UK Gov & NHS Child Killers

5 September 2021

Time to Hang Nuremberg Code-Breakers in UK Gov & NHS

UNACCEPTABLE: NHS document shows GP’s to be paid an additional £10 for every child they inject with a toxic Covid-19 Jab on top of the £12.58 already received – & Google is hiding this fact. An INCENTIVE to KILL KIDS


Adapted from the DAILY EXPOSE, SEPTEMBER 4, 2021

The Pfizer mRNA Covid-19 injection is now being given to children over the age of 12 who are classed as vulnerable or live with others classed as vulnerable, and a Daily Expose Investigation can reveal that all UK GP’s are to be paid £22.58 for every dose given to a child as an incentive. The search engine Google is trying to hide itand the NHS is advising vaccinators that parental consent is not required. 

On the 3rd September 2021, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) announced they were not recommending the Pfizer Covid-19 injection be offered to all children over the age of 12. However, they did announce that even more children would be eligible by extending the list of underlying conditions that put children into the vulnerable category.

Of course, there was cause for celebration with the announcement that an experimental jab would not be given to the children of the United Kingdom, but the celebrations were short-lived because instead of flat out refusing to recommend the jab the JCVI instead passed the buck to the four Chief Medical Officer’s (CMO’s) of the United Kingdom, meaning the fate of the nation's children now lies firmly in the hands of scumbag Professor Chris Whitty and his colleagues in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

The UK Government also sent a letter to the four CMO’s upon the JCVI’s announcement instructing them to review the JCVI’s decision with immediate effect, showing how desperate they really are to give an experimental deadly clot shot that does not prevent infection or transmission to children.

So desperate in fact that the Health Secretary Sajid Javid has already instructed the NHS to prepare for jabbing children. One has to question why they are so desperate when the latest Public Health data shows that 75% of Covid-19 deaths in the summer so-called third wave consist of people who were vaccinated, and shows that the jabs seem to be increasing the risk of hospitalization and death significantly, rather than reducing it by the claimed 95%. Stinks of GENOCIDE.

The answer of course can only be one that is sinister.

However, we can exclusively reveal that GP’s are essentially being bribed to jab kids via financial incentives, and it can all be found in an official NHS document.

It may surprise you to know that GP’s were already being incentivized to inject the adult population with an experimental Covid-19 treatment – that has caused at least 1.1 million adverse reactions and 1.6k deaths – with a payment of £12.58 for every dose administered. PURE EVIL is behind all this.

Well, it seems that kind of money isn’t enough of an incentive to inject children with the same experimental Covid-19 CLOT SHOT containing Graphene, stainless steel and toxic parasites! because the NHS has told GP’s that they are entitled to an additional payment of £10 on top of the £12.58 they are already entitled to – just see point No.14 of this official NHS document entitled ‘Vaccinating children and young people’ found here.

According to the last count made in 2020, there are approximately 3,154,459 children between the ages of 12 and 15 in the United Kingdom. Therefore when the devil Chris Whitty and his colleagues decide to put further blood on their hands by recommending all children over the age of 12 are given the experimental injection, GP’s across the UK could stand to make a combined cool £142.45 million.

Any guesses for where that money comes from? The tax you pay on your hard-earned income. So therefore you will be paying GP’s to administer an experimental toxic killing jab to children over the age of 12 who do not need it because less than 9 kids have died in the United Kingdom since March 2020 with so-called Covid-19, and all nine had extremely serious debilitating pre-existing conditions. You couldn't make this shit up! What more is it going to take to make British ZOMBIE parents TURN on their money-grabbing QUACKS and NWO POLITICIANS?

But it gets better because the search engine giant and the king of censorship, the CCP-aligned PURE EVIL-controlled Google don’t want you to know about it. Just type ‘is there a financial supplement for vaccinating 12 – 15’ into Google and the top result takes you the very NHS document that proves there is. But just take a look at the answer they’ve provide in the search result – ‘No’.

But your outrage shouldn’t end there because the NHS document also reveals that NHS bosses are telling jabbers they do not require parental consent to administer an experimental Covid-19 injection to children. That's a breach of the Nuremberg Code for heaven's sake!

Point No.5 of the document states that “appropriate consent must be obtained in all cases. For 12 – 15 year-olds, this would be parental consent or the child’s own consent where they have been assessed as competent to consent to vaccination.

This is known as Gillick competent and it applies to under 16’s who are THOUGHT to have enough intelligence, competence, and understanding to fully appreciate what’s involved in their treatment.

This should never be applied because as we know even adults are not able to understand and fully appreciate what’s involved in their treatment because the NHS refuses to tell them. It's called COERSION, which breaks the Nuremberg Code. How many young males who have received the Covid-19 injection have been told they are at serious risk of developing myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) or pericarditis (inflammation of the protective sacs around the heart) if they have the Pfizer or Moderna jab? Next to none. The jabbers and all involved are GUILTY OF GENOCIDE!

Myocarditis was so rare prior to the roll-out of the experimental Covid-19 jabs that we imagine the majority of the population had never heard of it. The inflammation it causes enlarges and weakens the heart, creates scar tissue and forces it to work harder to circulate blood and oxygen throughout the body. Ongoing cardiovascular medication or even a heart transplant may be needed, yet the scamming PURE EVIL-owned mainstream media are busy telling the public that it isn’t a serious condition and there is nothing to worry about. Effing Nazis.

Now, Chris Whitty holds the fate of your children in his hands, and when he decides to recommend all children are given an experimental Covid-19 jab that ISN'T a vaccine, which he will, we will no doubt see a further epidemic of “short illnesses”/coincidences which we are already seeing across young adults who have suddenly died, a wave of heart issues for generations to come, and GP’s who are laughing all the way to the bank with £142 million of your hard-earned money.

Make no mistake, children WILL die if this MURDEROUS Government is ALLOWED to get its way. IT'S UP TO PARENTS TO PREVENT GENOCIDE

NO ONE else is going to do that, so get off your LAZY ASSES and SAVE YOUR KIDS from the BUTCHERS of WHITEHALL and NHS quack MONEY GRABBERS. To the GALLOWS with the lot of the MURDEROUS scumbags