In Cuba, the good people are removing the bad people. It's the end of over half a century of communist dictatorship there, and we need to see that happening in other places too. WE are ALL responsible for how OUR countries are run and to hold the people in our governments to account.

Mandatory vaccines are in DIRECT CONTRAVENTION of the Nuremberg Code. That's a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. We have the RIGHT to take the people who issue mandates for experimental, uncertified, unproven vaccines and those that participate in giving the jabs in front of a court.

First things first, we have to find lawyers capable of doing it.

Secondly, we must execute our right to make citizens arrests against the politicians, doctors, nurses, and teachers who PUSH for mandatory vaccines and PUT THE FEAR OF GOD INTO THE DIRTY LITTLE BASTARDS. Their belief in the LIE ABOUT THE EXISTENCE OF A DEADLY VIRUS is NO EXCUSE. That's what happens when people blindly put their trust in politicians and compromized medical practitioners.

You've only to get a few of them executed to make the others who have COMMITTED THE CRIME - all of those who participated in the jabbing of people - REALIZE just WHAT THEY'VE DONE. They'll then start to point fingers at who ORDERED THEM to do it.

But, unfortunately, IGNORANCE of the Nuremberg Code is NO DEFENCE. We're coming for you, we'll find you, and we'll give you what's coming to you.

Suppose you've force-vaccinated people or vaccinated them without INFORMED consent, without offering KNOWN ALTERNATIVES to the experimental, unproven, uncertified vaccine. In that case, you'll PAY THE PRICE because that's a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

Just to let you know, breaking the Nuremberg Code comes with a MANDATORY DEATH SENTENCE, but you do get a choice of having a lethal injection, a bullet to the head, or hanging.

Let that sink in.