22 August 2021


Over 32,000 people are DEAD in Brazil Following COVID-19 jabs, according to an official media report. 

Official media reports in Brazil stated that during a 5-month period, over 32,000 people in Brazil have died following a COVID jab:

In Brazil, the following vaccines are authorized for use:

AstraZeneca/Oxford, Pfizer/BioNTech, CoronaVac (also called Sinovac), J&J/Janssen, and Butanvac.

The report was published on

It seemingly has about the same number of page views as the CNN website, according to data from SimilarWeb.

It’s so big that ICANN has given it its own top layer domain (TLD): .uol

Despite this, high levels of deaths followed the mass jabbing frenzy, the report states:

“Vaccination is still the best way to control the disease.”

BULLSHIT! How dumbshit can people be? The experimental jabs are KILLING people because there’s supposed to be NO alternative to the jab. So, therefore, that remains the best way?


Try Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine. Use some commonsense!

But even these cases of deaths following COVID-19 jabs ARE under-reported, as Brazil’s state news agency reported in July 2021 that in the small state of Distrito Federal, AT LEAST 711 died after taking the first experimental death jab, while another 263 people died after taking two doses of the killer shots. (Source)

Brazil’s obviously PURE EVIL-compromised and lying STATE news agency reports:

“Vaccination does not prevent re-infection or the evolution to more serious conditions, including death. Therefore, the Health Secretary stressed the importance of keeping the prevention measures against the new coronavirus.

“We are always alerting people to wear face diapers, wash their hands, use alcohol gel (lots of money is made by affiliation from sales of these things), and avoid crowds. Even if we are jabbed, we can acquire the virus and have complications”, the twat declared.  (Source)

What a load of fucking dickheads! Dumbshit Brazilians can’t see that PURE EVIL is MURDERING them!

The Nuremberg Code has been breached in Brazil. The charged will attend new trials, and those found guilty will face execution by lethal injection, hanging, or a bullet to the head.