Paris Jab Clinic Corruption

20 July 2021

France is a paradise of state corruption. Parisian clinics offer $250 fake Covid passports without the need to be jabbed. The news rag ‘Le Parisien’ reported that certain vax centers are ‘plagued by corruption,’ with staff selling pricey fake passports without the toxic jabs. Actually, that’s a bloody good money-making idea and a life saver.

There you go, asshole Macron. Your country is really fucked now … you planted-puppet of the PURE EVIL mafia in a RIGGED election using Dominion, Smartmatic, and all that fraudulent election crap your lot have used worldwide since 2004. You Nazi commie bastard, Macron. French bars, restaurants, and cafes are independent businesses and NOT under state control, so when they tell you to eff off, you’d better do so, Mr. Dictator. But that won’t wash, will it? That’s because you’re a lowly puppet of the asset management PURE EVIL mafia, aren’t you?

And no, Macron, suggesting that there’ll be compulsory vaccinations for all health workers is a breach of the Nuremberg Code, you fuckin Nazi Hitler ass licker. You and the twats at PURE EVIL will be under the guillotine once Gesara is activated.

PURE EVIL is panicking and is desperately trying to cling onto power before Gesara comes by dividing the vaxed from the unvaxed as a distraction. That’s why it’s URGENT that those corporate asset management twats are quickly hunted down.

Who these fraudsters, swindlers, bribers and blackmailers are, and where they are, is known.