Medic Speaks Out About Jabbing Dangers

Dangerous Jabs

The following video was forwarded on Telegram from Sidney Powell, US Military Attorney, and former federal prosecutor:

Most Horrific Vaccine Injury testimony you will till the end...

“Your nerve endings have been destroyed…Your body has told the nerves in your skin to die… You’re under attack by your own body…”

“They have created a NEW DISEASE … I’ve lost my whole life…”

American Conversations with Vaccine Injured – Interview With ‘Anne.’


If you find the language offensive in this comment, then TUFF! You haven't grasped the urgency of the global situation. When people are being murdered, we have to throw politeness away.

Jab victim Anne, a medic in the United States, tells the world about the horrors the experimental Moderna jabs did to her. She ignorantly believed in the fake science, took the jabs as a good citizen in order to prove how good and safe they are - then discovered the nasty TRUTH.

During the two months following the jabs, Anne experienced MULTIPLE and PAINFUL side effects, had many MRI scans, yet NOT A SINGLE medic questioned whether the jabs caused Anne’s nasty symptoms! It’s as if no one wants to admit the TRUTH that the jabs are effing DANGEROUS.

Anne is a qualified medic, so she has easy and quick access to specialists and the best testing equipment. The upshot is that the jabs caused her terrible NEUROLOGICAL issues. January through April 2021, Anne experienced the nasty, painful side effects of the jabs, yet NOBODY would admit the Moderna injections caused the problems. By August 2021, Anne’s neurologist informed her that the nerve endings and sweat glands on the jabbed left side of her body are DESTROYED. She’s now maxed out on experimental pills and potions as she tries to control the damage caused by the EXPERIMENTAL Moderna jabs.

It’s a classic case of ‘Don’t Rock the Boat’ PANIC. No researchers, no doctors DARE to put their names on Anne’s report that will BLOW THE LID OFF the deadliness of the Covid jabs. They’re effing COWARDS who put their jobs before people’s lives. Have they forgotten their Hippocratic oath? Dog poo cowards.

This is what was bound to happen with Emergency Use Authorization jabs. The jabs are EXPERIMENTAL. Everyone volunteering to take the clot shot is an effing LAB RAT. Is it 'informed medical consent'? NO! It’s crass stupidity by Anne and everyone on the planet who took the effing jabs. Many will have received harmless placebos, which is what happens during CLINICAL TRIALS. It’s an effing clinical trial for a Fauci/Wuhan/Fort Detrick invented BIOWEAPON, for heaven’s sake! Wake up, people.

Anne says we don’t know what’s in the jabs - YES, WE EFFING DO, Anne! There’s graphene oxide, stainless steel, and toxic parasites on top of the usual poisons that are ‘supposed to’ trigger an immune response.

She’s a medic and knows where to go with her symptoms. But what about poor old Joe and Jane Public? That’s for you, dear reader, to find out. You go down this rabbit hole of stupidity. The general public is tested with a useless PCR test kit, then falsely found to be COVID positive, and if rushed to hospital with side effects after being jabbed, people are KILLED, and NO post mortems are done. No questions are asked. Funeral directors won’t spill the beans because it’s a big money-maker. The murdered are simply labeled as yet another Covid DEATH STATISTIC in order to maintain the PROFITEERING RUSE by PURE EVIL and its nefarious associates. The bloody Nazis are back.

This writer was crippled by Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) in 2005, paralyzed for weeks on end before being put on expensive immunoglobulin drips. Other GBS victims die when the nerves to the lungs get damaged. If you can’t breathe, you’re dead, mate. I was lucky, but I had developing numbness in the chest before the life-saving drips. Peripheral nerve damage is caused by antibodies going berserk and attacking the peripheral nerves, puckering the myelin sheaths. Anne mentions this. To this day, this writer still has numbness in the feet - it feels like I’m walking on the sand all the time. Needless to say, I can’t drive a vehicle - you need to feel the pedals to do that. Recovery from numbness in the hands took a couple of years. And the only jabs I ever had in my life were the usual smallpox, polio, and whooping cough ones all kids got in the post-war years. I’m now 66. Who knows what supposedly ‘safe’ jabs do to you later on in life. I’m guessing here, but Anne will have to cope with her ailments until her nerves recover. Tip: eat plenty of vitamin-rich food, drink pine needle tea, and get the 75+ pure plant-derived hydrophilic minerals into your body from Sizzling Minerals. Avoid hydrophobic metallic minerals - they’re next to useless and contain only a handful of insoluble minerals - you may as well suck a rock as that’s a lot cheaper! Tilled farmland soils are mineral-depleted, so the vegetables and meat we eat no longer contain the essential minerals they had before the industrial revolution. Glacial soils, by the way, are RICH in minerals - now there’s a business idea to reinvigorate our farmlands.

We’re born into this world, and we all eventually die. No other species goes around getting jabs apart from domestic and farm animals. Humans invent things to make a PROFIT. FOLLOW THE MONEY. Do that, and you’ll eventually find PURE EVIL with its tentacles everywhere controlling the planet. The jabs are its latest money-making scam.

Will I take a COVID clot shot knowing that the jabs have only been issued for EXPERIMENTAL purposes? You must be effing joking! Will I be discriminated against by twats requesting vax passports to enter shops or wherever for something that has NEVER been proven to exist? Yep. But somewhere NOT FAR down the line will be countless of nasty little lawsuits against companies and individuals ENFORCING illegal mandates, and the money-making PURE EVIL-owned jab manufacturers, coerced and corrupt government officials, gullible, stupid medical staffers, and vax-pushing teachers. They’re going to be sued for TRILLIONS, not billions. The Nuremberg Code has been breached. Ignorance of it is NO excuse, and EXECUTIONS WILL happen if they’ve not already begun behind the scenes. Worldwide GENOCIDE is happening RIGHT NOW with the jabs.

What a nasty PROFITEERING stinking world we humans have made...

Vanguard, BlackRock, and the rest of you slimy, greedy ASSET MANAGEMENT money-hungry outfits that should have been jailed in 2008 following the Global Financial Crisis, including all you greedy little dishonest parasitic private investors, WE’RE COMING FOR YOU. There’s no hiding place. You aided and abetted the COVID bioweapon scam with your patenting of manmade SARS coronaviruses. You lot have funded the illegal Gain of Function research that liar Fauci denies, seeking even more profits from BOOSTER JAB BIOWEAPONS. International treaties are preventing that, so WAR CRIMES have been committed. Fucking profits. PROFITEERING on the lives of people must now carry an instant DEATH PENALTY. FUCK OFF BLACKROCK. FUCK OFF VANGUARD. FUCK OF ALL YOU DIRTY ASSET MANAGEMENT OUTFITS. YOU HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS.


The COVID scam has been pre-planned since 9/11 by the evil NWO globalist terrorists and perpetrators of that event, masquerading as elite royals with a global depopulation agenda. The Clinton’s, the Bushes, the Vatican, the Swiss, the British, the Italian, and the Dutch royals. They are the Satanic pedophilic child and human trafficking adrenochrome-eating monsters running the planet ... the so-called ‘Chosen Ones.’

Your time on this planet is up. Fuck off.