An URGENT Message for America

From the desk of Derek Johnson…

About the Brunson vs. Adams, docket 22-380, filed to the Supreme Court in Utah in October 2022... which is getting some “excited” and I'm here to wreck the party and I’m going to break this down as vanilla as possible.

What the Filing is about

“He alleged that before accepting the electoral votes on January 6, 2021, defendants intentionally refused to investigate evidence that the November 2020 presidential election was fraudulent.”

In order to understand why this filing is irrelevant, this is why I have been showing the two different angles the Military is in complete control of our Nation via the Law of War Manual 2016 and the Military Justice Act 2016 that tie in with the Uniform Code of Military Justice (Military Law) and Federal Laws.

This has NEVER been about 'Election Fraud' from the Voter or State.

One… this is Military Operation, a Covert Operation, Military Occupancy as defined in the Law of War Manual. It was published in June 2015, updated in December 2016. Also, the Military Justice Act of 2016, shows the Supreme Court outlining Military Law and Courts is/are separate the Civil Laws and Courts which combined sets the stage for the Laws and Orders put into place from January 20, 2017, to January 20, 2021, the National Guard being Federalized to Active-Duty Status in March 2020 to present day, which all lead to the grand finale Military Tribunals / Commissions (Court Trials) as reported on December 29, 2021, by the New York Times.

Two, the Military Alliance of Generals plugged (planted) Trump where the people could see a visual President (which is a Continuation of Government) in Presidential Form to use and reverse all the fraudulent laws, codes, and statutes, of the Federal Corporation of the District of Columbia that violates the Constitution of the United States of America (the highest Law in the Land) and to dismantle the RINOS of the Federal Corporation.

Commander-in-Chief (CIC) Donald Trump as visual President took all the Laws, Codes, Orders, Acts, and Statutes and applied them as they legally read, not how they were abused by the Corporate RINOS. Doing so, allows the American people to see the RINOS implode from within from top to bottom without being able to point any fingers and be accused of abuse of power or laws.

The Military and CIC were never going to make this known. But a LOT more people should be awake by now with understanding of what he says “we’re going to give the power back to the people” means.

The Military works on a Chain of Command, Intelligence, and Orders. We are a Nation of Laws and Orders. They work very well when people know how the Government works, it’s our right and our duty.

In 2016, candidate Trump made it very clear what was coming (hindsight 20/20). On the campaign in 2016, “Never again will we voice to the public what we’re doing with the Military… if you find out, guess who else does?”

Plus, it’s a different kind of war as he proclaimed over and over and over. It’s an invisible and hidden enemy not from abroad, but from within.

The Military Occupancy in the United States is dismantling the Washington Establishment known as the RINOS from the Supreme Court all the way down to State Courts, Governors, Attorney Generals, House of Representatives, and Senators who use and abuse the Voting System by placing their candidates in positions to conduct their money laundering schemes and control for genocides, trafficking, and their secret society get rich while appeasing and suppressing the American people via chaos, divisions, and distractions for many, many years.

These evil and dirtbag RINOS have used the word "constitution" along with those to deceive you the people into believing they're quoting the Constitution of the United States of America, as data shows roughly 70% of Americans know NOTHING about the Constitution much less our History, Foundation, Quotes, and meanings of the verbiage etc.

A little Backdrop History on How the United States of America became the United States Federal Corporation:

The United States became a Federal Corporation via the Organic Act of 1871, D.C. became its own Foreign Territory, as both are defined Stoutenburgh vs. Hennick, and 28 U.S. Code 3002.

No, you weren't "taught" about the Federal Corporation, for a REASON! Heck, there’s a LOT of things you weren’t “taught” about or “shown” on the black box that’s also controlled.

It’s an abusive system, a controlling system, one that’s been deceptive, conning, and vile for many years.

There’s a LOT of things Americans do not know because of the indoctrination, divide, and conquer tactics.

It’s a ‘create a problem, we already have a solution to.’

Chaos + Division = Power Acquisition.

Therefore, it's important to understand what takes precedence over the other.

Military Operation > Supreme Court.

The Law of War Manual and Military Justice Act of 2016 paired with pre-existing laws show this was a Military Operation and plan long before anyone had heard of Election Fraud at this magnitude.

The Law of War Manual (December 2016) and the Military Justice Act of 2016 are what's 'governing' our Country right now in a Military Occupancy along with our Allies as outlined in the manual.

The Law of War Manual:

Now let’s look at timelines and timestamps. They form a Blueprint:

 1. The Alliance of Generals presents to you 2016 candidate Donald John Trump; a Military Plug for Federal Corporation terms: a COG (Continuation of Government).

2. November 2016 "Election"

3. Law of War Manual (June 2015; amended December 2016)

4. Military Justice Act (2016)

5. Executive Order 13848 (September 12, 2018)

You should first ask yourself this question… as I’ve asked many over and over:

How did Donald John Trump know to sign Executive Order 13848 and to DECLARE a National Emergency to deal with the "Threat" of Election Fraud, a year and 10 months after the 2016 Election... TWO months before the November 2018 midterm and TWO Years before Covid and the November 2020 Presidential Election???

Read that again…

How did Donald John Trump know to sign Executive Order 13848 and to DECLARE a National Emergency to deal with the "Threat" of Election Fraud…

A year and 10 months after the 2016 Election...

TWO months before the November 2018 midterm

TWO Years before Covid and the November 2020 Presidential Election???

Applying those timelines plus this specific order with a National Emergency before those key dates… should tell anyone this was not about ‘Election Fraud.’

The ‘Election Fraud’ was a distraction created by the Military to keep the Continuation of Government rolling where the world Military Operations can run smoothly, efficiently, and as effectively as possible.

Timelines matter. So does terminology. Inside the Executive Order 13848 specifically says this:

"Although there has been no evidence of a foreign power altering the outcome or vote tabulation in any United States election..."

NO evidence of a foreign power altering

Does NOT mention Domestic

And also says in ‘ANY’ US Election. Where it’s specified in Section 8, “election” means any election after the date of this order (September 12, 2018).

It also says:

Section 1:

(a) Not later than 45 days after the conclusion of a United States election,

Keyword: 👉🏻a👈🏻

Conclusion of 👉🏻a 👈🏻 United States Election. Not one, not a specific one.

All of which outlines the Military Operations of each Election via the Congressional, Governors, and Legal sides.

The very first paragraph of Executive Order 13848 says:

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the International Emergency Economic Powers Act


50 US Code 1701: Unusual and Extraordinary Threat; declaration of National Emergency; exercise of Presidential authorities:

It’s very crucial to read all those above and pair those with EO 13848, the Law of War Manual and other laws applicable.

CIC Trump declared THREE National Emergencies to deal with this threat because Americans had to visually see this in-depth of laws being broken by this hidden and invisible enemy that’s existed long before 2016 and 2020.

Though all part of the Covert Operation and the Military making the Deep State destroy their institution from within but visually to the public, Congress failed to address those which became three breaches of National Security.

For those who cannot grasp the Military Operation or refuse to see it though all Laws and Orders outline it clear as clear... the American people had to visually see these Laws being broken by the Washington Establishment aka the RINOS.


Congress, Media, Tech, and all Departments knew about the Law of War Manual and MJA 2016. That's why it's important to understand, there's two ways to simultaneously view this operation. The Military's working behind the scenes while most Americans are watching the COG (Continuation of Government) in which Congress, Governors, Media, Tech, are under Military Control.

Members of Congress and Government are all under Oaths and NSAs. Yes, again, they know what's going on. From the beginning, the guilty parties acquired by the Military and Federal agents would have:Signed full written confessions.

Confessed every crime on video

Surrendered all assets and wealth

Allowed social media takeover

Given a new phone and computer

Implanted with tracking

Agreed to 365/24/7 protection

Are DONE if Trump Team is harmed

Are DONE if ANY red line is crossed

Told to play a specific "role"

Get to go to jail if the entire plan works

Otherwise, your original sentence happens.

Then they start playing their roles as you have all witnessed in which a few of us can put together in a blueprint form for you. Tired of hearing 'you're watching a movie?' Tough. Because you are. It's the greatest Military movie of all time.

To understand the Supreme Court and Voting Procedures,

This is where the 68% to 75% percentile of Americans who cannot name the 3 Branches of Government earns its data. 

  • Legislative Branch - makes all laws, declares war, regulates interstate and foreign commerce and controls taxing and spending policies; aka writes the laws.
  • Executive Branch - part of government that enforces law and has responsibility for the governance of a state; aka passes the laws.
  • Judicial Branch - The judicial branch is in charge of deciding the meaning of laws, how to apply them to real situations, and whether a law breaks the rules of the Constitution; aka interprets the law.

The next thing Americans need to learn, relearn, and understand is Voting. We have Laws in place. They've BEEN in place.

By learning these, they can help you decipher what's propaganda, misinformation, or other people who have no clue what they're talking about.

Although this has NEVER been about the Courts, the Courts have systems, procedures, and laws in place. The Supreme Court does NOT change the Law just because you do not like the result. The Supreme Court interprets the Laws. They do NOT write or change the Laws.

The Statute of 1845 states when and how we vote:

If we do not have honesty, integrity, and responsibility in a simple piece of paper from 1845 that tells when and how we vote... do we really need to add new ways to vote right now? How about let's learn this system, put those values around it, then we can talk about more ways to vote being registered with those same values around them.

The next step will be to understand that January 6 is a Constitutional process of counting and electing the President and Vice President.

How the Electoral Votes are counted on January 6th:

If the President is not chosen by January 20th after that process, the Vice President becomes President until further notice:

3 US Code Chapter 1 Section 15 specifically says:

"Congress shall be in session on the sixth day of January succeeding every meeting of the electors. The Senate and House of Representatives shall meet in the Hall of the House of Representatives at the hour of 1 o'clock in the afternoon on that day, and the President of the Senate shall be their presiding officer".... (read more)

If there's no Vice President elected by the time of Inauguration, via the Presidential Succession Act of 1947, the Speaker of the House becomes President UNTIL the House selects a President or the Senate selects a Vice President.

Now, let's specifically get on January 6, 2021, aka J6. That day was NOT "Trump" versus "Biden." Once again, January 6th is a Constitutional Process of counting the votes for President and Vice President.

Had J6 been a real scenario, Congress would have still failed to do their job. Here's how and why. Had there been an actual "insurrection"... once the Capitol Police would have done their job, which would have taken a LOT longer to sort out than what was shown to the public in the planned operation (destroying of an institution from within), Congress' would have stopped on Arizona, gone into the special chamber due to the Objections to sort that out before ever reconvening to the House floor for states moving forward in the process.

Also, the majority of Americans had no clue January 6 is a Constitutional process. So, the time Americans catch a tiny sliver of the news, of course something of that magnitude for those who aren't following close will think it's crazy, unordinary and panic.

The Military Operation was never going to be made public in the first place for MULTIPLE reasons, mainly because the majority of Americans cannot name the 3 branches of government, most cannot understand MULTIPLE facets of Military and Government at this point... Might as well leave it up to those of us who do, to clean it out and make it better for you.

Because if that were a true "insurrection"... there's no such thing. The Declaration of Independence gives 'we the people' the full authority to:

"That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

"It is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

Alter or Abolish

Institute new Government


Their DUTY

Throw off such Government

Provide NEW

Also, the rotunda doors entering the Capitol building... are 2,000 POUND doors and they open from the INSIDE. One of the most protected buildings along with the White House for all these years and all of a sudden, the 2,000 lb doors that open from the inside were not locked by those "professional" guards and Sergeant of Arms... who both the House and Senate, Sergeant of Arms resigned the very next day? HAHAHA! Get out of here.

January 6th was another Military Occupancy distraction, in which 99% of you fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. Welcome to the Aquarium.

You want out of the glass confinement? Understand the Military Operation via the Law of War Manual.

Alabama was the ONLY state to successfully cast and confirm their Electors without any objections... Had this been a 'Vote Count' error, on the 2nd state, during the Arizona count, there were objections, and that's when the "insurrection" happened.

Although this has never been about 'Election Fraud' via Voter or State Count, had this been a 'Voter Count' issue, here's what was to CONSTITUTIONALLY happen when the Objections took place:

“Objecting to the Counting of One or More Electoral Votes Provisions in 3 U.S.C. §15 include a procedure for making and acting on objections to the counting of one or more of the electoral votes from a state or the District of Columbia. When the certificate or equivalent paper from each state (or the District of Columbia) is read, “the President of the Senate shall call for objections, if any.” Any such objection must be presented in writing and must be signed by at least one Senator and one Representative. The objection “shall state clearly and concisely, and without argument, the ground thereof.... ” During the joint session of January 6, 2001, the presiding officer intervened on several occasions to halt attempts to make speeches under the guise of offering an objection. When an objection, properly made in writing and endorsed by at least one Senator and one Representative, is received, each house is to meet and consider it separately. The statute states that “[n]o votes or papers from any other State shall be acted upon until the objections previously made to the votes or papers from any State shall have been finally disposed of.” However, in 1873, before enactment of the law now in force, the joint session agreed, without objection and for reasons of convenience, to entertain objections with regard to two or more states before the houses met separately on any of them.”

After the beautifully orchestrated and planned military distraction piece completed its staged mission, House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, ignored those objections and rushed counting and confirming all 50 states.

But because Americans CANNOT and COULD NOT see and HAVE NOT seen this hidden and invisible enemy of corrupt politicians and their cronies…

The Military Operation behind the scenes set up the evil regime of Congress visually breaking these Laws:

18 US Code 115

18 US Code 2381

18 US Code 2384

18 US Code 2385

3 US Code 15

52 US Code 20511

Checkmate ✅

Had this been a Vote Count issue, the State's Electors would have had a timely manner to contest their elections via a process as defined and prescribed by LAW.

Had this been a Contingent Election there’s actions and procedures to take as defined and prescribed by LAW.

Now, about the Brunson vs. Adams Filing in more depth…

The Filing lists 388 members of Congress including Biden and Harris.

With all of the Military Operation that has the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Law of War Manual, the Military Justice Act, the Uniform Code of Military Justice (Military Law), plus all Laws and Orders that support those, along with the visual operations, optics, and codes that support all of those… it’s hard to believe that the Military needs the state of Utah to be a piece of the puzzle to expose the Continuation of Government administration and Congress when there’s MORE than enough evidence via the above to show the Military Occupancy versus a filing from one state to expose these criminals.

The Military had enough evidence with 2016 Election alone which highlights how brilliant and unique Executive Order 13848 is to declare a National Emergency and place an Election Fraud Committee in the same order with the terms: “there has been no foreign evidence of voter fraud” pointing indirectly to domestic fraud while pairing those with all of the Biblical, Monumental, Historical Peace Deals and other major Optics with Military from 2017 to present day…

In the filing of Brunson vs. Adams it states:

“He alleged that before accepting the electoral votes on January 6, 2021, defendants intentionally refused to investigate evidence that the November 2020 presidential election was fraudulent.”

The 2016 and 2018 Elections were Fraudulent as well. Executive Order 13848 proves such. Which also proves the Military already knew. 13848 was signed into law two months before the November 2018 midterm and two years before Covid and the 2020 Election… which is why the National Emergency was declared to deal with the threat.

A National Emergency declared to deal with the threat two months and two years before anyone had heard of these?

The Military Operation and Alliance of World Military running this Operation do not need a random state filing to ‘overturn’ the 2020 Election when this was never about ‘Election Fraud’ from a Voter or State count status.

The Supreme Court INTERPRETS the Law.

They do not write, change, or rewrite the Law. Period.

This was NEVER about a ‘Vote Count’ issue or a ‘Contingent Election’ via the timeline and timestamps and federalization of the Law of War Manual publication date and the Military Justice Act 2016 passing along with the visual Federalizing 1,000,000 National Guard to Active-Duty Status in Executive Order 13912 and 10 US Code Chapter 1209 as they’ve been active every single day since then to present day.

There’s only two ways the Supreme Court can rule. They can challenge State Laws to abide by their Laws such as Voter Count or they can point States to the procedures and laws with the Constitution via the Election Clause for the case of Contingent Elections.

Had this NOT been a Military Occupancy and was a ‘Contingent Election,’ the Contingent Election process is specified in:

Article Two, Section 1, Clause 3 of the United States Constitution.

  • The procedure was modified by the 12th Amendment in 1804, under which the House chooses one of the three candidates who received the most electoral votes, while the Senate chooses one of the two candidates who received the most electoral votes.

The phrase "contingent election" is not in the text of the Constitution but has been used to describe this procedure since at least 1823.

  • "Finally, the Court has recognized that because the Elections Clause specifically vests Congress and the states with authority over the Time, Places and Manner of congressional elections, the Court’s authority over such matters is limited."

The Court's AUTHORITY over SUCH matters is LIMITED.

Article 1, Section 4, Chapter 1.3 title Congress and the Elections Clause specifically outlines the:

In this case of George Bush Jr. versus Al Gore in 2000, the Supreme Court was able to intervene because the state of Florida had a manual recount in their State Law, plus it was before the ‘safe-harbor’ date as prescribed by Federal Law.

"On December 8, 2000, the Florida Supreme Court ordered, inter alia, that manual recounts of ballots for the recent Presidential election were required in all Florida counties where so-called "undervotes" had not been subject to manual tabulation, and that the manual recounts should begin at once. Noting the closeness of the election, the court explained that, on the record before it, there could be no question that there were uncounted "legal votes"-i.e., those in which there was a clear indication of the voter's intent-sufficient to place the results of the election in doubt."

"The court below has said that the legislature intended the State's electors to participate fully in the federal electoral process, as provided in 3 U. S. C. § 5, which requires that any controversy or contest that is designed to lead to a conclusive selection of electors be completed by December 12."


3 US Code Section 5:


The December 12th date is called a "safe harbor" as the 3 US Code Chapter 1, Section 7 specifically says:


"The electors of President and Vice President of each State shall meet and give their votes on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December next following their appointment at such place in each State as the legislature of such State shall direct."

In the case with Bush versus Gore, the timeline of the Electors of the President and Vice President on the first Wednesday in December is very key.

Since the electors were set to meet December 18, the discretional "safe harbor" deadline was December 12, just one day after the Court heard oral arguments in this case...

I've also seen the same people who are trying to push the narrative that the Supreme Court will "overturn" the election using this next clause out of context.

28 US Code 1257

(a) Final judgments or decrees rendered by the highest court of a State in which a decision could be had, may be reviewed by the Supreme Court by writ of certiorari where the validity of a treaty or statute of the United States is drawn in question or where the validity of a statute of any State is drawn in question on the ground of its being repugnant to the Constitution, treaties, or laws of the United States, or where any title, right, privilege, or immunity is specially set up or claimed under the Constitution or the treaties or statutes of, or any commission held or authority exercised under, the United States.

This code must be applied by Law within the prescribed ‘safe-harbor’ date unless there was a violation via the process of the "validity of a statute of any State is drawn into question"... meaning the State process.

The Supreme Court taking a 2020 Election case 2 years after the ‘safe-harbor date’ after they’ve already dismissed states who did so within that date in 2020 prove this was never about ‘Election Fraud’ from the Voter or State angle.

When a case is filed… the defendants have a time in which they can respond. If they don’t the Supreme Court can either:

1.     Extend the time period for the respondent to respond.

2.     Dismiss the case.

3.     Take the case.

The respondents listed in Brunson vs. Adams are all in a Military Occupancy = planned operation = of course they’re not going to respond.

Taking the case does not mean anything, but creating more distraction, time delay, but more importantly sparking public interest in understanding how our government system and courts work.

Well played, well played. Checkmate Supreme Court.

Because let’s fast forward to Post Election November 3, 2020:

On December 3, 2020, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito set a deadline of December 8 (the safe-harbor date for 2020) for Pennsylvania officials to respond to a request to throw out the state's mail-in voting results, or possibly the entire Pennsylvania election in Representative Mike Kelly's suit at the Supreme Court.

On December 8, the Supreme Court denied the application for a writ of injunction.

On December 27, 2020, Texas Representative Louis Gohmert filed a suit in US District Court seeking to give Vice President Mike Pence full authority to declare which slate of electors would be accepted by Congress.

According to the National Review, even at the time the bill was enacted, some in Congress doubted whether the Act can bind a future Congress. The district court dismissed the suit for lack of standing on January 1, 2021. The dismissal was upheld by an appeals court panel the next day.

As you read above, two states went through the process as prescribed by Law and they were dismissed.

And keep in mind, this is the Supreme Court which has two of Donald Trump's Justice nominations in 2020... FOUR years after the Law of War Manual and the Military Justice Act of 2016.

The Law of War Manual takes precedence over everything else. This is why it's very important to understand the origin of what's taking place.

Origin. Origin. Origin. No, you wouldn’t have known about the Military Operation, but you do now. Share it. Share this.

There’s a finite Blueprint of more Laws and Orders outlining the operation than any alternative.

We have Laws and Orders for reasons. Now, it’s great and awesome that these people of Utah are getting involved with government and hopefully this will spark more and more people to read, research, study, and get involved.

But wanting something just because you want it to happen does mean that’s how the law reads or will resolve.

The World Alliance of Generals, United States Military Generals and CIC Trump only needed Midterm 2018, Presidential Election 2020, and Midterm 2020, to prove what Governors, Attorney Generals, and Congressmen would uphold the letter of the newly implemented Laws and Orders under the Military Operation and Occupancy.

Executive Order 13848 signed September 12, 2018, with the declaration of the National Emergency along with Election Fraud Committee with the key clause "there's been NO FOREIGN interference" proves:

 "We have it all."

"We've caught them all."

Because at the date of that MONUMENTAL Executive Order... the ONLY evidence they would have had was the 2016 Presidential Election and those prior to it.

So, how did CIC Trump know to sign an Executive Order with a National Emergency to deal with the threat of with the key sentence "there's been NO foreign interference" before the Midterm 2018, Covid and the Presidential Election 2020?


Understanding our Foundation and Government via the Constitution is very important.

Article II of the Constitution gives the President via Commander-in-Chief the authority to extend his power as Commander-in-Chief when there’s a National Security threat to his people.

Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke in front of Congress December 8, 1941, a day after Pearl Harbor and told them if they do not act… it is his responsibility to his country as Commander-in-Chief of the Military to protect the people and deal with the threat.

This was called the First War Powers Act. And there’s multiple other Laws and Orders that've been in the books and in the documents to apply.

Do not undermine the Intelligence and the JAG Divisions and Departments of the Military just because you did not, cannot, will not see or understand.

The Military (Department of Defense and World Alliance of Generals) knew in 2016.

The Military Intelligence and the JAG Officers standing behind President Trump on January 20, 2017, at the Inauguration sets the tone. The National Guard to Active-Duty Status by the way of 3 National Emergencies unaddressed by Congress in their Legal and Prescribed by Federal Law form set the scene. And the Military Tribunals with a world temporarily governed by the Military Generals until all people see the crimes and evidence displayed to the public according to Law will set the finale.

The Military Alliance used the EO 13848 as a Proclamation to the People as Prescribed by Federal Law to be a visual tool to justify the Federalizing of the National Guard to Active Duty without the portion of lost and blind Americans who do not understand National Security Threats and simplicities of Military and Federal Laws and Orders INSTEAD of a Military Dictatorship Style Takeover in which a portion of society would or could potentially revolt versus seeking unity.

Had this been about Voter Fraud from the Vote Count and State Electors scenarios, the Military Intelligence plus multiple other facets of Intelligence Communities had enough evidence in 2016 and years prior to Electronic Voting to reveal to the public "fraud" and "cheating."

The signing of EO 13848 TWO months before the first Midterm (2018) of President Trump's visual presidency and TWO YEARS before Covid and the 2020 Presidential Election is nothing short of brilliant, epic, Biblical, Monumental, and Historic, as to defining the outline and blueprint of this Military Occupancy.

"We have it all. We've caught them all." – October 2020

The Military and CIC could have EASILY shown the people the evidence of a fraudulent election had this been about election fraud alone.

They didn't need an Election to put MILLIONS of lives at jeopardy. But this was so much grander.

It would have been VERY easy to rush in, make arrests on Congress, Media, Tech, Pharmaceutical CEOs, etc. etc. But it’s a lot more lethal to form an operation to be controlled to not only to make these people destroy their own institutions from within and display to the public doing so… but also to eliminate as much evil top to bottom as possible.

Eliminating the senior level executives alone without a top to bottom clean-out, in all of the fields and facets, would last 10 to 20 years and we would be right back where we are now.

This is a MASSIVE Operation for multiple levels of corruption being cleaned out as well as new systems being implemented and put into place.

When you apply the timelines above and read this one article alone from, on June 24, 2018, it demonstrates what was shown to the public, but who would have known if you’re not a Veteran or knew about this article?:

“U.S. Army leaders say the next war will be fought in mega-cities, but the service has embarked on an ambitious effort to prepare most of its combat brigades to fight, not inside, but beneath them.”

You do not activate 1,000,000 National Guard to Active-Duty Status putting those men's and women's lives on the line for simply ‘Election Fraud.’

There’s been multiple Optics and Comms from 2016 to present day, but as we approach 2023, where it’s been reported via the New York Times about the Military Tribunals, nothing could have been more epic than CIC Trump’s speech on November 15, 2022, the anniversary of the United States of America’s first Constitution, the Articles of Confederation.

He made keynote drops on November 15 alone with these:

Abraham Accords: (Middle East Peace Deal)

The PAUSE (Public Alert: Unregistered Soliciting Entities; SEC dot Gov)

MARS (Military Auxiliary Radio System; Emergency Communications; EBS)

Nancy has been 'fired'... she's on her way to another country (GITMO).

Quick Trials (Military Tribunals)

Just look at the past 150 years (Federal Corporation)

Angela Merkel (White Flag of Surrender; Law of War Manual)

These are just a few of the MAJOR Optics and Comms amongst MANY others that were built up from 2016 to November 15 and 18, 2022, the last dropped thus far.

When the Military Occupancy is complete, the Military cannot give the power back to the people if the people have no clue how their government governs.

Just because you don't understand something, does not mean it does not exist. And just because you don't 'see' something happening by your definition, does not mean it's not happening. The Laws, Orders, Codes, etc. have always been there.

I understand many are hopeless, tired, angry, mad, bitter, weary, but you cannot trust the plan until you know the plan. Fancy titles and subscriptions do not make you an 'expert.'

The ability to write fancy articles or talk big definitions means nothing if it's not prudent information and facts that can be backed via Laws and Orders to support the plan. 

Many people want 'something' to happen so badly, yet many do not know what the finale is supposed to look like.

Many are focused on one noodle of a pasta, while a few of us are showing you the ingredients of the whole dish, along with how to cook the dish, in order to be able to partake of the finale of the list of ingredients that produce the dish.

Do not put your Faith in people alone. Put your Faith in God and those He uses to deliver the product of Faith.

Follow the timeline and timestamps. The Law of War Manual came first.

It all adds up when you have the pieces of the puzzle