PCP - Treason and Justice

PCP - In the following video, movie producer Michael Bernicia talks to disc jockey Mark Devlin on the Good Vibrations Podcast Episode 201 – Treason and Justice, to relate the latest struggles and victories in the Private Criminal Prosecution (PCP) for Mass Murder by Government Policy against the British Government.

Listen as Michael spills the beans on the murderous and blackmailing Rothschilds: ‘Murder by Poison,’ and ‘Murderous Attempt by Three Duplicitous Traitors to Steal PCP Evidence.’

Michael explains why a female aristocrat put her trust in him to spill the beans on everything she knows. Listen as the scumbags behind 9/11 are revealed by this lady. Then, learn why the depopulation-crazy ‘Kissinger/Rockefeller/Rothschilds’ cartel – aided and abetted by the script-reading BBC and the scamming, lying mainstream media – are those pushing the COVID depopulation scam.

If, after listening to this interview, your blood ISN’T boiling with RAGE at the Midazolam-pushing mass murderers of ‘useless eaters’ in the UK Government, then you’re NOT HUMAN.

Get out there and save your kids from the depopulation frenzied rottweilers in Westminster – and in every other former British Commonwealth country, for that matter. It was never the hoax virus – it’s the JABS that are to tools of population control.

It’s time for we, the people, to WAKE UP and kick the murderous scumbags out of office. It’s time for COMMON LAW and RETRIBUTION. JUSTICE must be handed to these TRAITORS in Common Law courts – there’s no hiding place for these devils.