Midazolam Murders – UK Government Genocide 2020-22

31 December 2021 – Midazolam Murders

Midazolam Murders

ALL the damming evidence needed to NAIL the genocidal UK government politicians and their advisors are given via the links below.

The sovereignty-stealing post-Brexit fraudulent UK Rump Parliament and government are GUILTY of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. They are behind the MIDAZOLAM MURDERS of older people in UK care homes and hospitals. The guilty are not going to sleaze their way out of this Bill Gates-backed eugenics campaign hidden under the umbrella of the COVID-19 patented BIOWEAPON.

2022 is expected to be when the criminals are brought to justice for their heinous crimes. Add to the list of criminals the scamming, lying mainstream media, and those involved in the now untrustworthy UK National Health Service.

 Judgement day is coming ...