The Passing Away of the British Queen


Recently, the media reported that a special plan had been developed in the UK to prevent pandemonium on the day of the announcement of the Queen’s death. The operation is called “London Bridge.”

According to it, Buckingham Palace will immediately transmit information about the queen’s death to government officials, saying that the “London Bridge has collapsed.”



“There’s another possibility of decoding the received information: Many openly associate this with the fact that Queen Lizzie will soon leave the realm of the living. Sources say that she had already done this some time ago, and, as a rule, the Deep State will try to distract people when they need it.

Or perhaps “the fall of London Bridge” refers to something else.

In the end, it’s important to realize that this is a “FALL.”

The criminals who control the”City of London” of the Rothschilds, the centers of FINANCIAL CORRUPTION and WORLD CONTROL, have suffered a FATAL BLOW.

Since the unbreakable quantum financial system (QFS) has been launched and IS WORKING successfully, they can NO LONGER control ANYTHING.”



Yep, that sounds about right. The Deep State has LOST CONTROL during the draining of the swamp. With no head of state, the UK gov can’t reopen after the summer recess in October with the Black Rod ceremony and all that ritualistic BS.

So how’s the now illegal UK RUMP PARLIAMENT going to sign in without a monarch and the Queen’s Speech? With Lizzie having passed away, and NWO Charlie no longer legit, and the rest of the royals strangely absent, how’s it all gonna go through?

Parliament has ILLEGALLY claimed sovereignty with that devilish EU Withdrawal Bill. Cromwell’s army sorted out the former corrupt Rump Parliament following the Civil War of the 1640s. Today’s army must do likewise. The UK Corporation is no more following its recent bankruptcy and is now delisted at Companies House, the same as the U.S. Corporation.

Can you, dear reader, not see what’s been going on all this time? It’s the END of the British Commonwealth, the EU, and the ‘usurped’ USA. The lot is crumbling as Nesara and Gesara, and the QFS begin to replace everything in the West.


And it’s all being done behind the smokescreen of a crazy, ridiculous hoax virus.

It’s goodbye to the Satanic Rothschild/Rockefella/Nazi globalist war crime syndicate with the revelation of TRUTH:

  • Pedowood
  • Adrenochrome eating
  • Human trafficking
  • Epstein & Maxwell
  • Fiat money printing
  • Fake news by the scamming MSM
  • NWO rigged elections in ALL countries since 2004, not just in the USA
  • Kennedy assassination
  • Watergate
  • PURE EVIL asset management companies
  • Global Slavery
  • Mass migration from war-torn countries
  • Pharmaceutical industry vaccine genocide
  • DDT
  • Israel and its ‘so-called’ Holocaust
  • False flag events galore
  • The Kursk submarine nuke theft, after which came:
    • Chernobyl
    • Fukushima
    • The Oklahoma and Beirut bombings
    • So-called ‘car bombings’ leaving DEEP CRATERS
    • 9/11 Twin Towers & WTC 7 ‘Ground Zero’ underground nuclear explosion events
    • The 9/11 Granit missile
  • Weather manipulation
  • Faked Moon landings
  • Tsunami earthquake events
  • Directed Energy Weapons
  • AI and nanotechnology
  • Global warming scam
  • Masses of corporate bosses suddenly standing down
  • Secret Space Program
  • Back-shelved technologies
  • Transgenderism
  • Mass mind control of populations via the scamming MSM
  • D.U.M.B.S
  • Off-worlders - grays, 4-D beings, UFOs, alien abductions, etc., etc
  • Quarantined prison planet
  • This list goes on and on and on. It’s time for EVERYONE to wake up. Out with the old regimes and in with new controlled by ‘we the people’ ones of this planet, not by a cabal of NWO depopulation crazy, jewel and gold-hoarding, never-done-a-honest-day’s-work-in-their-lives, adrenochrome-eating NUT JOBS.

    The world IS changing for the better, although it doesn’t seem so.

    Until its assets are taken away, TURN OFF THE SCAMMING MSM TV & RADIO. Boycotting its advertisers will quickly defund it. In the UK, stop paying the BBC license fee. AUNTY BEEB is an EVIL BRAINWASHING and TRUTH-HIDING WITCH.

    DO NOT CONSENT to anything the Cabal pumps out via its PURE EVIL-owned MSM mouthpiece. Common law overrides Admiralty/Maritime law. The judiciary needs to be re-educated in Common Law, which is easy to understand and implement quickly.