“I think every conversation about COVID and every conversation about SARS-Coronavirus is the WRONG conversation for humanity to be having. And I think that we have been seduced into A DISTRACTION OF EPIC PROPORTIONS while a GREATER EVIL IS BEING DONE.

“So, I’m NOT gonna fall for it! If you thought this was gonna be the ‘Find the Fauci’ moment, I’ve got a little teaser in there, you’ll get a little Fauci, but that’s NOT what this is about. This is about the ILLUSION OF KNOWLEDGE. And I have at the bottom of this slide one of my favorite quotes from Hosea 4:6:"


Dr. David E. Martin

Don’t EVER, EVER say: “Oh, you’re ONLY human.”

In this video, discover the TRUTH about the 145-year-old life insurance scam that continues to MURDER the innocent. Learn the TRUTH about human chromosomes and how their unraveling has accelerated the life insurance industry’s EUGENICS campaign to make even more MONEY.

We have entered seven years of FAMINE. We’ve just gone through the first 17 months, and it’s gonna get worse. At the end of it, though, we the people will KNOW WHERE WE ARE. The life insurance scam will have been EXPOSED and dealt with. This is the GREAT AWAKENING. Lucifer’s time is over. The ball is in our court and we are ready to make the winning stroke. 

VIDEO: It's time to get at the TRUTH