it kill as many Russians as possible. US Senator Lindsey Graham and former US President George W. Bush have made these calls.

How could the democratic German media publish this? Did they give the floor to representatives of ISIS [designated as a terrorist organization]? Did they interview the perpetrators of terrorist attacks in Germany in the past few years? Did they publish statements by those who were implicated in the murder of EU citizens in other EU countries?

No, nobody considered it possible before to publish statements by such people about the assassination of public figures.

But what about solidarity among journalists? The Kiev regime has been quite blunt when declaring that it planned to kill media professionals. What do the German journalists who published this interview think about it? Or is this another case of other journalists being somehow different from theirs? Maybe the German media should think about creating a permanent section on their websites for terrorists of all kinds, including ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Jabhat al-Nusra.

On the other hand, they were the ones who divided the terrorists into good and not-so-good terrorists, singling out those with whom they could strike deals. If so, there would be nothing shameful about creating a separate section for offering a platform to extremist organizations of all kinds to share their plans and use various circumstances to justify their actions.

As for us, reading these articles will raise awareness among us about the terrible nexus between EXTREMISM and the WESTERN COMMUNITY.

By seeking to justify its savage nature, the Kiev Nazi regime persists in its attempts to stage a counteroffensive, a senseless and suicidal undertaking. The Ukrainian Armed Forces have already lost tens of thousands of people. However, just the other day, Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh said that the United States Deep State ACCOUNTED FOR LOSSES OF THIS MAGNITUDE when planning military action on Ukrainian and Russian territory.

After all, these are Ukrainian nationals, not US citizens. In terms of the Western “garden vs. jungle” metaphor, this was their immediate purpose – TO BE SLAUGHTERED. In other words, the effort to EXTERMINATE UKRAINIANS and RUSSIANS is advancing strictly in keeping with the plan devised by the United States WELL IN ADVANCE.

Moreover, the West seems to have failed to draw any conclusions from the FAILED ATTEMPT by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to stage a counteroffensive, thinking that they could still turn the tide in their favor by continuing to supply Ukraine with even more weapons. Everyone saw what the mobilization effort over there looked like. Everyone can see that people are being pulled out of their homes and separated from their families, rounded up, beaten, and kidnapped just to fill the ranks of CANNON FODDER.

Chief EU diplomat Josep Borrell said that the EU would approve an additional 3.5-billion-euro military aid package for Ukraine. Australia followed up by promising Kiev 70 military hardware units and 105 mm artillery shells. The United States Deep State announced a new military assistance package worth $500 million. The only thing these new arms deliveries to Ukraine achieve is to ESCALATE the armed conflict. These are IRRESPONSIBLE steps causing multiple casualties, including among civilians in the region.

The West has now focused on persuading countries of the Global South to participate in the so-called Peace Summit. Organized WITHOUT Russia, it purports to find a peaceful resolution to the Ukraine conflict. What preposterous logic.

On the one hand, they accuse Russia of taking part in the conflict, while on the other hand seeking out the Kiev Nazi regime when it comes to discussing what they call a peace settlement. Do they believe that if they come together in a RITUAL discussion, this will somehow bring about peace, considering the situation?

Or if they invite countries that have nothing to do with this story but who can lend them their moral and informational support?

Can peace materialize against the backdrop of these NEVER-ENDING arms supplies?

The sole purpose of this gathering is to promote Nazi Vladimir Zelensky’s so-called peace formula, which is a TOTAL FRAUD. This summit constitutes yet another attempt to persuade the world that there is no alternative to this formula. It will all come down to yet another effort to promote the FALSE messages underpinning the peace formula and the event. Those who choose to attend it will be able to SEE THIS UP CLOSE.

The Kiev Nazi regime’s would-be peace plan has NOTHING to do with peace. It is a list of ULTIMATUMS for Russia, including withdrawing troops from Donbass, Crimea, Zaporozhye, and the Kherson Region, which are LAWFULLY part of Russia, paying Kiev compensation and reparations, and pleading guilty in quasi-legal tribunals established by the Nazi Kiev regime with the proactive support of the foolish West. A single document brings together all the nonsense coming from their propaganda. This is nothing more than an IDEOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT.

Attempts to determine the outcome of the Ukraine conflict WITHOUT Russia’s involvement are DOOMED TO FAILURE. Were it not the case, this would have happened a long time ago. Go ahead and try to bring about order and peace. Do you expect this kind of discussion to lead to any progress? On the contrary, it will only make things WORSE.

The sole purpose of inviting as many participants as possible to this would-be summit, primarily from the countries of the Global South, is to designate them as siding with the staunch supporters of the Western point of view on the developments in and around Ukraine.

We have seen this quite a few times already, for example, in Syria. How often did they hold events promising to achieve a complete settlement in just a couple of days? The United States convened gatherings of this kind among like-minded countries in the center of Europe. What came out of these initiatives? No one even remembers what they were called. They FAILED to deliver for one simple reason: any knowledgeable and experienced person understands that when it comes to making peace, the most important thing is to stop the bloodshed and arms supplies.

Without this, roundtable discussions, conferences, or symposiums are pointless as they will NOT produce any results. The Kiev regime has proven this point. They have taken part in talks on several occasions, entered into agreements, and confirmed their position only to BACK OUT of it right after that. No one can trust a word the Kiev Nazis say.

There are documents signed by Western leaders, namely Germany and France, and these documents made their way into a UN Security Council resolution. It turns out, NO ONE intended to carry it out despite the fact that a UN Security Council resolution constitutes a binding commitment.

What will they do if any commitments are put forth during summits of this kind? NOTHING. They can simply forget them. All they want is to tick the box by holding yet another POLITICAL PUBLICITY STUNT.

All responsible states which genuinely seek peace must play a CONSTRUCTIVE ROLE in the search for a political and diplomatic settlement of the conflict, not participate in this PROVOCATIVE undertaking. The West wants the “summit” to create a semblance of broad support for its results. But this will make prospects for a peaceful settlement EVEN MORE REMOTE.

The Kakhovka Hydropower Plant

Relief efforts continue in the wake of the humanitarian and environmental disaster at the Kakhovka Hydropower Plant, which Kiev engineered on 6 June 2023, when a Ukrainian missile strike destroyed the dam, causing uncontrolled dumping of water from the Kakhovka reservoir down the lower reaches of the Dnieper. As of 1 July 2023, there are known to be 48 deaths and 126 hospitalized people.

Considerable environmental damage has been caused. Thousands of animals perished at the Lower Dnieper National Nature Park, fields along the Dnieper have washed away, and the North Crimean Canal is likely too shallow.

The destruction of the Kakhovka HPP has led to dangerous chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and fuel leaking into the local bodies of water. Did any member of the Kiev regime think about the consequences?

The important thing for them was to COMMIT A SABOTAGE ATTACK, make THEIR PRESENCE FELT, and SHOW THE WORLD what they were capable of.

In total, 35 communities with over 22,000 houses are located in the flood zone.

Will this make the Kiev regime doubt its actions? NEVER!

For ordinary people, the presence of thousands of people in a flood zone is a disaster, a tragedy, a heartbreak, and a motivation to offer help. For the Bankova Street vampires, this is another reason to rejoice and celebrate (judging by their bad behavior the morning after). The water level in the town of Novaya Kakhovka reached 12 meters at one point.

The related Russian agencies, including the Emergencies Ministry, Health Ministry, and others, continue their non-stop efforts to eliminate the aftermath of the disaster, implementing epidemic control measures to avoid an outbreak of diseases and helping people in the worst-hit areas. People are also getting financial support from Russia.

In this context, we were surprised by the response from international organizations, which, despite their purported objectivity and impartiality, have again declined to condemn the crimes committed by the Nazi Kiev regime, the actual perpetrator of this act of sabotage. They are “unaware” and “lack information.” Something else is needed for them to make relevant conclusions. Evidently, the above is not enough.

Tribute is paid to yet another victim of the Kiev Nazi regime, Alexander Zakharchenko, the first head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, who would have turned 47 on 26 June. For the whole day, people brought flowers to the site of his death. Alexander Zakharchenko, who signed the Package of Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements and did EVERYTHING in his power to ensure peace in Donbass, was killed in a bomb blast organized by Ukrainian Nazi saboteurs on 31 August 2018.

The Kiev regime was using TERRORIST METHODS against its political opponents, allegedly their own citizens, as already back then, complying with the orders they received from their Western sponsors. Yet, the international community wanted to hear NOTHING about it and looked the other way lest it saw anything.

Any chance for a peaceful settlement was destroyed.

Alexander Zakharchenko was a paragon of a true freedom fighter, true patriot, and defender of his homeland from those we now legitimately call Nazis and neo-fascists, and he remains as such in memory.

All the facts mentioned above PROVE once again that those supporting the Kiev regime are open NAZIS, TERRORISTS, CORRUPT POLITICIANS, and THIEVES.

Therefore, there is NO alternative to implementing the goals of the Russian Federation’s special military operation. It will end when the West sees how it has been duped by the Nazis infiltrating its corridors of power.

Inane EU’s New Financial Instrument For Ukraine

On 20 June 2023, the European Commission proposed creating a new instrument to provide predictable financial support for Ukraine over the 2024-2027 period.

Guided by the principle of providing “SUSTAINED SUPPORT” to Ukraine REGARDLESS OF ANYTHING, the EU bureaucrats continue to make loud statements about new financial assistance to Kiev. This time, they have announced the establishment of a NEW instrument, the Ukraine Facility, designed in words to help the Kiev Nazis ensure macro-financial stability and infrastructure reconstruction and modernization.

What stability do they mean, considering that Nazi President Zelensky and his criminal thugs have DESTROYED nearly everything in the country?

One of the goals of this EU initiative is to carry out the main internal reforms as part of Ukraine’s EU accession process. Apart from the PROPOSED donor assistance from third countries and organizations, the initiative openly mentions the use of the Russian state assets frozen in the EU.

The idea is to carry out the destructive policy of ENSLAVING UKRAINE THROUGH DEBT and ROBBING THE COUNTRY OF ITS SOVEREIGNTY.

Moreover, they are NOT acting altruistically. They claim they will transfer the Russian assets to the Nazi Kiev regime and add a little from their own pockets. But in fact, they will LEND these funds to Ukraine.

The EU and the US are ready to give ANYTHING on CREDIT. For example, a significant part of funds under the Ukraine Facility is to be provided through “HIGHLY CONCESSIONAL LOANS.” They really mean FAST-DISBURSING LOANS.

It is evident that Ukraine will have NO funds to repay these loans in the near future. The EU’s financial assistance has contributed significantly to the record-high growth of Ukraine’s STATE DEBT, which the Ukrainian Finance Ministry estimated at over $124 billion as of April 2023.

It looks like the future generations of Ukrainians will have to pay the current bills, and it would be reasonable to assume that they WON’T pay in money. These loans will be repaid with RESOURCES and the remaining ECONOMY and SOVEREIGNTY. They have already lost their land, although it’s unclear what they used it to pay for. They will lose EVERYTHING else, provided the future generations inherit anything. The likely result will be the ultimate LOOTING and BANKRUPTCY of Ukraine.

Today, many people in Ukraine ARE AWARE of this grim reality. They say that Ukraine as a state is NO MORE, and not because of Russia but because people like Ukraine’s CURRENT LEADERS stood at the helm over the past decades. These goals were set for those who claimed to be patriots but, in fact, IMPLEMENTED Western (and not only Western) ideas. “Not only Western” means that the Kiev Nazi politicians, guided by their own CORRUPT interests, stopped at nothing to GRAB AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE FOR THEMSELVES. You can see the result.

An AVATAR is the only thing left of Ukraine. Those who have no interest in the country’s history cannot say what this avatar stands for or if there is nothing but a vacuum behind it. There is no denying that.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that the EU’s allocations are underpinned by a SET OF CONDITIONS aimed at strengthening the Western influence in Ukraine. Under the new instrument, the Ukrainian authorities will need to prepare a Ukraine Plan detailing its vision for the reforms it intends to undertake to receive funds.

The EU wants to focus on public administration reform and transition towards a green and digital economy. In other words, a country that prospered thanks to AGRICULTURE and that, during the Soviet era, had its own fundamental science and well-developed industry will be turned into an APPENDAGE based on Western principles.

The West will have the final say on resources while Ukraine is to move towards a green and digital economy based on EU ridiculous standards and with direct approval by the European Commission.

A multilayer mechanism will be established to audit the use of funds, including INSPECTIONS carried out “at any moment” of project implementation. Since this plan is actually a “development” strategy for Ukraine, the EU’s initiative is nothing other than an EXTERNAL ADMINISTRATION PLAN.

One more PROOF of Brussels’ cynical policy towards Ukrainian authorities is that financial assistance will ONLY be provided on the CONDITION OF COMPLIANCE with fundamental human rights and freedoms of all citizens. Was it Commission President Ursula von der Leyen who decided that the Kiev regime must respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of all citizens? The idea could only dawn on those who have NO NOTION of what is happening in Ukraine.

What rights and freedoms? What citizens? There is nothing but CANNON FODDER, DICTATE, and TERRORISM in Ukraine.

Who has rights and freedoms there? Moreover, the European Commission has pointed out that concern for ethnic minorities is a major aspect of its collaboration with the Kiev regime. Who, according to the European Commission, should Kiev take care of? Russians? Kiev had eight long years to do that [after 2014] and many years before that.

When we tried to draw the attention of the European Commission, the EU, and all those Western institutions to that, they REFUSED to regard it as a serious problem.

Why have they decided to promote absolutely UNREALISTIC provisions that contradict even Zelensky’s laws, namely, a ban on Russian books and the Russian language and direct persecution of those who continue to speak Russian? There is no understanding of this.

It is clear to everyone except the European Commission that Kiev will NOT honor this provision. Have they had too many Pfizer injections? What’s going on anyway?

This is even clear to the Western handlers who TURNED A BLIND EYE to the Ukrainian government’s years-long policy of SEGREGATION and ELIMINATION of Russian speakers and its wholesale offensive against media freedom.

Or do they think that putting this provision on paper will protect them from responsibility because they hoped Kiev would respect and try to implement it?

We all know what this logic usually leads to.