October 18, 2020


Notice of Intended Private Criminal Prosecution against ALL British MPs that Signed the Coronavirus Act 2020

The Action

The UK Government took Fraudulent actions with the Coronavirus Act 2020. Solid Evidence Proves MPs' complicity with the Covid virus Deception. Frauds in Government Data that was relied upon to Initiate the Tyrannical takeover of UK Sovereignty have been Exposed

Every member of the UK Parliament that voted for the Coronavirus Act 2020 committed fraud by false representation because they knowingly relied upon false data and continue to do. If they were ignorant of the false data, they unwittingly passed a Bill with gross negligence, which is tantamount to fraud. There is now a case of fraud to adjudge against EVERY MP that voted for the Bill.

MPs were claiming at the beginning that there was no other solution to the Covid 19 virus problem regardless of whether or not people believed there is a virus or not. The data relied upon a mathematical model put forward by the Imperial College, London, has been proven to be not just false but overblown to the point of stupidity. This model is STILL relied upon by Parliament to continue to make the Coronavirus Bill legal!

Since MPs were given notice of this Private Criminal Prosecution, the action is now being taken.

Four QC's agree that this is the most significant criminal prosecution ever laid. The allegations drafted were served on EVERY MP before the vote to EXTEND the Coronavirus Act 2020. It means that ALL complicit MPs are in breach of the 2006 Fraud by False Representation Act.

It also breaches the Treason Felony Act 1848 for treason against the people and monarch of the UK.

MPs have also committed genocide because the Office of National Statistics data shows that during the first lockdown, the five-year mortality rate doubled in the initial period. A second lockdown will lead to another mortality rate rise.

Chris Green, a Conservative MP, has already resigned in protest at the local lockdown in his Bolton constituency. He said that businesses have in Bolton have been "pushed over the edge. The Bolton lockdown has not worked, and I believe that the cure is worse than the disease," Chris Green, an aide to the Lords leader, told the prime minister.

All MPs have the letter. Unless they realize that they have been duped, they will be complicit in the greatest SWINDLE that has ever been played against Britain's people and monarch. If they do not step down, they will be held accountable in a common-law court before a jury.

It is NOT incompetence, but systematic maleficence and malevolence –done by design according to a preconceived plot. It is a lockstep agenda.

When the British people shake off the fear, there will be a high level of anger as they recover from post-traumatic stress disorder brought about by psychological warfare. That is what the evil Nazi Goebbels did and said: “Keep people in abject fear for at least two months, and then they will not be able to think for themselves and will do anything ordered of them.”

It is mind control. It is evil and a crime against humanity.

The Treaty of Universal Community Trust created a natural law of jurisdiction beyond any government. The people of any signatory nation stand under it to enjoy its protections and benefits. It is common-law.

In a common-law court with a jury, the judge cannot intervene because only the jury decides. Today’s barristers have made no objections to the claims being made against the MPs. The barristers say that they will have no problem taking this forward.

UK common-law predates Parliament. Parliament CANNOT overrule it.

We see now the unfolding of the greatest tyranny that has existed in Britain in 1,000 years. Only the common-law can protect UK citizens because Parliament disarmed the people with the Disarming Acts of 1716 and 1725 and other acts since.

Common-law is alive and well and can be used when enough people call upon it. It is immutable. It is the people’s expression of natural justice. It will adjudge a statute to be an illegal nullity on the basis that it is repugnant or impossible to be done. It adjudges that any act of Parliament or even the entire statute book to be legally nullities because it offends our inalienable birthright, which common-law guarantees.

In other words, Parliament has no right even to purport to suspend the rights guaranteed to British citizens under the common-law, underpinned by the 1707 Acts of Union guaranteeing that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can Parliament act like a tyrannical dictator. Since the Coronavirus Act 2020, that is what Parliament has been doing.

We can take an issue before the jury as the people with the support of senior legal professionals who know that this is much more important than their careers being on-the-line.  It is about FREEDOM itself!

Boris Johnson’s government has taken the role of King Charles I before the Civil War of 1642-48. Oliver Cromwell will be turning in his grave.

Respected law firms and QCs are taking on the Private Criminal Prosecution applying to ALL individual MPs in Parliament.

When served with the first notice that they are being charged with breaches of the Fraud Act 2006, hundreds of MPs will be struck with so much fear that they will either resign over this or plead gross negligence to get a more lenient sentence.


They voted for the Bill and did nothing to stop it when they had the chance.

Career politicians are now unwelcome in these sceptered isles. The recently elected MPs have committed TREASON against the monarch.

On 1 January 2020, the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020 was enacted. Section 38:

Parliamentary sovereignty

(1) It is recognized that the Parliament of the United Kingdom is sovereign.

(2) In particular, its sovereignty subsists notwithstanding—

(a) directly applicable or directly effective EU law continuing to be recognized and available in domestic law under section 1A or 1B of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 (savings of existing law for the implementation period),

(b) section 7A of that Act (other directly applicable or directly effective aspects of the withdrawal agreement),

(c) section 7B of that Act (deemed direct applicability or direct effect concerning the EEA EFTA separation agreement and the Swiss citizens’ rights agreement), and

(d) section 7C of that Act (interpretation of the law relating to the withdrawal agreement (other than the implementation period), the EEA EFTA separation agreement, and the Swiss citizens’ rights agreement).

(3) Accordingly, nothing in this Act deviates from the United Kingdom's Parliament's sovereignty.

Absolutely disgusting! It is a coup by communists/fascists. It is a FRAUD!

Section 38 acknowledges Parliament as being SOVEREIGNself-governing. An evil DICTATORSHIP!!!!!!

Nothing in this disgusting agreement can be used to impinge upon the sovereignty of Parliament! Who gave Parliament consent?


In a Constitutional Monarchy Tripartite Government consisting of the Commons, the Lords, and the Monarchy, ALL THREE have to exist to give Parliament ANY legitimacy.

By “declaring itself” to be sovereign, the British Parliament has implicitly TORN UP the British constitution. The nerve.

Boris Johnson and your cabal - you are now infamous in history. What a legacy. On par with Hitler & Stalin. A nasty leech. A parasite. You have NO right!

This rogue Parliament has given itself dictatorial legislative powers! Come back, Oliver Cromwell. Arrest all those fraudulent sitting MPs who have operated a silent coup under Brexit's guise and using a fake plandemic to do it! What an effin ruse!

Now that we can see what’s been going on, heads MUST roll!


Parliament is supposed to be the VOICE of the people to RESTRAIN a rogue monarch. It is now the other way around!

Walking in the corridors of Whitehall is the greatest shower of criminals to have ever crawled along them. 300 incompetent MPs DID NOT EVEN VOTE for or against the Coronavirus Act 2020! But they are still guilty by negligence! What useless rabble.

Do not even think that the Labour Party is any good. Its leader, a Mr. Starmer, together with the a complicit BBC, are tainted with links to the arch pedo Jimmy Saville. However, this is not the place from which to go down that disgusting rabbit hole.

The entire UK Parliament is corrupt. In December 2019, during the State Opening of Parliament, the Queen looked miserable. Not surprising. She knew that treason was being committed against her, and petty treason against the British people.


The coup effectively abolished the British constitution WITHOUT consent and consultation. It used the HUGE LIE of Covid as a cover for what was effectively a big pharma-sponsored Bolshevik coup.

The Private Criminal Prosecution is against individual MPs rather than an organization, so the MPs cannot hide behind anything. They, as private individuals, have transgressed. They are irreversibly held accountable for the damage caused.

MPs should be running very scared. The Coronavirus Act 2020 will become NULL and VOID. When fraud is committed, so said eight judges of the Supreme Court in 2019, in a unanimous decision, they affirmed that fraud affects everything it touches. Fraud unravels all, including government policy and Parliament.

For fraud to be committed, the culprits meant to deceive people for material gain. In the 2020 Covid case, that looks like big pharma and Bill Gates payback. This prosecution WILL succeed because it uses established legal principles applied in every jurisdiction since the dawn of the legal systems.

The British people DO NOT CONSENT to what has been done to them. This fraud is a monumental scam. Higher forces seem to be instructing the Prime Minister to keep tyranny ramped up with his mandates. The British people are NOT prepared to sell their children's and grandchildren's lives down the river.

The silent majority are beginning to stir. The controlled mainstream media and tech giants make the UK government seem pure and clean, and claim that most people are in favour of all the bullshit. The MSM is a fraud. It is the tool of criminals.

We see now open genocide. It is big pharma murder for profit. Remedy: use non-violent, total non-compliance to help put an end to this Johnson tyranny as prosecutions proceed. Bonfire those useless masks. Reject curfews. However, riots and protests are counterproductive. Together, people cannot be stopped. Separated, as by Johnson’s illegal mandates, they are weak. So, create a PUB: a People’s Union of Britain.

MPs have much soul-searching to do. They are first-degree traitors of this Sceptered Isle. The mainstream media is a fraud and will be targeted next.

We have a great chance to resolve this illicit coup peacefully; otherwise, abject chaos will follow. Under the illegal Coronavirus Act 2020, kids can be taken away from parents and handed over to anyone, even pedos. Think about that. It is in that devilish Coronavirus Act. 

A Civil War cannot be ruled out. Dictator King Charles I got his head chopped off. Dictator Boris Johnson of the Bullingdon Club will go the same way if we do not put an end to this coup.

We do not want the NWO Agenda 21/30 in these isles. We do not want Gate’s toxic nanochip jabs. No more Bullington twats. 

Barristers know that MPs cannot use the excuse of ‘equitable intent.’ MPs have committed fraud. ignorance is not an excuse. They have failed in their duty to protect and represent their constituents. Career politicians must be outloawed. 

A campaign to raise awareness of this prosecution IS underway. Not a single jury under common-law will rule against this fraud.

For Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and ALL the British Commonwealth countries, common-law is yours. Use it. Inaction leads to Hell.

Common-law in a nutshell:


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