British Pubs

Are the British About to Revolt?

Nearly 3/4 of British Pubs will Shut Down by Soaring Energy Prices

70 Percent of British Pubs Will Shut Down by Soaring Energy Prices

British pubs

The price of a pint of beer is so high that British pubs can’t raise beer prices anymore to pay their soaring energy bills resulting from US sanctions on Russian energy.

A pint of the best bitter (which is 95 percent water, by the way) was affordable to quench the thirst in the pub after a hard day’s work.

Unless the English had a Jaguar or an Aston Martin, the local pubs were the closest thing to their hearts. We now wonder how the loss of their pubs so that the American fake Biden KM puppet administration can comply with Washington DC’s “Russian sanctions” that enriches Russia and impoverishes the UK and EU with high energy prices will pan out.

The British population is now so watered-down with immigrant invaders, and the intellectual dumbshit class has gone stupidly woke that it isn’t Britain anymore.

But there might be more of the English people left than the KM-INFILTRATED UK government REALIZES...

UK Pubs face ‘Extinction’ – Morning Advertiser Survey

Don't lose gem pubs like this

Over 70% of British boozers say soaring energy prices will likely PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS this coming winter...

UK Pubs Face ‘Extinction’

Dont lose this

Nearly three in four British pubs expect to go out of business this winter, according to a survey by the Morning Advertiser newspaper published on Tuesday, August 24, 2022, which cites RECORD-HIGH energy prices as the CAUSE for concern in the industry.

As energy costs are expected to continue rising, over 70 percent of pubs say they will be FORCED TO CLOSE their doors for good UNLESS the government intervenes.

More than 65 percent of respondents said they had seen their utility bills skyrocket by over 100 percent.

Another 30 percent of pub owners said their bills went up 200 percent, while around one in ten reported an increase of a staggering 500 percent!

Nearly 4 out of 5 pub owners said they had NO WAY to keep up with the costs.

Save the Pubs

Save the pubs

The desperate operators are now calling on the British government to step in and SAVE them from having to shut down.

One pub owner told the Morning Advertiser that “proper support and intervention is needed by the government,” pointing out that “even a 20 percent increase will be unaffordable, never mind 200%.”

Other owners have also blasted the “ridiculous” situation they are currently in, noting that it’s even worse than “Convid times.”

Some are calling for the government to SCRAP VAT and business rates, while others want business energy prices capped

The Morning Advertiser says the ongoing energy crisis is now being described as an “EXTINCTION EVENT” for hospitality and that unless the UK government acts QUICKLY, Britain WILL see thousands of pubs, restaurants, and breweries shut their doors FOREVER!

Fisco Group managing director Heath Ball, who operates three pubs across the southeast of England, told the Morning Advertiser that the hospitality sector seemed to be underrepresented in the “corridors of power.”

“Maybe because they think we’re a robust industry, and they are right, but this is now a DOOMSDAY SCENARIO. To see the business secretary trying to put consumers’ minds at rest saying that help is coming is great, but perhaps his focus should be on the businesses on the BRINK OF CLOSURE,” said Ball.

Pubs are High Risk? Really?

High Risk?

The director also noted that while many operators are facing price hikes on energy, some are having difficulties getting any deals from the power companies.

“Talking to other operators, they aren’t even being offered new energy contracts at ANY price due to the sector/operation being deemed ‘HIGH RISK.’ So they CAN’T even get power even if they CAN'T afford it, what a shambles.”

Anyway, if the Brits lose 2/3 of their pubs, then the same or worse will happen to the German and Czech drinking dens, like bier kellers and bier festivals, due to over-hiked beer prices.

Bier Festival

If that doesn’t wake up the dumbshits in Europe, nowt will, and Western man will fade into history as teetotal immigrants multiply and spread their culture of obedience to their Khazarian Mafia masters in the WEF with the Nazi Klaus Schwab at the helm.

Somehow, white Caucasians will have to FIGHT BACK and oust their KM-INFILTRATED governments before it’s too late.

It was bad enough during the ridiculous lockdowns against a KM-invented bioweapon that FOOLED the dumbshits. But to lose their places of social gatherings over a beer because of pre-planned hoax inflation caused by governments printing worthless paper Euros and dollars is too much to bear.

Time to Fight Back

Fight back for Brit pubs

It’s time to take down wokeness, Nuremberg Code-breaking health authorities, KM-INFILTRATED corporations, and government officials and return to basics where Europeans begin MAKING THINGS instead of being consumers of imported crap from China and other third-world producers where KM-INFILTRATED Western companies use slave labor and to where they have offshored their manufacturing businesses.

In the dumbshit West, kids don’t learn trades anymore. They get worthless fiat token money to go to college after dumbed-down schooling that gives all school-leavers AAAA* grades to learn junk that contributes zilch to their economies. They learn to be media liars, parasites in the KM non-productive insurance industry, or other crap businesses that produce zippo.

It’s time to bring back manufacturing and make and grow things instead of importing them from the other side of the world. For heaven’s sake, people, the shipping, aviation, and haulage industries pump more diesel exhaust into the atmosphere than all the dumbshits’ comfy vehicles, air-conditioning systems, central heating, and gas fires put together.

Get Back to Basics

Wanna reduce unemployment? Then learn USEFUL trades and get back to growing and making things. Kids shouldn’t finish school at 3 pm. That finishing time was set long ago when kids would go back home to their agricultural lives and help out on their family-run farms, not to play silly computer games, watch inane TV, or meet pedos on social media.

It’s time for Western dumbshits to make and grow their own stuff again and OUTLAW company mergers. Too many businesses have been sold to KM-INFILTRATED asset management outfits like BlackRock and Vanguard. Gone are local industries and corner shops. Instead, there are those ubiquitous one-stop shops called supermarkets with imported junk and online crap like one-click Amazon kind of parasitic slave industries. These slimy KM-owned outfits are there to satiate the desires of the now USELESS EATERS in Europe and America.

But getting rid of pubs IS a step TOO FAR and something the British government will do AT ITS PERIL...

Scrap excise duty & VAT

All excise duty and VAT on pub-sold beer must now be SCRAPPED and instead added to the cheap undercutting plonk sold in supermarkets in order to create a level playing field. Better still, pull the alcohol license from supermarkets.

Pubs are Britain’s Backbone

Pubs are Britains backbone

The removal of beer tax will SLASH the price of a pint in the pub by up to 80 percent. A quick beer after work in the local will then become affordable again.

Use the pub, for, without it, Britain will not be Britain and not be worth defending.

Understand that energy prices have been purposely hiked by Khazarian Mafia criminals in infiltrated governments and industries. It has NOWT to do with the internal police operation in the Russian Federation state called Ukraine. There is NO war there, only a proxy NATO and mercenary attempt to keep hold of former Khazaria. The KM-controlled media is lying through its teeth. The KM is panicking so much about losing its grip on power that it has resorted to killing off British pubs in order to cling on!

We the people can put a stop to it. Europe must be rid of its KM-controlled Central Bank and start getting cheap gas from the European country called Russia by paying for it in GOLD-BACKED Rubles. Period. Sever the ties with the fake election-stealing Biden administration and tear up the KM-INFILTRATED EU. Get back sovereign gold-backed currencies like the Mark, Frank, Peseta, Lira, Guilder, Krone, etc.

Windmills and toxic solar panels won’t drive industry—only BIG power stations can do that. If it means reopening coal-fired plants, then so be it. We are in desperate times, so desperate measures are needed. And if politicians haven’t got the balls to do that, then we the people will.

Pubs are the Final Battleground

Bath. England

Lose them, and the Brits will have lost their country. The Sceptered Isle will be no more.

Where are today’s hero Spitfire pilots? Have the KM's blood clotting jabs killed them?


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