Latest Intel #1

Latest Intel 1

Latest Intel #1

Latest Intel #1


>>> Looks like the 2022 mid-term elections will be canceled.

>>> Nowt is coming or has ever come out of the White House, Washington DC, or even the Pentagon since fake President Biden fraudulently took office.

>>> Quietly behind the scenes, on June 22, 2022, the SCOTUS overturned the fraudulent 2020 Presidential election result. September/October 2022 are expected to be important months for public disclosure of this, with 9/11 looking like a possible date for the confession. The Deep State, the crooked Dems, the traitors have been allowed to expose themselves, and they fell into the latest trap with the stupid Mar-a-largo FBI raid. They made complete utter fools of themselves and are now wide open.

>>> The Senate will select a Vice President via the Electoral College. Legally and technically, Donald Trump, as Commander in Chief, can now take over the US Presidency from either Texas or Nevada. But will he? That's very unlikely because the US Corporation – the company that was declared bankrupt owing eye-watering trillions of dollars in 2019, of which the position of President is now nonexistent – is no more. Simple.

>>> A new election for a constitutional head will be held 120 days after Nesara begins. Nesara/Gesara is written into law globally and signed into by all nations and territories.

Latest Intel #1...

> Six billion Q-Phones have been manufactured and are now ready for distribution, packed, and ready to go to the people of this world. Don't worry; they won't cost a penny. With the new quantum voting system now in the public domain, people worldwide can securely vote with these via secure Starlink satellite communication technology. Q-Phones will replace all mobile phones after all the current contracts expire. Smartphone technology is obsolete. No election rigging is possible anywhere with a Q-Phone. So, every vote will count.

>>> Israel did 9/11/2001. Ukraine is the Second Israel. 1 + 1 = 2, always.

>>> Looking likely that the Western economy will collapse on 9/11/2022. Possible start of Nesara?

>>> October 28, 2022, looks like the end of the '5' years.

It's coming, folks. TBIYTC.


Source: CWIC


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