'Long Covid' Lies by the Mainstream Media

Long Covid – a genocide coverup

The so-called Convid 'virus' has NEVER been isolated, and NO government anywhere in the world admits to having ANY evidence that the fake virus actually EXISTS. Go on, do your own research via freedom of information requests about this. You'll quickly see that this is TRUE. Your mouth has millions of viruses, and everyone has trillions of them in their bodies. Viruses can't be spread; only GERMS can. The only viruses that can be spread are computer viruses created by Bill Gates!

The ONLY effects of the Convid hoax since 2020 are in the suckers, dumbshits, and COERCED, who ignorantly or otherwise took the Nuremberg Code-busting MRNA jabs synthesized in Ukrainian deep state-funded BIOWEAPON labs. The labs have since been exposed and destroyed by the Russian Federation military in the ongoing Ukraine CLEANUP OPERATION of Nazis that began in February 2022.

Worldwide, millions of jab victims now have neurological or circulatory problems. MANY have DIED due to abnormal blood clots, and loads have issues such as myocarditis. Undertakers are aware of this, but most have been told to keep their mouths shut by their Khazarian mafia (KM) masters. This website will not regurgitate what is widely known in the alt media, even though the lying mainstream media and assholes at Alphabet – aka Google, YouTube, and other outfits owned by the Khazarian mafia – continue to censor the TRUTH.

In the UK, during the Friday 9 December 2022 broadcast by the lying mainstream media KM-INFILTRATED outfit known as BBC Radio 2, the noon-till-2 pm presenter, Jeremy Vine (who has no medical qualifications) covered the ridiculous topic of 'LONG COVID.' Anyone with an ounce of common sense will quickly put 1 and 1 together and easily prove that those experiencing fatigue and long-term health problems associated with so-called 'Long Covid' since 2021 ARE recipients of the BIOWEAPON 'INJECTED' into them via the Convid jabs!

But that obvious line was NOT discussed during the aforementioned December 9, 2022, Radio 2 slot. Why? Because Vine is a KM stooge and will twist the truth to shove into misled dumbshit listeners' heads that the hoax Convid virus exists!

It's all ongoing KM lies, propaganda, and media manipulation.

In the US, some members of the U.S. military are coming forward as whistleblowers risking their careers to reveal how the fake Biden administration is covering up adverse effects from the Convid jabs. These lawsuits claim that the US military had NO right to mandate jabs on the armed forces and the data being presented in court is staggering.

The good thing for those who are pissed off with mainstream media falsehood-spreading is that those guilty of covering up or twisting the truth will VERY SOON have to answer for their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY in offshore military tribunals, in which so far, over 90 percent of the accused have been executed. The other 10 percent have admitted to their crimes, grassed on others, and will spend the rest of their lives locked up where they can do no more harm.

No links are given here because it's about time readers dug around for the truth themselves. The likelihood is that this web page will be buried on page 100+ of the censoring Google SERPs, even though the SEO score is PERFECT for various hot keywords, so congratulations on finding this page if you've come across it in the search engines. Screw the communists at Alphabet. Their tech gear WILL be taken from them and released to truth tellers as the dirty Nazi/communist nerds in Silicon Valley and elsewhere get their comeuppance in offshore military courts.

2023 is the year of military courts for the second tier of the KM-controlled scumbags. The first tier HAS BEEN DEALT WITH, but dumbshits don't know that. After that, the dirty, bribed KM minions in schools, hospitals, clinics, and other centers of KM-infiltrated public influence will be cleaned up. We are witnessing a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY on such a scale that makes the Holocaust seem like a party game.

By the way, the prisoner swap of 55-year-old Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout to Moscow in exchange for American basketball player Brittney Griner will likely see the TRUTH about 9/11 and FUKUSHIMA be made public at last. Bout was the SUPPLIER of the nukes that brought down the three WTC buildings and triggered the Fukushima atrocity. All roads from this disclosure will lead to the French branch of the ROTHSCHILDS and the US ROCKEFELLER KM crime syndicates as the primary culprits of global terrorism and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. The KM hiding in their Switzerland headquarters in Lake Geneva will be dealt with.

Finally, control of Twitter is important because as it becomes a place for disclosing the truth, it'll make the mainstream media IRRELEVANT. Truth Social is okay, but it's essentially an echo chamber. Twitter has always been the battleground. When all this crap is over, the last bastion of KM infiltration – the lying, truth-twisting mainstream media – will be gone. Goodbye BBC, fake news newspapers, CNN, etc., and especially inane radio slots like Jeremy Vine's fake news mind-controlling program, which is geared at gullible dumbshits. That is a massive crime in its own right. It's total MK Ultra, and dumbshit Brits haven't a clue that they are being mind-controlled by their national broadcasting service – which they HAVE TO fund via a compulsory outdated, annual TV license fee! When the BBC goes down, Britain will be freed.

Long Covid is a genocide coverup.