October 30, 2020


Around the time the Magna Carta 2020 was declared, a grand jury was convened under common law prior to the signatories executing the document, as is the people's right under the circumstances because it now remains the only lawful authority.

The UK has a monarch who was removed from power on 31 December 2019 via Section 38 of the final Brexit Bill, otherwise known as the European Union Withdrawal Agreement Act 2020, which declared that Parliament was sovereignthe supreme ruler. Section 38 is not only anathema to common law, it is also repugnant and automatically void. It means that every single action of this Parliament – even before talking about COVID – is void under the common law.

There are umpteen precedents backed by umpteen law lords backing this up. In other words, it cannot be disputed.

Having made itself sovereign – the supreme ruler – Parliament, via the Corona Virus Act 2020, made this government unaccountable until this government says so. In the last vote on the void, treacherous, and treasonous Corona Virus Act, which has allowed the falsification of death certificates, the denial of care to people in care homes, and to anyone else who needs any kind of treatment on the National Health Service, Parliament has become TYRANNICALa cruel and oppressive government or rule.

When the police got away with the violence they were dishing out in Trafalgar Square recently, it was akin to the violence dished out on the picket lines during the miner's strike during 1982 to 1984, which was covered-up from the public who was convinced into believing that it was the miners that were the problem, not that they were just fighting for their livelihoods, they were fighting for the very survival of working-class communities. A working-class that has the collective power to bring down a tyrannous government.

Magna Carta 2020 provides a platform upon which everybody speaking out can stand because it protects them from government tyrannies. Any government that attacks anybody standing under Magna Carta is not only breaching common law, it is committing genocide under international law. We seek to stop every single tyrannical tentacle of government in the UK and elsewhere, and we are not going to stop until we do it.

Magna Carta sets out exactly how we will do it, what we are going to enforce, and what we are going to refuse to comply with.

EVERY MP that voted for the Corona Virus Act 2020 update has been served notice of Intended Criminal Prosecution on behalf of a person who will remain anonymous for legal reasons. The terms of that notice are:

Every MP that DID NOT vote to end the Corona Virus Act 2020 will be held jointly liable for criminal actions alleging pandemic fraud, and those criminal actions are taking the form of private criminal prosecutions under common law, which will be decided by juries. In other words, it is the ultimate criminal remedy that the people have under the common law, and it is being done for and on behalf of all of the British people.