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Wal Thornhill Notes Part 1

Time for Change Part 1

Wal Thornhill Notes Part 1

These series of notes were taken from an interview with the late Wal Thornhill in 2022 about the terrible state of astronomy and astrophysics. Keep an open mind and don't be dragged down the wrong path by slick magazines and websites pushing the gravity-centered theory of cosmology.

There has been a gradual departure from reality in the sciences. For example, in astronomy and astrophysics, we deal with things that are too far away to sample or observe closely. So, everything is determined and decided upon by the interpretation of electromagnetic signals.

Telescopes and detectors improve as technology advances, but that only sometimes goes hand-in-hand with a better understanding of what we see through our instruments.

Instead, it has become a case of "if it works in the lab, then how can we make money out of it?"

That is the WRONG approach because it will inevitably lead to FAKE science. It is now a case of discovering something and seeing how something BASED on it can be SOLD. In other words, it is about MANUFACTURING and MAKING MONEY, not science.

It seems like paid scientists have become prostitutes to major corporations. They are NOT scientists; they are technicians PRESENTED AS scientists, and the public doesn't know the difference. It is not about science; it's about technicians selling stuff to make a PROFIT. Genuine scientists don't do that because they DO NOT allow challenges.

Rigged System

The current astroscience system is RIGGED. Universities no longer train astroscientists; they create technicians who can operate complicated lab equipment. They do not allow time for CRITICAL THINKING or for students to CHALLENGE the narrative.

They do not allow for testing whether what's being taught is VALID. If ideas come along and UPSET the narrative, it is never back to the drawing board. Instead of rubbing everything out, they keep adding bits to the edge. That leads to INCOHERENT science with things not tying in with other things. Sticking plasters are everywhere in astroscience. It is now the cult of the specialist.

The trouble with specialists, who THINK their work is EVIDENCE-BASED, is that they are unaware of all the other possibilities that may influence results. There are things that lie outside of anything they've been taught.

They just know what they know what they know.

The evidence can be right in front of them, yet they cannot see it because they've been trained NOT to see ALTERNATIVES. If someone shows them alternatives, the instant knee-jerk reaction is to IGNORE IT, then forget it, pretend it doesn't exist, or even become HOSTILE. They do not like their cages being rattled. And most of the time, it is all due to money and peer pressure based on cushy jobs.

Great Spirits Encounter Violent Opposition from Mediocre Minds

Einstein penned a letter to a friend saying that he doubted that the thing he produced in his life would stand the test of time. He was right. However, to his credit, it was an HONEST assessment. The phenomenon of Einstein was how to turn science infiltrated by mathematicians into SHOWBIZ.

The test for gravitational lensing, which was very poorly done and certainly was NOT EVIDENCE-BASED, was a welcome break from the miserable world just after WW1, which was a terrible butcher's shop.

The human race is suffering post-traumatic stress disorder, worsened by the COVID-19 hoax, and existential FEAR from when the plasma discharges from Venus and Mars hammered the Earth, and reciprocally, not that long ago. Unfortunately, media scare tactics and unscrupulous corporations easily exploit this illness.


Those global events have morphed into MYTHS and tales no longer believed to be true, like Venus being the beautiful goddess with long flowing hair. Then one day, her locks turned into snakes, and she became a hideous gorgon able to turn men who looked at her into stone. Think very carefully about that while studying plasma physics. Then, it will begin to make sense.

The gorgon myth is found the world over in tribal folklore. It is said that there were two suns in the sky. It is unspoken in education today, but that is beginning to change. David Talbot's Thunderbolts of the Gods series on YouTube and in his publications are part of that change. We have to understand the past to become released from its bonds. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's video on Emanuel Velikovski's Bonds of the Past on YouTube helps in the unshackling.

Giving up INGRAINED teachings when fresh ideas come in is the HARDEST thing to do. Usually, these things confront those who have vested interests in the roadmap they have been brought up to BELIEVE IN. Constructive thinking is hard work, and it is hard to get rid of religious-like PREJUDICES in astroscience.


Most people are too lazy to think for themselves because they have been PACIFIED by HIERARCHY and PRIESTHOOD. They are content to be quiet and behave like copy-and-paste machines. If only they could CHALLENGE THE NARRATIVE with CRITICAL thinking. Instead, they are taught WHAT to think, not HOW to think.

Critical thinkers quickly become annoyed with the establishment that does not listen to new ideas. It becomes a CLASH of BELIEF SYSTEMS. Prejudices get rearranged and MASQUERADE as THINKING.

We think we know the history of the Solar System, but that history is COMPLETELY wrong. For example, the skies seen by and mapped by ancient Australian aboriginals are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the sky we see today. So, we incorrectly interpret the ancient aboriginal star maps. If we question so-called experts on this subject, we get rude responses, like, "Hey, I'm the expert around here; who do you think you are?"

Here's the thing: being an expert DOESN'T mean you know what you are talking about. It just means that you know what you know what you know, and anything outside of that is a complete mystery to you.

So, treat the words of EXPERTS with GREAT CAUTION. We need to start THINKING CRITICALLY and hearing from more OPEN-MINDED folk that bring in FACTUAL information that MAKES SENSE.

You won't find that on websites like because the incestuous astroscientists there wait for the corrupt peer-review mechanism to endorse gravicentric bullshit.

Astronomers need to start thinking for themselves and stop accepting the religious beliefs of paid career astroscientists.

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