This video is crammed with goodies and pointers for you to research and to counter the scamming mainstream narrative.

Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot interviews former BBC journalist Tony Gosling about the collapsing COVID hoax. Pay attention to EVERYTHING in this video, become ENLIGHTENED, and tell others. Find out who the culprits and corporations are behind the MONEY GRAB of the COVID hoax.

Summary of main points:

  • BBC Blackmail
  • Uncovering hidden powers
  • Massive amount of censorship in the western world
  • Mind control – bending the public’s mind to follow the narrative and blocking the truth
  • Media is an advertising system for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Project Camelot website hacked – ransom demanded
  • Proof of PURE EVIL deep state interfering with court evidence
  • No court can prove that the COVID virus is real
  • Dr. David Martin’s proof of COVID as a bioweapon via patents going back to the 1990s
  • Kerry’s laptop was hacked by the deep state PURE EVIL-infiltrated NSA, passwords stolen, hence how her website was taken down. Fortunately, she had a backup.
  • Mainstream reporters like Fox News’s Tucker Carlson that are trying to tell the truth, are intimidated by PURE EVIL
  • Deep state checkmated in Syria – NWO ‘regime change’ and ‘dystopian future’ plans thwarted, so it now goes after soft domestic targets like Project Camelot that tell the truth
  • Complete failure of NATO to get their way in Syria – the Eye of Sauron is swiveling, looking for other targets to attack
  • Secret services have always been used to destroy honest politicians, lawyers, journalists, doctors, the opposition – Watergate
  • Professional organizations are part of the deep state because they’re owned by PURE EVIL
  • Publishing the genome of a virus does NOT mean it’s been isolated – COVID is a SARS virus, so we ALL have T-cell immunity to it, as shown by the former head of Pfizer, Dr. Mike Yeadon. COVID is unnatural, so it’s a bioweapon based on the common cold and comes directly from the Bilderberger Group.
  • Freedom of Information requests are refused when governments don’t want the truth to get out
  • COVID involves Fort Dietrich, Israel, the British, the Wuhan lab, Tony Fauci, Canada, and other governments. Follow the trail of the huge hoax perpetrated on the world by these PURE EVIL-led plotters. FOLLOW THE MONEY
  • THEM are the Bilderbergers and are deeply involved in the plandemic. IT’S ALL PLAIN TO SEE. Somewhere an electric chair is waiting… Bilderberger fingerprints are all over every aspect of this whole operation
  • Track & Trace – organized by Dido Harding, a Bilderberger – puts everyone at risk of being quarantined in their homes. Only the stupid who haven’t realized what’s going on sucker into it
  • The UK is running out of steam with the plandemic. Little old ladies with walking sticks can see that the plandemic is a way of culling the population. It’s all in yer face. A massive amount of awareness has been raised in Britain
  • The only people who still believe that there’s a pandemic are the victims frightened by it. A confidence trick has been played on them, and they believed it. It’s so hard to admit that you’ve been conned
  • No one will get the jab by bribery, although the BBC thought they would at a free music festival in East London. Only five suckers turned up. The PURE EVIL-controlled BBC has lost all credibility. It’s like putting a piece of cheese on a mousetrap after the mice have gotten wise
  • The British will quickly grab the opportunity to get paid (furlough) for doing no work. They say nothing in the open. That’s how this COVID hoax has lasted so long
  • The whole idea of vaccine passports WON’T get passed by the House of Commons. They don’t have the numbers, although the PURE EVIL-owned press is talking about it to scare people to have the jab
  • ‘Holding the Line’ is a group of anonymous journalists employed in the scamming mainstream media who will lose their jobs if they told the truth.
  • The Wellcome Trust is the British equivalent of the corrupt Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation when it comes to vaccine research. They do genetic experiments on animals. Technocracy started there
  • Ivermectin is a COVID cure, but if that were out, the experimental jabs couldn’t by law be allowed. That’s why it and hydroxychloroquine were banned. FOLLOW THE MONEY
  • The WHO failed to do its job at Fukushima. It works for private interests that want things covered up. It didn’t care if people died from radiation poisoning. Much of what’s going on is detrimental to people’s health, and anything exposing that is censored.
  • People have become problematic to the elite. We know they’re trying to take over with a fascistic power bid, and they know we’re not having that, and they’re afraid of that
Project Camelot