Kazak – Huge Rumor

9 January 2022 – Kazak are Arresting Vax Center People

Kazak flag

This is likely true, but the lying, scamming mainstream media is saying the Kazaks are rebelling over all things ...


That's total BS.

More like the Kazak government has been THROWN OUT...


The rumor is that the vax destroyed so many people that there was a HUGE REBELLION over an effing Nuremberg Code-breaking mandatory vax mandate. Everyone working at the VAX CENTERS got ARRESTED, and the homes of government officials were BURNED.

They have either been ARRESTED or FLED the Khazarian Mafia-run country...

The official story MAKES NO SENSE. The rebellion was likely over the GENOCIDAL Nazi VAX MANDATES.

The lying, scamming, mainstream media CAN'T allow this to be known. Instead, it will attempt to CRUSH the TRUTH to prevent Kazakhstan from LEADING BY EXAMPLE...

Vax Centers

Yes, go after the VAX CENTERS, people... no vax centers – no effing jabs...

Too many people have gotten wise to the Deep States scumbag activities.

More like Russia has moved in and taken out the effing Khazarian Mafia scumbags in Kazakhstan.

But like all things during WW3, nowt will get known until the sleepy brainwashed masses WTFU.