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March 16, 2023


It took some time, but it was a success! Thrive Theme Builder is complicated, but when you MASTER it, it works GREAT! 

No wonder Thrive has a 'University' on its website.

And a big one at that!

Yeah! I've just got my Degree with Honors in making web pages perform like you want them to do!

See, you get this idea of what you want your site to 'look like' and actually 'do!'

But the learning curve is STEEP – very steep.

So you have to find solutions to pesky problems and sometimes start again from scratch like I did this past week. Not once, FIVE times!

I changed the 'theme' and lost data. TONS of data. All gone into the heavenly ether.

Unless the Way Back Machine has snagged some of it.

I Don't Care!

Why? Because events are happening so fast these inexplicable days that yesterday's news is quickly forgotten.

Like the East Palestine Dioxin thing.

A 'Wag the Dog' thing. Look here, not there... Pfizer...

Then a trusted source of insider gobbledygook suddenly goes all religious!

That tells me what's happening is all hush-hush.

"...under an NDA, buddy."

Yeah. and "stock up in case SHTF."


Here's the thing... if there's a massive banking crash, followed by hyperinflation as the FED and Central Banks churn out warehouses full of 'fiat funny toilet paper money,' so that a loaf of bread costs that of a house...

Then what's the point of having gold or silver stashed away when no one has any cash to buy it?

Bet all these gold-buster promos that have been doing the rounds since the Convid crap began are just affy jobs. You know, get some "comishun, gov."

Anyway, I've uploaded some historical stuff on this website centered on the Magna Carta and what it means to us Westerners.

It's educational, especially for Brits, who haven't been taught much of anything about their constitution.

Looks like SWHTF for the guilty reps in Westminster who broke their oath of office.

And the prospective King had better cease suckering up to Schwab and the rest of the WEF Nazis. Otherwise, the axe man who chopped off King Charles I head will be re-employed.

Aff Job Success

So what's this 'Affy' thing?

See those pics on this site? About the turmeric and natural deodorant things?

They're here as I get a teeny 'affiliate commission' when people buy these things from the vendor.

Every website has them.

But you won't get annoying and detested pop-ups or other irritations on this site.

Hopefully, the little money I get over a year MIGHT cover the cost of this website.

The NEXT post will have some interesting 'insider' stuff.

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