Justice is Coming

Justice is Coming


From the desk of Derek Johnson

The US Supreme Court clarified in the 2016 Military Justice Act that Military Law supersedes all things Civil.

68 to 75 percent of Americans cannot name the three Branches of Government:

#1. The Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch WRITES ALL THE LAWS, declares war, regulates interstate and foreign commerce, and controls taxing and spending policies.

#2. The Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is the part of the government that PASSES LAWS and has responsibility for the governance of a state.

#3. The Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch INTERPRETS THE LAW. It decides the MEANING of laws, how to APPLY them to real situations, and whether a law breaks the rules of the US Constitution. This is the US Supreme Court.

US citizens must realize that the Brunson case was denied because MILITARY LAW overrides CIVIL LAW.

Military Law has been in force in the US since 2016.

As the Supreme Court clarified in the Military Justice Act of 2016… Military Law supersedes all things Civil.

Military Operation with a Continuation of Government (CoG).

The Law of War Manual, June 12, 2015 is the new Manual for the Department of Defense (DoD).

It’s a DoD-wide resource for DoD personnel – including commanders, legal practitioners, and other military and civilian personnel – on the law of war.

The manual was brought to you by Military and Federal Lawyers who took the Law of War Manuals from Australia, Germany, Canada, and United Kingdom PLUS the Lieber Code, Nuremberg Trials, Hague Conventions, and Geneva Conventions, combined all of their strengths, and put in this Manual for those personnel above via the DoD.


Donald John Trump rides down the escalator June 16, 2015, to announce his 2016 campaign…. Just four days after the Manual was signed.

2016 Military Justice Act: Military Courts-Martial Under the Military Justice Act of 2016. This Act is the SUPREME COURT clarifying Military Laws and Courts are SEPARATE from Civilian Laws and Courts. Military personnel are SEPARATE from Civilian personnel.


The Military jammed the vote cheating Dominion Systems in November 2016. They PLACED DJT in as Commander-in-Chief as the face of the Military.

DJT had to become a VISUAL President for sleepy Americans

75 percent of 335 million Americans CANNOT name the 3 Branches of Government...

Reminder: the LEGISLATIVE, EXECUTIVE, and JUDICIAL Branches…

So, they DON’T understand the huge covert military STING OPERATION.

January 17, 2017: The Federal Continuity Directive 1 is signed. Chapters titled: DEVOLUTION and RECONSTITUTION. It specifically says in the Federal Registry these Directives, 1 and 2, were to be established from 2018-2022 and the other 2020-2024:


January 20, 2017: VISUAL Inauguration of CIC DJT. Standing behind him are Officers of the Military with Military Intelligence and Judge Advocate General headbands.

June 13, 2017: Federal Continuity Directive 2 signed:


CIC DJT declares NINE National Emergencies, 7 in Executive Orders and 2 verbally from January 20, 2017, to March 27, 2020:

Executive Order 13818:


Executive Order 13848:


Executive Order 13851:


Executive Order 13873:


Executive Order 13882:


Executive Order 13894:


Executive Order 13936:


DJT Federalized 1 MILLION Reserves and National Guard to ACTIVE DUTY via Executive Order 13912, March 2020:

Executive Order 13912:


10 US Code Chapter 1209:


The Abraham Accords was introduced in August 2020 and signed on September 15, 2020. Peace in the Middle East:

Abraham Accords:

https://www.state.gov/the-abraham-accords (https://www.state.gov/the-abraham-accords/)/

Accords Signature by DJT:


Every one of those Executive Orders have been EXTENDED two years in a row now = Continuity of Government = Military Operation.

It was DJT who Federalized the National Guard.

The extension of Executive Order 13912 TWO YEARS IN A ROW means the National Guard is Federalized to mid-2024. The language inside the order says no more than 24 consecutive months... signed in 2020, extended in 2022, add two more until 2024.

Why would fake President Biden EXTEND SEVEN National Emergencies that Federalized the National Guard to clean out the festering rot of DC?

Every one of these goes against Biden’s “policies” … The REAL Biden BEFORE the Military Operation and CoG.

This is why it's important to apply the comments by CIC Trump:

"We have it all."

"We've caught them all."

"Our gravest threats aren't abroad, they're within."

"All crimes and evidence will be displayed to the public in full accordance to the law."

You CANNOT say those and believe in CIC Trump if you will not believe his Laws and Orders which support the Military Operation and CoG.

You cannot say those one day then believe in some case that has NOTHING to do with Military or CoG.

When CIC Trump DECLARED 9 National Emergencies... it should have only taken ONE in a normal setting for Congress to respond to the National Security Threat.

If you would understand what a President has to do to declare a National Emergency plus the records he must keep and a proclamation every 6 months.

Now do you understand why he’s had so many “speeches”?

Nine National Emergencies with a proclamation every 6 months as prescribed by Law.



Congress DID NOT have a resolution because it is a MILITARY OPERATION and CoG.

Meaning this is all planned AND controlled.

Everything is a STRATEGY and a DISTRACTION where the Military can WORK EFFECTIVELY and efficiently since 95 percent of Americans have NO CLUE WHO the INVISIBLE ENEMY is.

They chose a controlled Operation where there were no clowns in the streets acting like Barney Fyffe and Paul Blart "Mall Cop" inciting riots and violence against lost sheep on the other side of the aisle.


NINE National Emergencies. Of course, Congress FAILED to do their job because THEY are CONTROLLED under this Military Operation.

Everything they are doing is a DISTRACTION while Federal Continuity Directives 1 and 2 are IMPLEMENTED and the Military COMPLETES the missions.

That's why Executive Order 13848 is so important. It was signed September 12, 2018:

Executive Order 13848:


That's TWO months before the first Election under the VISUAL Presidency of DJT.

Read this slowly and clearly...

Executive Order 13848:

“Although there has been no evidence of a foreign power altering the outcome or vote tabulation in any United States election, foreign powers have historically sought to exploit America’s free and open political system.”

Now apply a few of his comments in one sentence:

"We have it all. We've caught them all. Our gravest threats are not from abroad, they're from within. We are going to clean out the festering rot of D.C. The Washington Establishment."

NO evidence of a foreign power altering the outcome OR vote tabulation.

And it was not a Contingent Election.

The Gore vs. Bush Election is a prime example of a Contingent Election.

The Supreme Court was able to rule on this because the Bush team saw the State of Florida as their way to Presidency and the SCOTUS ruled based on Florida's LAWS which specified a RECOUNT, to do just that: RECOUNT.

SCOTUS didn't change or re-write the law. It correctly INTERPRETED it.

SCOTUS interprets the Law. Recall, it is the Judicial Branch of Government.

Here is the official definition of Vote Tabulation:

Vote Tabulation or “vote counting” means the aggregation of the votes cast by individual voters to produce vote totals at any level.

VT Definition:


Wow. Individual voters. Imagine that. Now re-read what EO 13848 says again:

"...No evidence of a foreign power altering the outcome or vote tabulation in any United States election..."

Altering outcome OR vote tabulation…

That means violations of Congress came LONG before November 3, 2020.

It means the Presidential Election of 2020 was not and was not the focus … it was just a slice of the Military Operation.

It means the US Congress, the RINOS, and the WASHINGTON ESTABLISHMENT, the SWAMP, is EXPOSED.

The timestamp of this Executive Order, September 12, 2018 – 8 weeks before ANY Election under the VISUAL Presidency of DJT…

Means the ONLY evidence of this threat came from the 2016 Presidential Election and all years PRIOR to…

That Congress DIDN'T uphold the Constitution. That’s REALLY bad, folks.

It means we’re now under a MILITARY OPERATION and a CONTINUITY of GOVERNMENT, CoG.

If it were any NORMAL situation ... only ONE National Emergency SHOULD HAVE been needed for Congress to RESPOND with a resolution.

NINE National Emergencies with ZERO resolutions from Congress were the result. It’s ALL part of the plan, folks.

CIC DJT Federalized the Reserves and National Guard to ACTIVE DUTY.

When Congress has NO resolution, the ONLY person who can TERMINATE a declared National Emergency is the PRESIDENT.

50 United States Code Chapter 34:



All of the CoG with distractions HAD to be used to EXPOSE the dirty RINOS.  

But the distractions also displayed EVERYTHING to sleepy Americans in full accordance to the LAW.


The Military has been CLEANING OUT corrupt scumbags in systems that LACKED integrity, honesty, transparency, leadership, accountability and responsibility.

That means ….



And the INFILTRATED Courts.

ALL are under the MILITARY OPERATION and CoG.

NO voter tabulation or foreign interference means DOMESTIC and PLANNED.


So, when you read a case that simply says, Biden, Harris, and 388 members of Congress violated the Constitution … NO!!!

But Biden and Harris DIDN'T violate the Constitution on January 6, 2020.

January 6 WASN’T Biden vs. Trump. It was a day for COUNTING Electoral Votes.

It was ALL planned and CONTROLLED…

All a DISTRACTION, and 99 percent of Americans FELL for it.


Because Americans love DRAMA, not EDUCATION.

They are mesmerized by the MAINSTREAM MEDIA … the MOUTHPIECE of the HIDDEN HAND … the INVISBLE ENEMY…

There were just TWO objections during the counting of Arizona on January 6, 2021, which is explained in the report below how objections are handled:

Counting Electoral Votes:


When those objections happened on J6, 2021, Congress was to enter a special chamber to sort out those objections...

That was when the FAKE "insurrection" CONVENIENTLY happened…

That was when the 2,000 POUND rotunda doors that open from the INSIDE just HAPPENED to OPEN up for FAKE "rioters" and "disruptors."

Then the witch mouthpiece of the HIDDEN HAND, Pelosi, and Congress returned to count votes and she NEVER addressed the objections.

They HAD to be seen for the public violating those US Codes for TREASON and FRAUD…

But it was for a LOT BIGGER picture and reason than November 3, 2020.

There's a SAFE-HARBOR date as prescribed by LAW.

Pennsylvania and Texas courts and electors BOTH appealed to the SCOTUS and BOTH were SHOT DOWN inside the Safe-Harbor dates…. because this is an OPERATION that started LONG before 2020…

3 United States Code 7; Meeting and vote of Electors:


Safe-Harbor Date 2020:


New York Times; Safe-Harbor Deadline:


So, the COMMANDER IN CHIEF DJT, the WORLD ALLIANCE OF GENERALS as outlined in the LAW OF WAR MANUAL, along with ALL of the allies who are VISUALLY operating via EO 13912 and other laws and orders, every single day since Federalized, declared NINE National Emergencies from January 2017 to March 2020...

They put ALL of the lives of men and women in harm’s way in MULTIPLE countries via those orders...

And a single case that simply says Biden, Harris, and 388 members of Congress violated the Constitution, and SCOTUS is SUPPOSED TO OVERTURN the Election TWO years after the Safe-Harbor date...

And that's the MIRACLE shot that the Military U.S. and World Generals needed?

Ooh! Glump!

What an ATROCITY for the men and women who PUT THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE from 2017-2020 during the operation, and those in the ongoing operation, if all it took is 3 RANDOM GUYS, no connection to Military Generals and World Generals, plus all Allies.


To think that this case was supposed to OVERTURN the election and terminate ALL of the Military Operation and CoG cold turkey is an insult to ALL Military and the Civilian Personnel working alongside…

It’s also an INSULT to intelligence for those saying:

“This can wake up Americans to understand how to get involved.”

Not with false hope, false information and misinformation, Karen.

This whole case and write letters with the "Optional: Add $1.00" put in there...

Y'all dang well know NO ONE just put a “$1.00” in 40,000 letters...

And then over December-January 2022-2023 the BLIND podcasters push to "write more letters before January 6"...

With the context in the letter to "add $1.00"... and then texting people to send mass texts out to URGE people to "write more letters" and... "add $1.00"...

And a post from one of the brothers that went along with it with the keywords.

Know what’s coming…

“We’ve got plenty of chess pieces at play. We still have our queen.”

More BS for y’all to “add $1.00” on the other false narrative they’ll spin and play on the emotions of INNOCENT and VULNERABLE peeps truly seeking answers.

To really believe that the WHOLE Military Operation and CoG are solely relying on ‘their’ chess pieces and ‘queen’ piece TWO years AFTER the Safe-Harbor date prescribed by LAW is a SLAP IN THE FACE to all of the men and women behind this Operation and those on the FRONTLINES making it happen.

There's NO law for SCOTUS to INTERPRET because the laws that allowed this to happen are the Law of War Manual, MJA, Executive orders with NATIONAL EMERGENCIES etc.

The respondents (Congress) COULDN'T respond because they're all under a Military Operation and CoG.

The solicitor general waived this to SCOTUS. Plus, SCOTUS receives on average 8,000 petitions.

It’s an effing slap in the face to Veteran’s Oaths, especially those that know the Laws and Orders and Operation.

What an effing insult to Military Intelligence and all personnel on this BIBLICAL and MONUMENTAL Operation.



That’s how you wake up.

Those who are STILL FALLING for this after KNOWING and HEARING of the Military Operation and CoG should be ASHAMED!!!

And for all of you who just want “My President back!” at ANY cost without ANY integrity of the VERY SYSTEMS the Military has been and are CLEANING OUT… you’re STILL PART OF THE PROBLEM not the SOLUTION.

DJT is doing EVERYTHING via the integrity of the LAWS AND ORDERS that back the Constitution.

Everyone who CLAIMS to support the CIC DJT needs to adhere to what’s going on UNDER HIS COMMAND.

He federalized the National Guard to ACTIVE DUTY via Executive Order 13912, and he is the ONLY ONE who can TERMINATE NINE National Emergencies via 50 US Code 34.


STOP WORRYING and COMPLAINING about the timeline.

They are getting this correct for MILITARY TRIBUNALS.

Live your life because life goes on.

Learn how to APPLY the Blueprint to your family, friends, neighbors, community, town, city, and state.

That’s how you get involved and be a PART OF THIS.

Learn the Operation and Blueprint.

You can’t be all “We have it all… We’ve caught them all” one day… then “Brunson is gonna put my President back in the next.”

The Military DOESN’T need help from the civilian sector like this.

Anyone who says misinformation and disinformation is needed from the podcast level or civilian is a FOOL.

t’s all open-source information via Laws and Orders.

Learn them the CORRECT WAY to save yourself from let downs.

Ignore those who spin Drama.

CIC DJT made it clear in the 2016 Campaign as he said,

“Never again will we voice to the public what’s going on with the Military. If we tell you, guess who else finds out?

However, ALL of the Federal Directives for Continuity of Government plus Laws and Orders signed and passed, and the Executive Orders with National Emergencies plus the Federalization of the National Guard and Reserves to Active-Duty provide a clear OUTLINE of the Military Operation.

“It ain’t the smoke, it’s the fire that gets the burning done.”

“If it wasn’t for the bullet, nobody would fear the gun.”

“It ain’t the bark, it ain’t the growl, just the bite that hurts.”

“Thunder’s just the noise, lightning does the work.”

Do anyone REALLY believe that DJT and the Military would LEAK info to a bunch of people who’ve NEVER been in the Military or Government that requires CLEARANCES but also those with INTEGRITY to keep that CLASSIFIED INFORMATION secret and quiet from the public until THEY reveal it in the correct way, but also for their victory?

Know your role.

Wanna be involved? Cool.

That’s why you’ve been shown the SIMPLE Blueprint of the LAWS AND ORDERS to this Military Operation and CoG.

Now to apply it. You can’t be all “Pro-Trump” one day and then negate it the next with some “case” that was DEAD from the start.

Discern the information given.

Does it help or hurt? Does it inspire or deflate? Does it add value or not? Does it mislead or misguide versus lead and guide to an answer or another moment of patience until the next piece?

To believe that a bunch of people who’ve NEVER served at any capacity of Government or Military are receiving calls and emails from those LEADING this Operation and CoG who are serving under Oaths and NSAs is a JOKE and makes you stay in the same place Americans have always been…

To believe that the CIC DJT and the men and women in the Military ALL OVER THE WORLD on this GLOBALOPERATION would LEAK information before they do…


So many civvies are trying to PLAY THE GAME of “who is good cop / bad cop” but DON’T EVEN KNOW what the precinct looks like, where’s the front door, where’s the bathroom, where’s the cell, who the Chief is, the Chiefs role, the Laws and Regulations.

Chill out, man.

You’ve been listening to the wrong meatheads for too long. Yah know, dumbshits.

Under a Military Operation, the NUMBER ONE role in the Art of War is to look DECEPTIVE.

There’s MANY who you were told or thought was good, gonna be bad.

And many of you trashed, mocked, judged, ridiculed, shamed, who you thought were bad, that’s gonna be good.


Ooh! Glump!

The Blueprint has a starting point.

Everything under it is a strategic plan to distract people while the Military operates EFFICIENTLY and EFFECTIVELY.

The military is getting it correct the FIRST TIME where they will feel complete HANDING THIS BACK TO YOU, THE PEOPLE.

Courts, media, congress.

Are all UNDER the Operation and CoG.

Everything that goes AGAINST our Foundation is a STRATEGIC PLAN to MAKE THEM DESTROY THEIR INSTITUTION FROM WITHIN and DISPLAY it to the public.

“All crimes and evidence of will be displayed to the public in full accordance to the law.”  CIC DJT

You meet the Military in the middle by not misleading or misguiding peeps with a case that was dead from the start but “Optional: Add $1.00.

SCOTUS clarified that Military Courts and Laws are SEPARATE from Civil Courts and Laws and Military personnel are SEPARATE from Civil in the Military Justice Act of 2016 for a REASON.

APPLY the actual laws being presented.

Executive Order 13848 specifically says NO foreign power influenced a change in outcome OR voter tabulation.


“Our gravest threats are not from abroad but from within.” – CIC DJT November 15, 2022.

Why y’all wanna say “Trump! Trump! Trump!” But DON’T believe his Laws and Orders and Operation?

It was also NOT a Contingent Election.

To wake up Americans, learn the SIMPLE laws and orders.

You also cannot be all “Thank you for your service” and “Support our Veterans” and turn right around and WON’T listen to one who has your TRUE back.

It’s frustrating, confusing, and deflating because you don’t know WHO TO TRUST AND BELIEVE…

But there’s a MASSIVE difference in a US army veteran laying out ALL the Laws and Orders in one sitting than someone who makes countless FALSE STATEMENTS and PREDICTIONS and wrong again.

If anyone it’s the American Soldier showing you the Blueprint and those who understand it and have your best interest.

You learn how to take those Laws and Orders and apply to your life and support the Military who took on these missions.

Americans could have been more involved if Americans would have been more involved from the start.

America didn’t drive itself to this point. Lazy Americans drove America to this point.

That’s why many Americans cannot handle a Retired United States Army Veteran simply laying out Laws and Orders without making money nickel and diming you.

That’s why many Americans cannot believe a Retired Veteran can actually have your best interest at heart without any ulterior motives or drama attached.

Here’s the heart of a soldier:

There was a soldier once who wanted to go back to rescue a buddy of his who’s been shot. 

The sergeant tells the young man that this buddy is as good as dead, and his heroics will only get him shot, too. 

Ignoring his sergeant’s orders, the soldier runs into the clearing where his friend was shot and drags him to safety, braving enemy fire. 

By the time the soldier gets his friend to safety, he is dead, and the sergeant shouts at him.  “I told you so!”

“No Sergeant, when I got there, HE WAS ALIVE, and he said, ‘I knew you’d come.'”

We’re not better than you. We’re just different.

Understand the heart and motives of a Veteran who has nothing but YOUR BEST INTEREST.

This isn’t a game or drama contest. And you dang sure don’t tell any Veteran about “War” when you’ve never served.

You have a role and a purpose… learn it, know it, apply it.

The Blueprint of Laws and Orders that outline the Military Operations and CoG…

It allows you to UNDERSTAND what’s ALREADY taken place right IN FRONT OF YOU just BEHIND THE SCENES and HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE day by day WITHOUT false predictions, false expectations, false guarantees, and false promises.

The Laws and Orders define the Optics once the Optic is dropped.

Read, Study, Apply.

NOBODY can debunk the Blueprint via Laws and Orders.

That’s why they trash people and platforms…

Because they cannot back anything with laws and orders because they never knew them to begin with.

Military is a Law NOT an opinion, perspective, idea, or additive.

Our Founders established it and Military Laws first for a reason.

Americans need someone who can LEAD them through the fire because they’ve been there.

From the desk of Derek Johnson