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Truth and Disclosure #1

Truth and Disclosure

Truth & Disclosure

Truth & Disclosure – Post #1

A 32-nation alliance is on a mission to SAVE humanity. The Alliance Command leads it, made up of CHINA, RUSSIA, SAUDI ARABIA, and POTUS 45. True or false?

Upset #1: Sources say that some soft drink companies with secret recipes use bits of ABORTED BABIES as part of the flavoring profile. Behind those normies' backs are nasty people in power who can do GREAT EVIL.

But is this true? See below.

An ANCIENT MALEVOLENT POWER STRUCTURE has been MANIPULATING the levers of governments, courts, politics, banking, finance, healthcare, transportation infrastructure, economy, mainstream media, and warfare since the beginning of human record-keeping.

Is that true?

If it is, then few are aware of it, and until now, no one has been talking about it. But to get the truth out, people worldwide need a CONDUIT.

DIGITAL SOLDIERS using the Internet and other sources to verify things ARE that conduit, and this website is a part of that. But there is a caveat.

'Conspiracy theory' is a derogatory term INVENTED by the United State's Central Intelligence Agency's MIND CONTROL department to prevent normies from getting the truth. So, DIG AROUND whenever that term is used over a particular issue. Find out for YOURSELF what it's about and only inform others when you can VERIFY and CONFIRM your findings. That way, truthful news will spread because you'll have VERIFICATION, not just something based on HEARSAY.

An example is the aforementioned ABORTED BABIES statement. Is that true or fake? Go on, do a search using the Brave browser (never use Google Chrome or the Bing browser as they are Deep State products) with the term "aborted babies used in Pepsi Cola," and dig around the served results. Then make up YOUR mind whether or not it is factual.

Only by VERIFYING stories can the absolute raw truth be known. This is why it is crazy to believe anything spouted out in mainstream newspapers and on TV and radio news. Fake news is everywhere, and the garbage is pumped out as FEAR PORN to manipulate normies' minds.

Believe it only when you see it.

Is it REALLY true that there IS a virus that infects people selectively? One that doesn't attack while eating in a restaurant but will get you when you stand up to go to the toilet if you're not wearing an ethylene oxide-laced blue face diaper?

The truth can only be found by researching, not by being lazy and simply accepting garbage hearsay.

If you're a fake news-believing normie new to this, you're in for a rollercoaster ride as reality begins to BITE. It WILL take time, but as reality is revealed, there will come the point where you may start to DESPAIR. That's normal, especially when you find truths worse than any nightmare cut-bleed zombie horror movie.

The forthcoming posts are here as LEADS for you to take and research.

Only take what is written as accurate by verifying it because, with the verification, you can then CONFIDENTLY inform others, who can then notify those they know. This is the best way to circumvent the truth-withholding Deep State-infiltrated mainstream media. So become a digital soldier and help humanity fight unjust or oppressive governmental power.

Let's begin with this first post.

What is the truth about organ harvesting and adrenochrome, the British monarchy, 9/11, Fukushima, Chernobyl, Hollywood, the Cabal Illuminati, the Deep State, and child and human trafficking?

These topics and others will be BRUTAL to the 75 percent of people called normies because they are still asleep to reality. So, they need guiding and bringing into the light.

Richard Nixon Knew WHO Killed JFK and was about to tell the world. The CIA would then have become history:

The fake Watergate scandal was a CIA set up to SILENCE the most popular US President in history! The CIA SHOT and MURDERED President John. F. Kennedy because JFK was about to pull the plug on the military-industrial complex, make peace with Russia, and usher in Nesara.

Unelected CIA stooge and CIA asset Gerald Ford was made President after Nixon's impeachment. The CIA also removed Spiro Theodore Agnew, the Vice President who served under the Nixon administration from 1969 until his resignation in 1973.

Nixon was also forced, likely by the CIA, to remove the gold-backed Dollar from circulation and have it replaced with the fiat money petrodollar.

It isn't strange then that as soon as the next President who was to carry on from where JFK and Nixon left off, Donald John Trump, was immediately targeted by the CIA with the fake Russiagate scandal in an attempt to impeach him. The CIA also targeted General Michael Flynn and removed him from Trump's administration.

Fortunately, the Russiagate lie didn't work, and General Flynn was pardoned. As a result, the military is running the United States, although most people don't know that.

So what REALLY is the CIA?

What we can now do is put 1 and 1 together and work out that the Nazis and the Khazarian mafia have infiltrated the CIA. The same has occurred with the FBI, as was made evident by its recent raid on Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence in a vain attempt to find evidence for Trump's impeachment.

The ENEMY of the United States of America is WITHIN, and it has been there since President Eisenhower warned about the dangers of the US military-industrial complex becoming over powerful.

The CIA and FBI are infiltrated at the very top by the same group of Nazis behind every atrocity and incident since WW2. For example :

JFK assassination
Car bombings leaving craters (nukes)
Suicide bombings
Deposited single red shoes and pristine passports after events
The Iraq wars
The Kirst submarine nuke theft and the 9/11 Granit missile
2008 Global financial crisis
Election rigging
Covid 19 hoax

The above list is just the tip of the iceberg.

2015 was the beginning of the end of the Deep State Cabal. In 2016 the entire world went into military rule, beginning a long-planned campaign by the White Hats to end the nefarious activities of the Deep State Cabal.

We are now witnessing the global EXPOSURE of EVIL. It has to be this way; otherwise, the normies out there, constituting 75 percent of the world's population, wouldn't believe it. But, unfortunately, the cabal has killed and maimed many with its clot shots during its genocide attempt to kill 90 percent of humanity and enslave the rest.

When, and ONLY when the Khazarian mafia Deep State cabal is defeated – the cabal includes the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Swiss Octagon group, the Vatican, the City of London, Brussels, Washington DC, corporate kleptocracy, the UN as we know it, big pharma, the WEF, and the WHO – have no more influence will the military rule be lifted and power restored to the people of this planet. That will likely not happen before 2024 is out because the fake Biden puppet president extended late 2022 all of the CIC Donald John Trump's executive orders by two years. The proof is here.

Kleptocracy: In a kleptocracy, corrupt politicians and corporate heads enrich themselves secretly outside the rule of law through kickbacks, bribes, and special favors from lobbyists and corporations, or they direct state funds to themselves and their associates.


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