Truth Bomb

5 January 2022 – Truth bomb

Truth Bomb

Good one this:

The Deep State players know that Trump didn't walk away.

They know there's a plan, and this is why they are pushing everything they have.

But in the process, they have exposed their true agenda, and the people can see this very clearly.

The plandemic narrative is all over the place because the people are at last beginning to question it all.

The Truth about the PCR Test

The PCR test was scrapped on 1 Jan 2022 because it doesn't work, so why are they pushing it to create fear?

Right on schedule, the flu is making a comeback. So the scumbags are prepared to give more clot-shot toxic jabs to the ignorant and coerced.

Gitmo is now a WAR COURT. It was approved BEFORE the fake US 'resident' took office. 

THIS IS WAR, and since we are at war and the military knows we are at war, who is REALLY in control?