Revaluation and Ascendancy

Revaluation of Currencies

The REVALUATION of currencies (RV) worldwide is being delayed due to some snags, one easily fixed, the other of more concern. The lesser of the two is a technical component with Starlink. The Starlink software, which Spaceforce oversees, has a bug, which is being fixed as of December 10, 2022.

The major snag for the revaluation of currencies worldwide is with four-fifths of the world’s population. It is to do their VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY. The RV works in a QUANTUM FINANCIAL ACCOUNT that everyone will eventually get. When that happens depends on our attitude to others. However, you must be in QUANTUM to get that account.

Q. But what is QUANTUM?

A. Quantum is FIFTH-density frequency.

Q. What is the fifth-density frequency?

A. It is LETTING GO of all the 3D programming we have all been MIND-CONTROLLED to accept. Letting go of all the stuff we have all been falsely led to believe, including the RELIGIOUS dogma that God is some entity outside us. God is NOT that; WE ARE ALL GOD. We are all part of this Galaxy, this Universe, so WE ARE SOURCE, and IT IS US. We create our OWN reality, and once we realize that, the BETTERMENT of humanity will explode.

There is also SCIENTIFIC dogma that we must let go of, such as ‘gravity’ rules and that electricity plays a minor role in how the Universe works. Gravity is the WEAKEST of all forces, with the electric force 10 to the power of 36 or one trillion, trillion, trillion times stronger. Everything in the cosmos is electric. Starlight, including that of the Sun, photosynthesis, the nervous system, chemical, and nuclear reactions, and all of biology. These are entirely the result of the interplay of positive and negative charges. Electrical energy is universal. Once we understand that, we will free ourselves of the energy barons who have enslaved humankind recently.

A great crime between people is that of withholding facts. This is the most crucial lesson since 1871.

The thing is that the higher frequency goodnesses such as JOY, EXCITEMENT, CREATIVITY, HAPPINESS, and CONTENTMENT, need to smother all worries like health and financial problems caused primarily by the Illuminati elite cabal that has been brainwashing and enslaving people since the end of the last Ice Age. That system of top-down rule began in Sumer. It culminated in 2020 with the global lockdown to usher in the enslavement of humanity into a digital currency prison. In there, everyone would be happy but own nothing, working as slaves to the Illuminati Davos and WEF elite, who are hell-bent on ridding the world of 90 percent of the people.

The brainwashing and continuous fear porn by the cabal-run mainstream media keep us in a lower vibrational density and a nasty state of mind. We express that with conflict, taxation, and crime, which ‘normies’ (the brainwashed masses) think of as NORMAL.

So, to be able to interface with the Quantum Financial System (QFS) for revaluation, we all have to RAISE our vibration frequencies. But, when we do that as living creatures on this planet, the vibrational frequency of this beautiful planet will SPILL OUT into space. ONLY then will benevolent off-world beings be able to help and guide us to join the local interstellar community in the Orion arm of this massive Milky Way Galaxy.

The Pleiadians, the tall and short grays, the Draco, the Mantid, and good reptilians will then assist humans in colonizing countless planets in many star systems. So you see, there is no such thing as overpopulation in our HUGE galaxy, never mind the rest of the Universe.

So, we ALL have to raise our vibrational frequencies, not just the one-fifth of us that already connect our consciousnesses. It’s up to us ALL as members of humanity to leave the third dimension and enter the fifth, bypassing the negative energy of the conflict-ridden fourth vibrational frequency where malign reptilian off-worlders are trapped. Ultimately, there are seven other levels of vibrational frequencies for us as a Galaxy-wide species to ascend eventually.

It’s all a state of mind. In quantum consciousness, there will be abundance. That is where we, as people, are heading. But we must first leave behind religious, scientific, and even financial dogmas and ascend.

Offshore military tribunals with a world TEMPORARILY governed by military generals will remain in place until ALL people SEE the crimes committed by the nefarious deep state cabal. Then, evidence will be displayed to the public according to Common or Constitutional Law. That will set the finale, and humanity’s ascension to the fifth vibrational density will begin in earnest. The tribunals will help ‘we the people’ to let go of the aforementioned enslaving dogmas.

Having “allowed” the deep state to play out their planned dark side deeds in order to trap them, the military used Sun Tzu, the “Art of War.” Although using the momentum of the negative to destroy the enemy and expose the dark so that it destroys itself may not be the best way to deliver humanity from oppression, we must not forget the deep state’s evil CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. A line has to be drawn as to how far criminals and mass murderers are allowed to go. The deep state is vile, evil beyond comprehension, and has to face judgment. Although conducting tribunals in secret is actually a crime against humanity, there cannot be any clemency when that crime has already been committed by the guilty. Judgment day is judgment day. To show compassion to the wicked perpetrators will likely lead to a repeat of the hideous crime. You don’t let a running sore persist if you want to live.

Nations are now transitioning into a MULTIPOLAR world, with Russia leading the way, much to the chagrin of the pedophilic cabal-run, drug and child trafficking infiltrated West. Europe, Australasia, and North America must now join the MAJORITY of the people of this world where everyone is equal. China has much to do to rid itself of the cabal-infiltrated CCP. Bad vibes are preventing revaluation. Countries must no longer be exploited like the British, French, and Dutch did in the past and lately by the cabal-infiltrated United States. The end of Pax Americana is in progress. The governmental rule must change to local levels, and Common/Constitutional Law must return. With their rich resources, the whole of Africa and Central and South America will deservedly prosper. As a species, we need to unite and let go of the 3D negativity that pervades the lives of 80 percent of humanity.

The revaluation of currencies, when it eventually comes, will be the most significant sign that humanity has begun its ascendancy. When that happens has yet to be discovered, but it will happen.

There will be no further update on this website UNTIL normies BEGIN to COMPREHEND the absolute viscous level of EVIL their COORDINATED governments, foreign corporations, big tech, and so-called leaders have released upon them. It's not just about ELECTION FRAUD. It's not just about Nuremberg Code-busting BIOWEAPON attacks against everyone worldwide via the deadly Covid jabs. It's not just about the stupid LBQWT nonsense. It's not just about CHILD and HUMAN TRAFFICKING. It's not just about MONEY LAUNDERING and theft by TAXATION on a grand scale. It's not just about deep-state INFILTRATION in EVERY country. It's not just about the illegal TAKEOVER of nations by cabal-run corporations. It is EVERYTHING ... ALL OF THESE THINGS. We are in an IRREGULAR war that humankind MUST win, and the good guys in the world's militaries are working around the clock, unbeknownst to the normies. Future generations DEPEND on it, and we ARE winning it. Patience is a virtue. We as a species WILL ascend. Our future is among the stars as we join the other races and beings.

Keep your eyes and ears open and CONNECT THE DOTS. It had to be this way. Revaluation will happen.