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Dear XYZ, MP

This letter is a warning to all holders of PUBLIC OFFICE.

The amount of frustration and dismay among the people of these Isles at the way Parliament governs Britain that has gone rogue and no longer represents or works for the people of this nation has reached the tipping point.

Never since the execution of King Charles I for TREASON against the people of these Isles has there been a more significant threat to the sovereignty of we, the people. Then, the people stood up to the traitor king in two bloody civil wars, creating today’s Parliament of People’s Representatives.

At the latest King’s Coronation, King Charles III took the oath to:

  • Protect the People
  • Protect the Constitution
  • Protect the Country

Failure by the monarch to uphold his Coronation Oath will be an act of TREASON, so the King’s ties to the odious World Economic Forum have to be SEVERED to save this nation. It does not look like that will happen, so the end of the British monarchy is on the horizon.

Also, according to the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, the WILL OF THE PEOPLE is the basis of the government’s authority.

Government authority rests on the CONSENT of the governed, and it is the RIGHT of the people to ALTER or ABOLISH the government at will whenever the government becomes DESTRUCTIVE of the ends for which it is established, as stated by the former President of the Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis. The UK government is now DESTRUCTIVE. America and the UK are kindred.

In public life, there are SIX PRINCIPLES:

1. Public officeholders MUST act ONLY in the public interest.

2. Public officeholders MUST AVOID placing themselves under any obligation to people or organizations that try to INFLUENCE them INAPPROPRIATELY in their work. They should NOT make decisions in order to gain financial or other material benefits FOR THEMSELVES, their FAMILY, or their FRIENDS. They MUST declare and resolve any interests and relationships. This principle HAS BEEN BREACHED many times by sitting Members of Parliament and others in various branches of government. We know who they are.

3. Public officeholders MUST make decisions IMPARTIALLY and on MERIT, using the BEST evidence and WITHOUT discrimination or bias.

4. Holders of public office are ACCOUNTABLE to the public for their decisions and actions and MUST submit themselves to the scrutiny necessary to ensure this.

5. Holders of public office MUST make decisions in an OPEN and TRANSPARENT manner. Information MUST NOT be withheld from the public unless explicit and LAWFUL reasons exist, like those of national security.

6. Holders of public office MUST be TRUTHFUL.

Holders of public office receive a salary from the taxpayer. They work for the people who PAY them. Many in public office have forgotten this and treat their roles as ‘careers’ through which ignorant taxpayers can be exploited.

Many of those in public office have put their personal interests BEFORE the people of this nation and have failed to uphold the law or respect the HUMAN RIGHTS of the people. They have blatantly disregarded the aforementioned SIX PRINCIPLES of PUBLIC LIFE.

The TRAITORS to this nation have allowed the willful destruction of the UK economy, allowed FOREIGN INTERFERENCE (that is utter TREASON) by outside bodies from private corporations, including the World Economic Forum under the dictats of the Nazi Klaus Schwab, the genocidal World Health Organization, the utterly ineffective easily vetoed United Nations, and many contemptible, corrupt NGOs such as philanthropic entities like the Bill & Melinda Gates, the Clinton, and George Soros foundations.

TRAITORS in public office have allowed profits to go BEFORE people and have fraudulently and criminally wasted taxpayers’ money.

Despicable TRAITORS in public office have instilled a permanent state of FEAR in the public. They have created an unmanageable and unsustainable cost of living crisis and allowed for the willful and DELIBERATE destruction of the National Health Service.

The TRAITORS have compromised the well-being of every man, woman, and child in the United Kingdom. They have created an atmosphere of UNCERTAINTY and LOSS of hope.

It has reached a point where the government is NO LONGER FIT FOR PURPOSE.


The TREASONOUS government of the United Kingdom has created poverty, fear, worry, stress, misery, slavery, and massive debts for virtually every household. The ‘plandemic’ was built on FEAR, LIES, COERCION and DECEPTION by foreign infiltration, in breach of the Nuremberg Code. The harm, injury, and death caused by the jabs are CATASTROPHIC. Yet these BIOWEAPONS, as proven to be so by Dr. David Martin, were patented shortly after 9/11, and whose trail leads to the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and a certain Dr Anthony Fauci. Anyone aware of this and who CONTINUES to defend the jabs so that the modRNA toxins causing sudden death, myocarditis, and long-term neurological problems continue to be administered regardless is committing a heinous CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

Look at the thoroughly UNACCEPTABLE way the UK government treats the public request to pull out of and cease funding the corrupt WHO:


It was all ignored by a committee comprised of just 11 sleazy MPs from political parties in government and opposition and ‘supposedly’ entirely independent of the government. It is utter nonsense. The PROOF of harm caused by the jabs is COLOSSAL. UK Government credibility has VANISHED. There is not even a single debate because of the insouciance of Parliament and its WEF-planted stooges. This WHO membership issue should be put to a REFERENDUM as it concerns INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY.

And don't come back and say there is a coming plandemic as that is KNOWN to be planned from a biolab. The WHO is an infiltrated, nefarious, mass-murdering NGO outfit. It will soon be abolished anyway. We know WHAT has been going on with Tedros and his sidekicks.

Follow the money trail.

While the people of these Isles were locked down and separated from their loved ones, corrupt ministers and civil servants PARTIED. We, the people, were openly and blatantly mocked and laughed at. One rule for the people, another for their ‘elected’ representatives, or rather, INSTALLED representatives from the WEF. That is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE, and serious crimes of MISCONDUCT IN PUBLIC OFFICE continue to be committed.

The people of this nation DO NOT accept the awful living conditions they are faced with caused by inflation due to MONEY PRINTING and because of the terrible performance by those in public office from ALL political parties, their disgusting overreach, and the willful ignorance of the people’s wishes who employ and PAY them. There is no credible opposition in the bent Parliament, and it is abundantly clear the people of this nation need INDEPENDENT and LOCAL representation.

We WILL take this nation back.

This TREASONOUS government and the Head of State, if he continues to kowtow to the WEF’s demands, will be DISSOLVED and ABOLISHED.

All holders of public office must be aware that we, the people, know that the UK Corporation, the very company of which the government and its branches were a part, was declared BANKRUPT, went into receivership, and finally de-listed at Companies House in 2019 as a corporation, the year BEFORE the plandemic. The same is true for the US Corporation. So, the entire British Commonwealth, government, tax collections, and everything to do with that non-existent company is currently trading FRAUDULENTLY.

We know what is going on: a ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT of Orwellian dystopia was in the pipeline. Well, it is NOT going to happen.

So, it all comes down to TRUST. Trust in holders of public office. At the end of the day, the question is, when do we trust a LIAR in government?

The answer is NEVER.

Tony Blair LIED about the WMDs while PM, which makes him a war criminal.

The VAX LIARS continue to LIE and are now pushing their vaxes into FOOD, as proven by scientists investigating the issue and who admit finding IMMENSE EVIDENCE that modRNA is now in the food supply. That should be sounding the ALARMS, but with a GAGGED free press, all we hear is SILENCE.

Indeed, the makers of these gene-altering poisons are also creating plants with TRANSMISSIBLE vaxes. This technology MUST be OUTLAWED forthwith. America has the Missouri HB1169 bill sponsored by Holly Jones. The bill requires:

  • Disclosure of a product that modifies Genes or acts as gene therapy (in food)
  • Disclosure on how gene therapy products can be transmitted to those NOT consenting to taking it, keeping within the Nuremberg Code
  • Fully informed CONSENT with risks and benefits, including adverse effects, BEFORE being given medical intervention

This bill prevents lawsuits against ranchers and farmers whose products may end up causing cancers a decade from now. It scuppers the likes of Bill Gates/CCP, BlackRock, and Vanguard-controlled companies that are all in on it in the UK, which are in on the Big Pharma Khazarian mafia eugenics plan to kill 95 percent of humanity. The Deep State wants to enslave the rest with Orwellian CBDC and 15-minute cities, in which people will own nothing but be happy as CO2 emissions are cut to save the planet from fake overheating. The air we breathe contains 0.03 percent CO2, which plants NEED for photosynthesis. ALL animals respire and exhale CO2. What next? Stop us from breathing? The climate change lobby is full of lunatics and insane people linked to the WEF.

Ultimately, TRUST comes with TRUTH. Why are hardly any MPs attending the House of Commons when Andrew Bridgen raises issues about jab injuries? Because of BRIBERY or BLACKMAIL (Jeffrey Epstein). Government is corrupt. It is no longer representative of us, the people.

TRUST will not come WITHOUT substantial legislation being passed by TRUSTWORTHY representatives in a NEW government, with people in public office being ACCOUNTABLE for deaths and crimes caused by LIES.

The NGO called CERCO, with its military-aged, weapons-trained UN/NATO North African fake migrants entering the UK and put up in expensive hotels while being supplied with firearms via the back door, are being WATCHED. They get $2,000 a month pushed into their CBDC bank accounts by the Deep State military-industrial complex. Rumor is they are here to do naughty terrorist activities and commit crimes that cops will NOT chase up in order to push the WEF’s 2030 agenda.

IT WON’T WORK because we’re WATCHING them. It’s a bit too obvious.

Whether WEF-planted PM Sunak, who is ‘seemingly’ trying to send those fake migrants to Rwanda for processing, gets that done is being WATCHED.

As with everything in the lying mainstream media, no fake news reports can be TRUSTED. 9/11 PROVED that. Recall the red-faced BBC, with its description of the collapsed WTC-7 building BEFORE it came tumbling down, and with NO fake planes crashing into it.

As for Israel committing GENOCIDE in Gaza, it is backfiring on all the WEF-planted politicians. We can see what is going on.

When the government collapses, so will the fake news mainstream media.

The Deep State has been EXPOSED, and the infiltrators will get their comeuppance.

Judgement Day looms.

It is time for all MPs to consider standing down. CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY are INEXCUSABLE.