Midazolam Murders

Midazolam Murders PCP Update

Midazolam Murders

Those who followed this vicgeorge dot net website (before its revamp following technical issues) will know about the Bernician’s Private Criminal Prosecution (PCP) on the Midazolam Murders caused by the nefarious actions of the Four Horsemen (Matthew Hancock – UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care from 2018 to 2021, Sir Patrick Vallance – chief scientific adviser to the UK Government since 2018, Sir Christopher Whitty – top medical adviser to the UK Government since 2019, and Neil Ferguson – British Professor of mathematical biology.

There is no need to regurgitate the information about that prosecution here because it is fully documented on the Bernician’s website:

However, here is the link to the latest (May 24, 2022) on the PCP, which is heartening:

It is also of great importance now that the dumbshit Westerners are STILL being mind-controlled by their fake news media. This is another angle on the cleanup operation continuing in the so-called country claiming to be Ukraine. Unfortunately, it now appears that it is being used as a distraction away from the Midazolam Murders and exposure of mortgage swindles:

Drums For War

The following is an extract from the above Bernician’s post:

[Begin ⁕⁕⁕

No wonder Big Pharma’s stakeholders are attempting to mitigate their potentially bankrupting losses in settling millions of COVID ‘vaccine’ adverse events damages claims by ordering all their puppet governments to take the world to the brink of a war they have deliberately manufactured in Europe, which they know very well can’t be won.

It’s not just the demonstrable fact that the Ukraine Government is a proxy National Socialist regime of NATO, which Vladimir Putin has formally made allegations of genocide against, with considerable prima facie evidence in support.

Or the fact that NATO has been steadily deploying its forces in the Black Sea and on the Ukraine-Russia border since Obama was US President, in a series of deliberate acts of provocation, years before Putin deployed Russian forces and in breach of multiple well established and hard won international treaties.

Or the fact that, while NATO forces could potentially outnumber Russia’s, the Russian air force is second to none and is capable of obliterating all of her adversaries, as well as protecting Russian airspace from NATO attacks.

Putin Is No WEF Puppet

More than any other reason, such a war could not be won by NATO because Putin’s government is fully committed to protecting the nation’s borders from the real perpetrators of the Crimes Against Humanity he stands falsely accused of by the same puppet governments and controlled mainstream media who brought us COVID-1984.

However, in reality, NATO has no intention of being obliterated by Russian air strikes and superior military tactics, as they were in Syria when Putin stepped in to prevent them from doing to that country what they did in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, without showing the slightest inclination towards imperialism.

Nonetheless, the rogue governments which make up NATO’s membership and the media whores who would sell their souls for a viral broadcast needed an enemy to replace CONVID because fear porn generates short-term profits for those unscrupulous enough to seek material gain from it.

Putin knows this very well, so he took the opportunity to talk ‘live’ on RT for an hour without a script about why Russia is prepared for all eventualities and that the West’s allegations against him are nothing short of fallacious.

End ⁕⁕⁕]

As always, do your own research until you find the truth. Don’t accept what the scamming mainstream media says. Behind all the madness in the world is the dying death call of the Khazarian Mafia.


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