Shoppers Shun the High Street

UK High Street shopping fell by a massive 7.2pc in the run-up to Christmas 2019 compared to the same period in 2018.

Shopping malls and retail centers lost loads of customers, and, during the run-up, there was an average decline of around 10pc.

Retail outlets tried their hardest to tempt shoppers by offering HUGE discounts. For example, Top Shop discounts skyrocketed to 60pc, while Jigsaw and Gap slashed prices by half.

As many as 22 retail outlets a day are closing their doors as the UK High Street faces a crisis. Chain stores such as Debenhams, Currys, and House of Fraser, began Boxing Day sales on December 22! That's desperation.

High Street outlets are shutting down fast because many of their existing customers now prefer to shop online. It's more convenient due to less hassle and travelling. 

It's not that the big High Street names are selling less - it's the loss making side of their business that's the problem. It's the cost of running physical outlets compared to online selling. Why pay sky-high business rates and employ staff when it's more profitable to get customers to buy your products from the comfort of their homes?

Big High Street names have their own mobile apps because they can afford the eye-watering high fees charged for those apps to be made. They make good profits from those apps. 

Those apps are MORE convenient than websites as they can target specific customers based on their shopping preferences. Push notifications can be used to alert customers about special offers without the messages being ignored. Business app notifications NEVER come across as spam, so there's higher uptake in offers: more sales, more profit.

That's an indicator of where the money is these days in the retail business.

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