Omicron Variant – COVER STORY for the BIOWEAPON Death Wave

30 November 2021 - The Omicron "SCARIANT"

Listen to every word Mike Adams says as he explains the Omicron "scariant" situation AS IT IS: -

The omicron “SCARIANT” aka “variant” media hysteria is PURE FICTION. It’s nothing but a 1984-style Orwellian PSYCHOLOGICAL NAZI GOVERNMENT TERRORIST OPERATION ENGINEERED to keep the dumbshit people ENSLAVED and OBEDIENT.

Meanwhile, the globalist Nazi governments continue with their Satanic ‘New World Order’ EUGENICS global depopulation/genocide programs. Omicron is their last throw of the dice before their sick plan gets trashed by ‘We the People’ worldwide. People everywhere are FIGHTING BACK.

There's No EVIDENCE for Omicron Variant Existence

The evil genius of the omicron or any future ‘scariant’ is that it requires NO EVIDENCE whatsoever. Since no one can actually see a “variant” – and since NO ORIGINAL ISOLATED COVID viral sample exists ANYWHERE in the world for lab test confirmations – a COORDINATED MASS MEDIA HYSTERIA CAMPAIGN implants human consciousness with the ILLUSION of an omicron variant, accompanied by EXTREME FEAR. It is Nazi government TERRORISM.

Understand one thing: until an ISOLATED COVID-19 virus is PROVEN to exist in ANY lab (none ever will because it’s a Fauci-patented genocidal BIOWEAPON that’s in the jabs), and any jab is CLINICALLY PROVEN to CURE (none ever will because of the HUGE PROFITS for the jab makers), tell anyone (who will likely be a Nazi sympathizer or a dumbshit brainwashed scumbag with a prion-infected brain) pushing the Covid BIOWEAPON jab – and any future invented “scariant jabs,” a BIOWEAPON PASS, or any ridiculous ILLEGAL and utterly USELESS MANDATES – to EFFING PISS OFF!!!!