The United States Corporation

3 January 2021 - The United States Corporation is Bankrupt

The United States Corporation
The Bankrupt US Corporation
  • The United States Corporation went into receivership in 2018. It was declared bankrupt in January 2021 due to its debts of over $100 trillion to its overseas creditors in China and Saudi Arabia. Therefore, the US President is a FRAUD – anyone posing as the head of a bankrupt corporation is a FELON. The above image is evidence of the US Corporation's bankruptcy.
  • Former President Donald Trump did NOT stand down as President of the United States of America Corporation because the company of which he was President is no more. Therefore, the United States of America citizens voted for nothing in what was a FRAUDULENT 2020 US Presidential election.
  • The bankruptcy of the US Corporation means there is no legitimate federal government on US soil. ALL Admiralty Laws and Acts passed since the US Corporation was created are now null and void. They have no legality in everyday life.
  • A bankrupt corporation cannot trade. Therefore, it cannot legally raise money. The IRS is, therefore, now ILLEGALLY taking taxes from US citizens. So, STOP PAYING TAXES until you have newly and legally elected CONSTITUTIONAL representatives working under the overriding US CONSTITUTION. The last constitutional President was Hiram Ulysses Grant. Learn more about the now LAST legitimate President of the Constitutional United States, who is credited with having won the US Civil War, using the button below:
  • There is, therefore, no current US President, and fake President Biden is not a legal president of ANY corporation. Thus, American citizens must CEASE CONSENTING to a fraudulent political system. Until they do, the current fraud will continue.
  • The US mainstream media is ILLEGALLY promoting a FRAUDULENT US presidency. Therefore, the media is acting TREASONOUSLY and must be held accountable for spreading LIES and prolonging the pain and suffering of Americans.
  • Admiralty Law is no more in the US, so any laws currently being used have NO LEGITIMACY whatsoever. All mandates and Executive Orders are null and void.
  • •   The people of the federal US are ignorantly consenting to be governed by a pack of FRAUDSTERS in the now NON-EXISTENT US Corporation government.
    •   It is now up to everyone in the United States to begin the process of electing NEW CONSTITUTIONAL REPRESENTATIVES.
    •   NEW ELECTIONS must be unriggable. Each one must be forensically audited, and every single vote accounted for, no matter how long it takes. Furthermore, the use of cheating voting machines must be stopped forthwith because they are the primary source of VOTING FRAUD carried out by TRAITORS and FOREIGN ENEMIES of the United States of America.
    •   Fully traceable mail-in ballots must ONLY be given to and used by genuinely infirm voters who cannot physically make it to polling stations. Each one must be authenticated and accounted for.
    •   No online voting must be permitted as that can easily be hacked and rigged.
    •   The US dollar is no more. It was replaced on 1 January 2021 by the new US Note, which is backed by commodities and not thin air.
    •   The printing of fiat money has ceased following the bankruptcy of the US Corporation. The Federal Reserve is no longer an independent corporation. It was never part of the US treasury, and it alone is responsible for the Ponzi schemes that resulted in the US Corporation's eye-watering debts to foreign creditors.
    •   Since the bankruptcy of the US Corporation, the entire United States is now under military law until NEW CONSTITUTIONAL elections have been held. Admiralty Law is over. Constitutional Law now overrides that.
    •   Employees of the bankrupt US Corporation – the civil service, the police, lawyers, etc., have no legitimacy and are currently operating FRAUDULENTLY.

    It is now up to the United States of America citizens to sort out their mess and start afresh. Justice must come to the TRAITORS that have ruined the United States since the last legitimate US President, Hiram Ulysses Grant, stood down. Only time will tell who the 19th President of the Constitutional United States will be. Constitutional Law is similar to Common Law in Britain. It is that which will usher in a new America of fairness without political bias.

    BTW: the UK Corporation and the Corporation of the British Commonwealth went into receivership in 2019 and were declared bankrupt in 2021. But no one is talking about it because of the REPERCUSSIONS like all taxes, laws, and mandates are now ILLEGAL. It means that the UK and the countries of the former British Commonwealth have NO LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENTS. So now you know why all so-called democracies have gone rogue. They are using COVID-19 as a smokescreen to hide the fact those countries are financially BUST. There, too, new elections for representatives under Common Law must now be held.

    The Corporation of the European Union is also bankrupt.

    We live in interesting times...