31 July 2021

So, white man is bad because of the slave trade in the United States. The fact is that ALL races the world over are GUILTY of slavery. In the following video, Jared Taylor demolishes the claim that American slavery was uniquely vicious. A small minority of Americans practiced a relatively benign form of slavery for 246 years. However, the fact is that societies the world over have exploited slaves for a thousand yearsand still do.

That humans everywhere will exploit others given a chance is part of what we ALL are deep down. We ALL know it's wrong, but slaves will always be around. Today, we can get around the fact that we exploit others by paying them FIAT money of no value. Yes, all but the evil elite are SLAVES. We're slaves to tokens of worthless paper and the odd coins. Those that provide these tokens are today's slave drivers.

Your boss is YOUR slave master. Go on, admit it. Without your weekly or monthly issuance of slave tokens, you'd be a free person, wouldn't you? And if everyone were free, there would be NO slaves, and nothing would get done.

With furloughed wages during the COVID hoax, the self-employed, hotel and pub owners, etc., were content to sit it out uncomplaining, compliant with ridiculous mandates because they were getting paid for doing nothing. They were free people. They laid off uncomplaining slave staff under furlough, who also became free from their slavery. It was like having a year of holidays. BUT behind our backs our real freedoms were being taken away by today's modern slave master - PURE EVIL.

Furlough is bribery. Hand people their tokens of enslavement for nothing, and they'll grab them. Why bother working when you get your slave tokens handed to you on a plate? Easy money.

PURE EVIL has 86% of the world's wealth, so paying for furloughed wages is chicken feed to it. Without furlough, the NWO agenda would be impossible to implement because of rioting by the slaves. Everyone fell for it. Now that furlough is ending, we find that many small businesses have gone bust. People will be more dependent on smaller state handouts because the number of slave drivers (employers) has dwindled. Society has changed for the worse as more and more people die from the stuff injected into them via the deadly jabs they thought were going to get rid of what's turned out to be the flu or common cold virus.

In a few years, what will be left will be a population halved or even more because of infertility and blood clotting caused by the toxic jabs.

According to the internet site of Hopkins University, approximately four billion people have had a jab. Four billion uneducated slaves. You can bet those behind PURE EVIL haven't been jabbed with this genocide tool. Scary.


PURE EVIL is YOUR slave master, but the good thing is that it's not too late if we the people act soon and rid the world of this nefarious slave driver. We do that by cutting off its fiat money and replacing it with gold and other commodity-backed currencies of REAL value. That will strip the evil entity of its assets overnight and leave it impotent. Without fiat tokens, only genuine businesses that are needed by communities will prosper. The world will be different but fairer and safer with no more child and human trafficking, which is what slave-driving is.

Yes, at the moment, we're ALL effing slaves, but rest assured that things are going on behind the scenes...