Microscopy Expert: Covid-19 Vials Contain Graphene Oxide, Parasites & Stainless Steel


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People are being illegally COERCED to take the jab. That’s a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY which Carrie’s the DEATH PENALTY. It’s happening in the land of the free - from 100% of the military to millions of healthcare workers (propped-up early 2020 as heroes, but now being told they can kick rocks), airline pilots, cops, firefighters - are you seeing a trend here?

Public servants are being TARGETED, and every key area of essential workers is now being subjected to TYRANNY at the hands of unchecked commie bastard overlords. These governing twats THINK they have the authority to FORCE people into wearing ineffective and dangerous face diapers and get toxic GRAPHENE, METALS, and PARASITES injected into them. The damn Nazis never went that far.

People are now walking around like almost mirror images of burka-wearing extremist Muslims. So cover your face; stay away from your family; avoid social gatherings; don’t go on vacation and take the shot...

The SAFETY and EFFECTIVENESS of the jabs is NEVER a part of the conversation, and anyone questioning the INGREDIENTS or has noticed the historically record-smashing INJURIES and DEATHS is called a conspiracy theorist and right-wing radical terrorist. And all because PURE EVIL needs to SCARE people into submission to maintain its MONEY-MAKING jab SCAM. Link.

Of course, it’s scary to be FORCED into doing something, even more so when the results could kill you. Nevertheless, we need the answer to the question:


Why hasn’t Pfizer had a press conference since the fake FDA approval was set up to further LIES for the scamming mainstream media propaganda machine? It’s because you’re NOT supposed to know.

Well, the cat’s now right out of the bag, BEFORE Pfizer MUST answer that question by 6 September 2021. Dr. Robert Young, a microscopy expert with two Ph.D.’s, says he has examined the contents of the four publicly available experimental COVID-19 jabs and found the vials to contain GRAPHENE OXIDE, deadly PARASITES, and STAINLESS STEEL, among other metals and harmful contents.

WTF are these poisons doing in the vials? This Covid crap is either a piss-take by the white hats gone wrong or a deliberate attempt by the globalists to CULL the human population with their depopulation agenda.

You can see more of Dr. Young’s findings here.

Put 1+1 together, people. If the whole Covid hoax ISN’T a DELIBERATE wake-up call by the good guys, who know that eventually, everyone will TURN against their so-called ‘democratically’ elected governments (via RIGGED elections), then we’re certainly looking at GLOBAL GENOCIDE aided by PURE EVIL in action.

So, which is it? You can start to find out by GRILLING your medics. Force them to SPILL THE BEANS by politely informing them that if they’re found guilty of assisting GENOCIDE, they WILL HANG. Ignorance is NO alibi. The Nuremberg Code is there for a reason: to PREVENT genocide or another holocaust from EVER happening again. Tell medics, nurses, and school teachers that they WILL be EXECUTED during the coming Nuremberg 2 TRIBUNALS if found guilty and that this is NOT A JOKE. Force this message home into their ignorant heads. ANYONE found guilty of COERCING others to take the EXPERIMENTAL jab IS GUILTY of assisting GENOCIDE. Period.

We live in interesting and historical times. It’s the end of greedy money-making BIG PHARMA and money-sucking PURE EVIL.

They can’t wriggle their way out of this one. It had to be done this way.