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News 21 Sept 2022

News update

NEWS UPDATE 21-09-22

UN releases latest figures for Ukrainian refugees

Ukraine refugee figures

You have to THINK about that. And it's mostly to do with ridding the planet of the KM's dirty bio-weapon laboratories.

Now look at this: -

Ukraine donations go down the WC

It's telling suckers that any money handed over to support Ukraine goes straight down the toilet into the Khazarian mafia's pockets. WTFU!

Is there a crisis in Ukraine? If there is, then explain this in so-called war-torn Kiev: -

So, what's REALLY going on there? Follow the money. The Vatican is grabbing all the cash it can right now before the Sept 30 deadline for the bankrupt KM-infiltrated US Corporation. Taiwan is having nasty earthquakes just as China is about to move in to take out the KM's dirty bio-weapon labs there. The Chinese military has also been invited into Ukraine by the RF where the Dems bio-labs are situated. 

Proof that Convid was Pre-planned

Here's Senator Ron Johnson to dirty KM-owned Big Tech: “Who do you think you are to censor information…”

Australia: Victorian Infectious Diseases: Melbourne lab caught importing blood serum from Ukrainian bio-weapons laboratories.

Classified documents captured by the Russian military in Ukraine reveal a paper trail between Ukrainian Bio-Labs and The Doherty Institute in Australia.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is declassifying more documents and revealing the secrets behind COVID-19:

The UK’s nasty BBC actually boasts that it triggered the removal of a Facebook vaccine injury support group with over 250,000 members. In other words, the injured are no longer even allowed to talk to one another. Switch off the TV news, folks. It's owned by the Khazarian mafia.

Here’s why UK’s Prince Charles will NEVER be King...

Wakey, wakey, people. Now look at this from that QE2 funeral:


What? The POTUS, the so-called leader of the Western world relegated to the BACK of the class?

It’s all a show, a movie script, a pantomime, people. WTFU.

QE2 has been lying in state for the last FOUR years:

Yep. QE2 passed away in 2018. Sources say she was actually killed by a KM directed-energy weapon because she refused to tow the KM's line of killing 95 percent of the human population and enslaving the rest. Instead, she wanted to enrich the planet with life and clean it up. 

Well, it's all part of the GREAT AWAKENING, folks. Even the dirty mainstream media is having to speak the truth as the KM surrenders. Unfortunately, the KM isn't going down without a fight. However, lots of things are going on behind the scenes.



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