November 13, 2020


  • Things are coming to a head right now with what's going on in the US to expose what's evil.
  • People aren't aware of what's going on. They need to have their fear taken away from them. They're scared because they're unaware of what's going on. However, behind the scenes, things are going pretty well for the good guys.
  • The evil people know that they've lost WW3, so they'll try to portray it as Trump stealing the election! You couldn't make it up. The commie lefties are falling apart at the seams. Their manifesto is to accuse Trump of what they're doing!
  • The data that all the networks are using is from software used to change the US election result. It's amazing to see votes disappearing as they are switched from Trump to Biden! It's an absolute treasonous scandal. Four years ago, the Dems thought they had switched enough votes for Clinton to win, which is why Hillary Clinton didn't have a speech ready. But the American voters had backed Trump by 75% in 2016. In the 2020 election, the Trump vote is over 80%! So, the numbers the software has to switch are so ridiculously high for Biden, who got less than 20% of the vote, that it's blatantly obvious that fraud has happened yet again.
  • Every single person who is awake to the truth can play an important part in this process of exposing what has gone on. The sleepy mask-wearing peeps need awakening. Everyone should be excited about what's really going on because it's absolutely amazing.
  • The global currency revaluation (RV) has started. Today is 13 Nov 2020, a Friday. Most regard the thirteenth as a bad luck day. IT'S NOT! It's a good luck day that was stolen by Satanists in the 14th century to try to make it their own. 13 is lucky. There are 13 new moons in a year; a woman has 13 periodical cycles in a year; there are 13 zodiacal constellations, not 12 – Ophiuchus is the thirteenth. The history of the number 13 is NOT evil. In May 2020, Trump took out the 13 Phoenician bloodline families. The hard work has been done, and we're now seeing the pantomime playing out at the end. Trump has it all under control.
  • The US constitution states clearly that the sitting US President can't do anything for ten days after the election day. The election was on 3 Nov 2020, so Friday 13 Nov 2020 is when he can act. During those ten days, Trump stepped back and allowed the Dems and the evil MSM to make a mistake after mistake after mistake. Going public about stuff won't start until the 13th. Trump is doing everything by the book.
  • The lefty commie Dems will now say that Trump has stolen the election. Trump is collating the accurate vote numbers in ALL the States with the military overseeing it. The lefties know they will get caught but are so arrogant that they think they can still win it.
  • The rollercoaster begins to move. It's not about revenge. It's about getting the truth out and making sure things are being done correctly.
  • According to the US constitution, when the scamming MSM called the election over the last ten days, TREASON has been committed if that hasn't come from the correct source. Because that information has NOT come from the correct place, from The House, but from the mainstream media, the MSM are GUILTY of having committed TREASON, which may well be THE END of the MSM as it is today.
  • The MSM is a criminal outfit. It has used the data from the Dems software that feeds CNN, the NYT and others, which was reported as huge gains for Biden as switched and thrown away votes are counted. This is the data that ALL of the MSM were plugged into. It's unbelievable that they thought they could get away with this. The bad guys bought the MSM years ago to control the press's narrative, on the TV and radio, on social media and Google. BUT WITH SO MANY VOTERS GOING WITH TRUMP, THEY HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY EXPOSED FOR WHAT THEY ARE. What an arrogant, shameless load of twats. They think they're in charge and can do whatever they want. THOSE DAYS ARE NOW OVER.
  • The RV at 1:1 won't make much difference to the Dollar (now the gold-backed US Note), the Pound Sterling, and the Euro because they are all pretty similar in value. It will though make a HUGE difference to Africa, the Middle East, South America, and the Far East. Those countries have been raped and pillaged by the cabal and deep state.
  • Africa, in particular, has been ruined as a continent. It has MORE natural resources than anywhere else in the world and is financially on its knees. South America is much the same. The cabal and deep state have destroyed Venezuela and Argentina. Now that everybody that is corrupt, the drug lords, etc., is out of the way, revaluation and refinancing are now possible. Broke countries, like Zimbabwe and Iraq, for instance, when parity with the US Note and Euro comes, those countries will have extreme wealth because they have oodles of natural resources. Every country and territory has signed up for the RV. But it could not happen until the deep state and cabal are out of the way.
  • Friday 13 Nov 2020 is RV day. Everybody in Iraq will be incredibly wealthy. They will be able to rebuild from all of the NWO damage since 9/11 by false wars. Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Vietnam, etc., will NOT have to go outside to finance their countries' rebuilding. The RV has been thought out very carefully, but nobody knows just yet what the revaluation rates will be. We will find out. The timing appears to coincide with the real US election result being made public.
  • The prices of gold and silver have been artificially suppressed for too long, so those commodities' value should theoretically skyrocket with RV, so that's great news for South Africa and Argentina.
  • When people worldwide realize that Trump is behind the RV, those who voted Democrat will wish they had voted the other way. It's businessmen like Trump that are needed to take control of their countries. Nasty career politics and wars are over. The world CAN be made into one huge paradise. But first, all the communists and Nazis have to be rooted out from ALL countries. Common-Law overrides Admiralty Law.
  • Where there is money aplenty, crime ceases. There is enough rebuilding to be done the world over for everyone to contribute. And it doesn't have to be slave labor in 8-days. Look at what Michael Tellinger is doing in South Africa. Could you contribute by working for 3 hours a week, even when on vacation? 

That's enough typing here. For the rest, watch the following video and then SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS, folks. No more negativity.