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Sign the petition ...

BRITS: Sign the Petition for an OPEN debate in Parliament about Covid jab safety:


Here is the Pfizer CEO being grilled by reporters while on his way to the WEF Summit on the Ineffectiveness and Dangers of his company’s so-called vaccine:

Use a VPN connection if the video in the above link doesn't work. It's on Twitter.

Any sitting MP who REFUSES to participate in OPEN debate on the issue of the Covid jab safety is participating in the biggest CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY the world has ever seen.

These MPs are ignorantly MAIMING and KILLING people by refusing to debate the issue.

The EVIDENCE is in the Yellow Card and VAERS data, which statistics show only reports 10 percent of ACTUAL cases.

Multiply the one million+ reported Yellow Card cases in Britain by ten, and you’ll see WHY the NHS and doctors’ surgeries are at breaking point.

MPs are NOT DOING their jobs and will be JUDGED by the people if not put on trial in military courts before then.

The jabs are NOT safe and effective. They are KILLING and MAIMING 1 in 800 recipients. For heaven’s sake, the Swine Flu jab was quickly PULLED when found to cause neurological problems in just a few people, not the MILLIONS by the Covid jab.

Big Pharma trials have PROVEN that the jabs are INEFFECTIVE, yet there is NO OPEN debate on this issue. So what gives? It looks like Bill Gates’ DEPOPULATION agenda.

Everyone knows somebody who has either died or suffered side effects CAUSED by these jabs. The media is SILENT because it, too, is INFILTRATED by kleptocrats and a malicious bribing and blackmailing FOREIGN Nazi enemy. There are TRAITORS in the corridors of Westminster who must be EXPOSED.

⬇️SIGN the PETITION⬇️ to get an OPEN debate in Parliament before more damage is done.

Tens of thousands of doctors, funeral directors, and nurses KNOW the truth but are keeping strangely quiet lest they get struck off and lose their jobs. In reality, if they don't want to be labeled as mass murderers, they should ALL COME forward, out into the open, and TELL the TRUTH; otherwise, they will also be charged with wilLfully and KNOWINGLY participating in this most heinous CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. Murdering people and children to protect jobs breaches the Nuremberg Code. They should uphold their HIPPOCRATIC OATH:

Informed consent is the core of the Nuremberg Code, and has rightly been viewed as the protection of subjects' human rights.

The Code merges Hippocratic ethics and the protection of human rights into a single charter.

The Nuremberg Code not only requires that physician-researchers protect the best interests of their subjects, but also proclaims that subjects can actively protect themselves as well. 

VACCINATION COERCION busts the code as it does NOT get INFORMED consent. Who the Hell is supposed to know that the contents of the jabs are worth the risk of experimenting with when they have been COERCED to take the jab? Pilots, sportsmen and sportswomen, and military personnel were COERCED to get jabbed, and we now see the skyrocketing figures of maiming and deaths.

Get the debate started. ⬇️SIGN⬇️ the Petition to FORCE Parliament to DEBATE the critical jab safety issue OPENLY:

As Andrew Bridgen said at the end of his 21 January 2023 interview with Kerry Cassidy on Project Camelot, TRUTH is like a LION; once released, there is no way of stopping it.”

The Deep State Cabal infiltrators and genocidal maniacs like Gates, Fauci, Big Pharma bosses, and Boris Johnson's dad, FEAR being EXPOSED and having to face the WRATH of the entire planet. Having an OPEN debate WILL expose the devils and end this terrible second HOLOCAUST.

In the future, the lobbying of MPs must be BANNED, for once certain nefarious groups usurp democracy, all Hell can break loose, as we have witnessed since 2020. And MPs must NEVER silence sitting MPs for asking for an OPEN debate on an issue of national importance.

Silencing a sitting Member of Parliament with the FAKE excuse of being ANTI-SEMITIC, followed by NOT TOWING THE GOVERNMENT’S NARRATIVE, has plunged Britain into being a TYRANNICAL DICTATORSHIP. Planted, useless PM Sunak et al. and all the colluding opposition TRAITORS WILL face JUDGEMENT and be punished for aiding and abetting a FOREIGN ENEMY.

TREASON is unforgivable and should carry the DEATH PENALTY.

The enemy resides in the foreign state that is the CITY OF LONDON. The Square Mile. It is NOT part of Britain. The enemy is the French branch of the Rothschilds. Across the Pond, the Rockefellers have usurped the American Constitution and invaded Canada. Both clans, we have found, are Illuminati Satanists and up to their necks in CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, including child and human trafficking. And all for money, power, sexual satisfaction, and adrenochrome harvesting to prolong their lives. They are the source of PURE EVIL on this planet. The Rothschilds created the Chinese Communist Party, so China has a lot to clean up.

⬇️Sign the Petition⬇️

Without OPEN debate, Parliament is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE and must be DISSOLVED forthwith. MPs who prevent OPEN discussion must never be allowed to stand for office again. MPs represent their constituents; they do NOT dictate to them. They are public SERVANTS.

Liars such as former PM Boris Johnson, who told Andrew Bridgen in 2020 that the jabs had been tested and proven safe, should be charged with TREASON against the people. But with a depopulation nut job like his dad, that is no surprise. MPs must do the job given to them and not have hidden agendas.

A new constitution needs to be drawn up now that the British monarchy is practically broken. Britain should take this opportunity to push for becoming a republic and use the US Constitution as a guide that is still in place but was usurped in 1871. Fortunately, the US is returning to that and WILL clean up its corruption by doing so. Watch what happens over the next two years.

Andrew Bridgen should be Britain’s Prime Minister. He has massive support in his Leicestershire constituency and should be aligned with other honest MPs, no matter what political party to which they belong. Britain needs a fresh start, with lobbying of sitting MPs by kleptocrats OUTLAWED. That will rid the Commons of much of its present corruption. And nobody from the City of London should be allowed to sit in the Commons. The Commons should be the VOICE of the people, not a place of blackmail, bribery, corruption, and extortion that it currently is. The City of London should be invaded and taken over as it has proven to be the enemy within.

And all elections must be hand-counted by honest people who will be monitored while counting. NO computers should be used, have proof that mail balloting is made only by the registered disabled, use photo identification at polling stations, and be forensically VERIFIED before being signed off. Without these safeguards, democracy can be compromised. That has been seen across the Pond, in Canada, France, New Zealand, Australia, and, lately, in Brazil.

Honesty, openness, and a genuine desire to help their constituents are all that is demanded of MPs, not party politics and bickering, and who wins this and who wins that. Elections should bring into Parliament proper representatives of the people who will openly debate issues of national importance, not censor MPs who insist so. That is why the current Parliament has to be scrapped, DISSOLVED. It is not functioning. It is like it’s being held for ransom.

⬇️Sign the Petition⬇️

MPs should speak out on any COERCION and BRIBERY, especially from foreign interference. Medical workers should get together and form an ALTERNATIVE care system if they get illegally sacked. They must operate WITHOUT lobby groups and kleptocracy interference.


What the HELL is going on?

Google 'Andrew Bridgen' and al you get served with is LIE after LIE after LIE to keep the normies ignorant of the TRUTH. Those behind these search engines need arresting and charged with CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

We are witnessing GENOCIDE, and it's WORLDWIDE. The Deep State, the WEF, and the French and Swiss branches of the Rothschilds, and the Rockefeller-Clinton-Zuckerberg clan depopulation-crazy gangsters, plus the Nazis at the top of the CIA and FBI are behind this. It will soon be made public knowledge.

Military Nuremberg-type tribunals MUST begin ASAP but with BITE this time. These sad but historical times must be part of school curricula so that no one ever forgets these dark and gruesome times. Mass murder and maiming CANNOT go unpunished.

⬇️Sign the Petition⬇️

In the video below is Andrew Bridgen speaking at the London 22 January 2022 protest outside the truth-withholding, Deep State-infiltrated BBC in support of the jab-injured and families of those sadly killed by it:

In the Kerry Cassidy interview, Andrew tells us he had the first two jabs because liar Boris Johnson told him Big Pharma had proven them safe and effective. But, of course, they NEVER carried ANY rigorous, long-term trials and instead FAKED the results in order to RUSH in the jabs for MASSIVE financial gain at the expense of the British taxpayer and NHS funds.

The CRIMINALS must be brought to JUSTICE, beginning with Fauci, Collins, and Gates, followed by ALL who breached the Nuremberg Code, right down to coercing teachers and employers because "IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE."

Expect the first public execution to trigger thousands of blackmailed whistleblowers to come forward who were under orders to say nothing, or else. We await that day.

⬇️Sign the Petition⬇️



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