November 11, 2020


  • The official ballot papers used in the election had invisible quantum watermarks with a serial number for every single ballot paper that can be tracked from outer space. It is smart paper. If you actually ticked one box and changed your mind, it would be noted on the blockchain system within a millisecond. It records information at a trillion frames a second. If someone tried to vote in New York and San Francisco simultaneously on a fake duplicate, the system would pick it up instantaneously. This is what the scamming, exposed MSM doesn't realize.
  • It is all part of the strategy to expose corrupt governments around the world because most are part of the deep state, and it is them that are causing the chaos out there that we are all experiencing with this Covid crap.
  • When we get through this, Trump will take the US away from Admiralty/Maritime Law and into Constitutional/Common Law. When that happens, suddenly, the penny will drop. Current governments will no longer have a job. That's because their jobs are subject to Maritime Law. Under Common Law, it will be up to the people to choose their own government.
  • Based on what we've now experienced with all this lockdown shit, we won't be looking in that swamp for career politicians for leaders. WANTED: honorable retired businessmen and women who can truly represent the people — no more divisive party politics. Anyone who looks into the swamp for a politician should first see a brain surgeon.
  • We now have an opportunity to change how the planet works. Hold the line. Stand hard. Stand back. Don't give up. Throw away the ridiculous, useless face nappies. Governments are talking rubbish. What comes out of the MSM is a LIE.
  • Turn off the TV, do some independent research, and become a semi-expert. You will get to know the truth.
  • Most of the new generation of kids don't watch TV and certainly don't read newspapers. They're on their iPads. The only late teens or early twenties that read the papers and watch TV are political students who are contaminated with left-wing bullshit and are part of the problem. In the UK, the new generation doesn't use the BBC, so that organization will die a slow death. All that license fee crap will vanish because the BBC won't exist. The outfit has been exposed for its political bias and has been exposed as a pedophile organization. It's full of them, top to bottom. Jimmy Saville protectors.
  • Many arrests have been made, and more are made every day, but this won't be public knowledge until March 2021. However, there WILL be several significant arrests due to the election fraud made public soon. These will be in the MSM - owners, editors, journalists, and certain presenters. The lying has to stop.
  • The truth is gradually emerging. It's all part of the strategy of the good guys behind the scenes. Don't watch the TV. Turn off the BBC pro pedo radio. Never rely on the TV, radio, and newspapers for info. Biden has NOT got in. It's like looking down the toilet for gold - there's nothing down there - just shit.

You're now much wiser.