TRENDING: Google Will Never Show This:

30 December 2021 – Trending News

There's a TREND of people posting and telling the jabbed to basically STUFF IT.

The posts follow the general trend of:

NOT so dear jabbed:

"Thank you for being a burden on society. Now we have to haul your corpse away, pay for your grave, pay for your funeral, and take care of your kids you left behind. DAMN YOU for being too weak to stand up and say NO, even after you were WARNED of the Fauci-patented jab."

People are posting like this now. It's not just an isolated incident.

No more being nice to the brainwashed knobheads that sneak out and get jabbed. They're the dumbshit ones that believe everything on their crap TVs.


They're the ones SHEDDING on their unjabbed entire damn families and friends despite being warned repeatedly NOT to take the EXPERIMENTAL clot shots.

They are the ones that went ahead and got double jabbed, then showed up without telling family members while TOTALLY in the SUPER-HOT SHEDDING PHASE.

They're the ones who'll eagerly get BOOSTER jab after BOOSTER jab without doing ANY research into whether the crap things actually work.

For many of the unjabbed, rejecting the jabbed is going to be necessary JUST FOR PROTECTION, and it's going to effing HURT.


If you come across posts like the above, don't be shocked – it's looking like it's well on its way to being a TREND...

Although this is not yet intended to be actual news, posts ARE appearing in forums about how multiple jabbed family members have started feeling sick, with strange and unexpected deaths to boot.

This trend is GROWING. The scary thing is we may be heading into a dreaded hockey stick die-off...

So, keep your ear to the rail for the sound of IMPENDING DOOM.

It's all part of twat Bill Gate's, Schwab's, and the rest of the murderous KM's NWO eugenics plot to wipe out the useless eaters...