UK NHS Staff to Bear the Brunt in the Coming Trials

Listen to Bristol NHS staff being served with a notice of liability that they are being held accountable for medical fraud and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY:

Anything over 25 cycles on a PCR test gives over 97% false positive, so the testers have committed medical fraud and will stand trial charged with GENOCIDE.

The government will attempt to shirk its responsibilities and make jobsworth NHS staff bear the brunt of everything to do with the Covid money-making scam. However, when it comes to crimes against humanity, ignorance and doing things because of a job is NO EXCUSE.

People seem to have forgotten about the Nuremberg trials following WW2 during which it was doctors, the medics, and the nurses that also stood trial. Following orders does not count in a law court. People think that the PCR test figures are right because they see them on the lying TVs, but they are not, so it's all a fraud. All the ineffective mask-wearing, the lockdowns, the social distancing, and the death clot jabs are based on fraudulent figures run over 45 cycles. That's why the CDC has pulled the plug on the tests, yet the UK continues with the fraud.

Every person involved in this CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY will be served notices of liability to the crime and for committing medical fraud.

It's time for NHS jobsworths to become whistleblowers and begin the process of putting an end to these calamitous times. We know that Covid is a Fauci-engineered bioweapon and that no Covid virus has ever been isolated. So it's time to expose those behind it all - the money-grabbers in Big Pharma and their PURE EVIL corporate owners.