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This post is PURE GOLD. It REVEALS the people behind the plandemic and other criminal activities. You’ll get to know who is PURE EVIL.

Harley Schlanger is a historian and national spokesman. He has been covering the financial industry since the 1980s; you can now follow Harley at The LaRouche Organization. Harley begins the conversation by discussing inflation and how the criminal Biden puppet is losing control. The deep state/elite – aka PURE EVIL is doing everything it can to keep control of the world. The people are rising; they’ve been pushed into a corner, and now they’re fighting back. They’ve reached the precipice. The Great Reset ISN'T working, and PURE EVIL will try another FALSE FLAG by hitting supply chains with cyber-attacks. This WILL fail.

The following is a video transcript with added bits for clarity and entertainment for those who can’t be arsed to watch the above video because it’s about an hour long and contains a couple of promotions about preparing for a possible food shortage in the States.

Transient inflation means being somewhat financially ‘pregnant.’ Never in history has any country had skyrocketing inflation one day, only to stop the following day. Instead, what we see here is an economy going from bubble to bubble with the expectation that the only way to control the weird inflation is to give total control to global central banks.

It’s up to us whether we let them do that. More and more of us are becoming aware that debt-based economies are unsustainable. It’s not just government debt; it’s corporate debt, family debt, personal debt, medical debt, and student debt. Yet, everywhere you look, there’s a friggin debt bubble.

The idea that you can treat a debt bubble by pumping liquidity is lunacy. Yet, that’s what governments play as a game. So, who are the sick people behind this madness of liquidity-pumping shit?

Central banks are agencies working on behalf of the world’s largest financial interest groups. Those groups are insurance companies - especially corrupt life insurance outfits, global banks, and PURE EVIL asset management companies. In other words, those groups are the crap inside the snake’s head - “He who must not be named.”

These nefarious outfits dictate the terms and control government policy. Their ultimate goal is the Great Reset. That’ll give them ultimate dictatorial control over spending and monetary policy determined by teams of so-called experts or technocrats

WTF are technocrats? Put bluntly, they’re people who know how to kill other people and make lots of money in the process. Using these scumbags is like being on a dangerous slippery slope.

The policy of increasing the money supply with the idea that more liquidity is needed isn’t a solution for anything and will only make matters worse. The quoted big jump in the inflation rate between June 2020 and June 2021 of supposedly 6 percent is a load of rubbish - it’s much higher. Left out of the figure are the things people use every day, which have shot up in price. The dirty technocrats won’t be able to cap inflation as they want us to believe. So, what’s their friggin end game?

They’re the ones behind this shit plandemic, and they’re doing their utmost to extend the shit narrative with a load of made-up virus variants. This ‘non-science’ is so full of holes that they have to censor more and more those exposing their lies. They’re the puppet masters controlling their planted puppets in rigged elections, like the French President Macron, who says that there’s no going back to normal without the jabs, even though that’s breaking the Nuremberg Code, You couldn’t make this shit up! 

What we see now is the people protesting more and more against the useless lockdowns. They’re starting to riot. The puppeteers are frantically trying to hold onto the fake coronavirus narrative, but the people are fighting back at its induced communism, fascism, and totalitarianism. They’re getting pissed off with it all.

The plandemic is very much part of PURE EVIL'S Great ResetIt’s got absolutely NOTHING to do with controlling disease, but all to do with SOCIAL CONTROL, which was clear from the beginning of this shit in 2020. The plandemic didn’t cause the economic crisis. With their quantitative easing plan, the puppeteers, with the Fed buying securities, and the mortgages, realized that things weren’t working. In a meeting in Wyoming in August 2019, they knew they had to do something drastic because of Gesara being rolled out behind their backs. Yes, the deep state and the royal bloodlines received a huge body blow from, shall we call them, the ‘Good Guys.’

In that August 2019 meeting, BlackRock had pulled a team together. There was Philipp Hildebrand, the former President of the Swiss National Bank. Stanley Fischer, the former Fed vice chairman of the Federal Reserve, the governor of the Bank of Israel, and a former deputy governor of the Bank of Canada. They coordinated with Mark Carney, the ex-governor of the Bank of England. So, the Swiss, the Canadians, the Israelis, and the British got together with the world’s largest asset management outfit, BlackRock.

They were saying the world’s coming up on an extreme crisis - the lack of liquidity. Read that carefully. LACK OF LIQUIDITY. That’s because the Federal Reserve is no longer a private company after President Trump merged it with the US Treasury, so it could no longer print fiat money backed by fresh air. That inability to use Monopoly money, e.g., paper money backed by thin air, lies behind all the shit that came after, especially the pre-planned plandemic.

There was actually plenty of liquidity. It was just parked in the Federal Reserve by the banks. BlackRock demanded regime change and brought in the standing emergency fiscal facility. That was a way of coming up with cash when markets start collapsing. Central banks would run this facility, with BlackRock deciding where the monetary infusions would go with the help of independent experts - the aforementioned technocrats.

These technocrats don’t care about main street businesses. They only care about protecting the largest financial speculators among the corporate financial cartels. That began before the plandemic. When the COVID-19 hoax was triggered, they used that as an excuse for having lockdowns and tighter social controls. However, even after the plandemic runs its course, these bastards know that the Orwellian social controls will still exist – that was the purpose of the plandemic. We the people can eventually get rid of these controls.

In early 2019, the World Economic Forum ran a plandemic simulation. Yes, the shit was all pre-planned. Now they’re running a simulated cyber-attack on the supply and infrastructure industries. Can you see how evil these bastards are? They destroy livelihoods and small businesses, disrupt energy supplies, and starve and murder people for the sake of financial speculating.

Fuck you, BlackRock. Gold-backed money is coming, and there’s nowt you can do to stop it.

All that Pure Evil can now do is throw wild temper tantrums and kill and ruin as many people as they can before judgment day comes. These devils are crazy psychopaths with no empathy. They’re boardroom mafia gangsters that haven’t done an honest day’s work in their lives. They blackmail and bribe. They’re parasites that have to be exterminated before they fuck up the entire planet for good.

At the moment, Pure Evil is using censorship to control the narrative. Watch as it tries to control text messaging. Artificial intelligence or someone will be listening to phone conversations, and a voice will come over if you say the wrong thing. The voice will say something like, “That’s unproven. It’s speculation. You shouldn’t say that.” These twats are desperate to keep control of everything. You’ll be getting fake fact-checking messages on your private text messages, no doubt.

The good thing is that as soon as the switch over to the quantum financial system is completed, Pure Evil won’t have any more influence because it will be unable to print fake money. New gold-backed currencies worldwide will be fully traceable using unhackable blockchain technology. Nobody anywhere in the world can add to the money supply without being backed by something physical that has value.

When Gesara arrives, the media will no longer be owned by the likes of BlackRock. Only then will the complete truth be allowed to get out about what’s been going on since the industrial revolution. Unfortunately, until then, there'll be tons of lies and disinformation pumped out by the scamming mainstream media owned by the cartels. Narrative creation is the expertise of British Intelligence. For instance, the head of Britain’s domestic intelligence spy agency MI5 recently warned Brits to be wary of Chinese infiltration and for people to report anything suspicious involving Chinese, Russian or Arab activity. Well, if it comes out of that deep state mouthpiece, it MUST be a lie. The number of cameras on British streets spying on everyone is alarming. It’s like a fuckin police state.

The same goes in the US. There, the FBI is pushing the narrative about white extremism, racism, and for neighbors to grass on each other. That, and made-up shit like Black Lives Matter, is all PURE EVIL'S invention to create DIVISION and FEAR. The real terrorists are in boardrooms and in-yer-face everywhere.

We witness here NAZIS at work. The whole shit is straight out of Joseph Goebbels’s playbook. It isn’t protecting democracy; it’s the complete hypocrisy of the narrative. The Nazis weren’t primarily a movement to kill Jews; they were a movement to take power away from elected governments and give that to corporate cartels centered in London and New York City. Before there was Hitler, there was the Standard Oil Company and Trust, the Morgan banking interest, and other trusts. Montagu Norman’s Hjalmar Schacht worked with the Bank of England and later became Hitler’s finance minister. So, before the Nazis came in, there was a corporate cartel that was the original name for fascism in Italy. Those corporations went on to bring in socialism, and we see that happening now in the United States.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt, a retired Danish politician, is on Facebook’s Oversight Board. She said that “Free speech is not an absolute human right. It has to be balanced with other human rights.” WTF! They’re cracking down on the freedom of speech.

Yes, we see that with Facebook and Twitter censorship, Helle. FREE SPEECH IS AN ABSOLUTE HUMAN RIGHT.

Biden’s fake administration’s spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, said, “We are working with Facebook to get rid of disinformation.” So, the pretend US government is working with big tech to shut people up? You couldn’t make this shit up. That’s a violation of everyone’s rights. The people who CLAIM to be the protectors of human rights are the most egregious ENEMIES of human rights! Twats. 

Today, democracy is NOT about people making choices; it’s about an elite bunch of criminals deciding WHAT those choices should be. If you make the wrong choice according to their ‘inverted’ way of thinking, you’ll have the human rights mafia come down on you. It’s blatant hypocrisy. Yeah, you’ve got freedom of choice – as long as you make the choice that goes with the fuckin narrative. Bastards.


So, what’s replacing our freedom? Claus Schwab is only a globalist tool. If you look at who’s pushing for the globalist’s Great Reset (it’s not working, thank God), apart from Mark Carney from the Bank of England, it’s none other than PRINCE CHARLES. How come every time Britain gets a right old Charlie, CIVIL WAR breaks out? THINK ABOUT THAT. Oh… he who did what to Lady Di? Prince Charles sits at the HEAD of the City of London. Like the Vatican and Washington DC, the City of London is an INDEPENDENT territory WITHIN another country. And it’s the City of London’s financial networks (they have nowt to do with Britain) that helped come up with the idea of the Great Reset. Fortunately, behind the scenes, another reset is underway – back to GOLD-BACKED currencies. That really fucked up the globalist’s agenda.

No regulatory powers control the scumbags in the City of London – they can do whatever they want. For example, the City of London is exempt from the corporate minimum tax. When Brexit was carried out, and all the British companies left the EU, the derivative dealers in the City of London got an EXEMPTION to handle derivative trading, which is extremely lucrative for the criminals in the EU. Where’s the democracy? Where’s the fairness? Where are the human rights? These things DON’T EXIST. Instead, rules made by the privileged few are IMPOSED on billions of people worldwide.

Rules made by the privileged few are imposed on billions of people worldwide

The question is:


Since 2016, there has been a growing awareness of this. We’ve learned an awful lot about those with privileged private interests who THINK they have the right to control elected governments. So, some of us have dug around and found strange goings-on during elections. We need proof, and we’ve GOT tons of proof of election fraud during the 2020 US presidential election. That’s a bombshell for the PURE EVIL as just one piece of PROVEN FRAUD VITIATES EVERYTHING, and the election will be deemed null and void. In other words, Biden stole the 2020 election and has committed TREASON. So have ALL those that participated in the crime, at home and abroad.


JUST IN on Telegram: 18 July 2021: 

In Germany, the evil government twats increased the gas price for cars. In just one hour, drivers abandoned their vehicles on the streets and avenues and walked home. Over a MILLION abandoned cars. The stupid government had to drop the price.


The US constitution gives the PEOPLE the right to elect their representatives, NOT a privileged few. There’s a fighting back mentality starting. We the people have had enough of lockdowns, fake illegal mandates, furlough bribery, and the theft of our freedom to live as sovereign beings. There was NEVER a deadly virus. The whole scam was in the making since 9/11.

These dictating elites want to give fiscal policies to independent 'expert' bodies. That means your elected representatives will have NO CONTROL over the nation’s budget. That’s the goal of the DAVOS billionaires because if the people get riled up and make their elected representatives MORE AFRAID of the people than the scheming bankers, they’ll TURN. So, PURE EVIL wants to take ALL power away from elected officials. We can now see why the US Democrats want election reform – to make sure YOUR PRECIOUS VOTE DOESN'T MATTER because you’ll be electing someone with NO power. It’s a move back to shit FEUDALISM.

PURE EVIL wants to limit international travel and commerce. It’s behind the shit Green New Deal, as shown by the article headlines on its website:

BlackRock to Acquire Baringa Partners’ Climate Change Scenario Model Through New Long-Term Partnership

BlackRock Survey: Overwhelming demand from workers, employers, and retirees for retirement income

British Airways (BA) Pensions Entrusts BlackRock with the Management of over £21 billion of Assets, in a Transformational Partnership

Note: BA pressured its pilots to take the jabs. 4 died, that was made public. That 16 actually died was hushed up. PURE EVIL.

ADP, Best Buy, Self, Truist and Varo Join BlackRock’s Emergency Savings Initiative

Temasek and BlackRock Launch Decarbonization Investment Partnership

BlackRock Announces Geir Espeskog & Emily Woodland as Sustainable Investing Co-Heads for Asia Pacific to Accelerate Regional Business

BlackRock Hires Paul Bodnar to Lead Sustainable Investing

BlackRock Investment Institute Sees Green Energy Transition Driving 25% Cumulative Gain in Output by 2040

BlackRock Boosts Aladdin’s Forward-Looking Sustainability Analytics and Reporting Capabilities Through Strategic Partnership with Clarity AI

BlackRock Survey Shows Acceleration of Sustainable Investing

BlackRock Unveils New Offering to Power Investors’ Transition to Net Zero Emissions

2020 vision: a new BlackRock report shows how an unprecedented year is creating lasting change for insurers

BlackRock Hosts Global Summit Focused on Sustainability

BlackRock Builds Investment Solution that Provides a Paycheck Throughout Retirement

BlackRock and Microsoft Form Strategic Partnership to Host Aladdin on Azure as BlackRock Readies Aladdin for Next Chapter of Innovation

BlackRock’s COVID-19 Response: Our Commitment to People and Communities

Mar 23, 2020

Our hearts go out to all those already affected by COVID-19’s rapid spread. At BlackRock, we are committed to supporting people impacted by this global crisis, especially in the communities where we operate. This includes support for the people and programs providing direct services on the frontlines and for the most financially vulnerable members of our global community who will feel its impact hardest today and in the months to come.


The goal is to have people living in self-contained villages living MISERABLE lives. Take away fossil fuels, nuclear power, and electricity from gas to leave behind just wind and solar power, and you won’t have enough power to do much of anything unless the number of people on the planet is drastically reduced.

Five hundred million serfs serving the top PURE EVIL elite is the goal by 2060 or before. If you like the sound of this, then go ahead knobhead, get your friggin jabs; you’ll likely be dead within three years, according to whistleblowers who KNOW the truth of what’s INSIDE the ‘experimental’ jabs.

We see blackouts in the US because of the dismantling of what was once the world’s most impressive power grid. It no longer functions after having been reduced by deregulation by the Enron model to private corporations that use energy as a means of control. The potential of any industry coming back to the US will soon be lost unless PURE EVIL is taken out and Pelosi and her gang of criminals are stopped pushing through the shit Green New Deal.

Do you think that the elite are going to live under the Green New Deal? NO CHANCE. Fortunately, this won’t happen. Once you deny people a power system that’s reliable and efficient and put them at the whims of sunshine, and when the wind blows, you end up with BLACKOUTS you stupid twats. In early July 2021, a 5-day blackout hit Milan, Italy. There are problems with power for hospitals in parts of Germany. Western Germany used to have one of the most advanced infrastructures globally, but they’re no longer allowed to dredge rivers because that goes against the nature friggin narrative.


Boscastle in England suffered a devastating flood in 2004 because of accumulated silt through lack of dredging. The city of Sheffield in England gets flooded when the River Don isn’t dredged. ALL rivers MUST be dredged, but the psychotic Green Party twats in Germany don’t think of that. No, it’s NOT global warming causing deluges in Germany, Belgium, and elsewhere you prats; it’s due to the policies of brainless twits indoctrinated in schools that teach PURE EVIL’S agenda because that’s from where the FIAT MONEY comes. Take that money away from PURE EVIL, and the whole globalist green, depopulation agenda will fall flat on its face.

Young people ought to realize that their standard of living will come tumbling down if they continue to support the deceptive green agenda. Who’ll be making your smart toys and cars? Batteries have toxic components, so don’t harp on about crappy electric cars. Electricity is needed to charge the junk things anyway, and it WON'T come from the wind or sunshine. Admit it; you’ve been lied to. BTW, avoid the jab if you want to live, you shitty snowflakes.

Farmers tell the truth about herbicides and pesticides. Without them, your food will QUCKLY DISAPPEAR from your one-stop-shop super-convenient supermarkets. Unelected groups like the Atlantic Council are attempting to put green airheads in charge of countries like Germany. Who the fuck gives these groups the power to nominate candidates? PURE EVIL, that's who. FOLLOW THE FIAT MONEY. The fraud of the Green New Deal is being exposed from the economic as well as the green side. The truth is that it’s an economic catastrophe.

Russia and China are having NOTHING to do with the PURE EVIL’S Great Reset. There’s opposition to it developing in France, Italy, and Germany. Be aware, however, that if PURE EVIL can’t get it done by popular demand, it’ll try to do it through WARS and use them as an excuse for austerity, as it’s done in the past. So, GET AHEAED of this malevolent entity by getting at the truth and telling it to others.

PURE EVIL can’t be reasoned or bargained with because it’s a LIAR and a FRAUDSTER. A lot of what it has done has been exposed – that’s why you’re reading about it here. However, it has many different narratives out there, and it’s doing its utmost to polarize them.

One way to control global trading systems is to make nations and groups in those nations fight each other. That’s what the crap identity politics is all about. The dirty plan is to destroy the idea of a sovereign nation where the people share the idea of a national mission. Isn’t that what Covid has done? People now turn against each other on the basis of a hoax virus: the vaxed versus the unvaxed; the Covid vax card carriers versus the unclean, even though, as it’s turned out that the vaxed are the new lepers with their spike protein shedding.

In the US before 9/11, in France under De Gaulle, in Germany after WW2, in Russia today with Putin, and in China with Xi, there was and is sovereign power to the people, and the leaders act in the interests of their people. Not so in Britain after Brexit, unfortunately. Under the Brexit and the seditious Coronavirus Acts, the present Rump Parliament has STOLEN sovereignty, which is an act of TREASON. The only people still supporting the treacherous criminals in power in Britain are the BRAINWASHED TV addicts who do as they’re told by criminals fronting the Fake News. PURE EVIL has demonstrated how easy it is to get dumbshit sheeples to do things they wouldn’t normally do by controlling the MSM narrative. They’re the uneducated vaxed. It’ll take a LONG TIME to repair the damage in British society caused by PURE EVIL. Hopefully, the med beds coming with Gesara with help fix many of those poor innocent souls.

When people can no longer tolerate tyranny, they REBEL. It’s almost impossible to stop rebellions, so what will PURE EVIL do? It’ll try to direct the rebellious people internally against each other. That’s what the game plan is with things like BLM, Critical Race Theory, and the idea of white nationalism. Most of these things mean NOTHING and have very little support. For example, in the NYC Mayoral election, we saw that many black voters voted for the former cop who wanted NOT to defund the police but to INCREASE the police presence. So, the narratives don’t work, but if PURE EVIL can pit people against each other so that if you can get a bigger piece of a shrinking pie, you have to take it from someone else. PURE EVIL can only win this way. That’s how this shit works.

How did the US end up in Afghanistan? Because of Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski, the Polish-American diplomat and political scientist who served as a counselor to President Lyndon B. Johnson from 1966 to 1968 and was President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor from 1977 to 1981. He admitted in an interview that he got Carter to fund the Mujahideen in 1978-79 to LURE the Russians into Afghanistan. The US then armed the groups that became the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. And then the US stupidly went to Afghanistan and fought these outfits for 20 years. That’s the way these narratives are used in this Divide and Conquer strategy. The same thing is happening within the Democrat and the Republican parties in the United States. That’s why US politics is in a mess. It’s all caused by PURE EVIL.

The thing to do is to determine WHO OUR REAL ENEMIES ARE and their VULNERABILITIES. Indeed, the DAVOS crowd is incredibly vulnerable. There’s one piece of legislation that could COLLAPSE their financial power: Glass–Steagall banking regulation. This act was passed in 1933 and was repealed under Bill Clinton in 1999. The act says that investment banks can speculate as long as they want, but they have to EAT the losses if they lose money. When Clinton got rid of Glass–Steagall, he overrode it with Universal Banking, dating from the 1970s. That created the banks that were too big to fail or systemic banks. If one bank goes under, so does the whole system. So, if you’re a speculator and you take your client’s money, whether that’s just a humble account holder or investor, if you lose that money, they’ll lose their investment, but you’ll get bailed out by the sucker taxpayer. That’s their vulnerability. If Glass–Steagall is RESTORED, there’ll be no more bailouts for the SWINDLERS. With Glass–Steagall, all those too-big-to-fail parasitical financial outfits can be BROUGHT DOWN. Do something similar to the City of London with its offshore tax-havens.

It’s NOT taking away their rights and freedoms because they can go ahead and speculate, but they WON'T be covered when they STEAL money. Once Glass–Steagall is restored, money can again be invested safely in infrastructure projects and regenerate towns and cities, especially in the run-down United States. Technological innovations will return, rather than cash going into speculator’s back pockets to be spent on their pet eugenics and ridiculous green agendas. The power of American labor and entrepreneurship WILL then return.

Groups have been trying to restore Glass–Steagall, especially after the 2008 collapse. When done, PURE EVIL would be forced to reorganize or go bankrupt. Its assets will be shown to see how much is based on fraud and swindles. That should have happened in 2008, when PURE EVIL would have been behind bars. Covid wouldn’t have happened, but traitor Obama told PURE EVIL that he was the only one standing between it and the pitchforks – one of the FEW honest things he said as President. Instead, he bailed the bastards out and told us "not to worry because we’ll be cared for." The same thing happened with the Care Act.

Instead, power was given to BlackRock to run the Federal operation. They fooled people by saying that the Federal Department was taking over the Federal Reserve. But that DIDN’T HAPPEN! The Federal Reserve used the Treasury to work through BlackRock to decide which swindlers should get bailed out and keep money from the physical economy.

Now the big banks are doing far less lending than they did even after the period following the 2008 crash. But they’re certainly collecting a lot of interest-free money from the Federal Reserve. If we go back to Glass–Steagall, these banks will be FORCED to go through audits and use that to start jailing these swindlers.

Before the 1929 stock market crash, the big banks controlled the utility companies. They prevented rural areas from getting electricity. They stole money and swindled, just as PURE EVIL is doing today. When that became public knowledge, those bastards were run out of banking. The commercial banks were told to do what they were supposed to do, which is to lend money to productive enterprises that benefit the whole community. That’s why Glass–Steagall is so crucial right now.

However, since the US Corporation is no more, and the US is under military rule, although not a lot of people know that, old Acts mean nothing.

Continue watching the pantomime.