It’s Time To Get Real

6 August 2021

It’s coming to a head. We’re gonna have to walk through darkness and crap to get where we want to go. We’re in an information war. PURE EVIL and other deep state players are pushing everything they have at the people to make them BEND THE KNEE. They will hit the people harder and harder every single day because they know what’s coming. They know that if proof that fraud happened during the 2020 U.S presidential election gets out, with the same pattern in every state, their entire system and way of life comes to an end.

Because just one case of fraud vitiates everything, PURE EVIL knows that the entire world created, based on fraud, scams, and fiat money, on infiltrated governments and judiciaries, will be no more. Those wealthy few at the very top of the pyramid and their hangers-on will lose EVERYTHING. Their way of life will then have to change. More likely, they’ll be executed for their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

Losing their way of life by keeping the rest of us in servitude is what they must prevent AT ALL COSTS, even if it means killing many innocent people. So, they’re gonna push harder and harder. If you think it’s bad now, well, it’s gonna get a lot worse as PURE EVIL panics more and more. They know that once evidence is shown proving the fraud done on the 3 November 2020 election, it’ll be GAME OVER. They have everything to lose over this, and you don’t.

They know that Trump is up to something, which is why they keep him in the news. They know that something’s going on that eventually will put the fraud out there. So what we see in August 2021 is the PREPARATION FOR WHAT’S COMING. The deep state and PURE EVIL are getting ready to counter the evidence that fraud occurred.

Remember that they created this pandemic hoax. They pushed it out there with FEAR and statistical misinformation via a PCR testing system that DOESN’T WORK.

They hid the cure from everyone - hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and other safe and cheap drugs - and don’t care if you live or die. If this was truly a real pandemic and people were dying everywhere, where are the countless bodies of the homeless in the big cities? They don’t get free jabs.

They now admit that the PCR test gives too many false positives and that a test that tells the difference between fake Covid and the common cold and flu will be rolled out on 31 December. The trouble is, that’ll show that Covid has miraculously disappeared, and that’s because the jabs work. See how sick PURE EVIL and the deep state are? They twist things to show that they’re right. Those claims are EASY TO PROVE WRONG, but as PURE EVIL controls the narrative by owning the scamming mainstream media, it’ll do what it has been doing since the Covid hoax was unleashed - tell lies.

They’re trying to cover up everything they did. The Fauci actor is saying that there are drugs now available that’ll help you prevent getting Covid. Those aren’t hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin. Instead, they’ll be something manipulated that’ll be patented by PURE EVIL. See how this works? They’re gonna make even MORE money on cures for Covid, to which they’ve got the patents!

It’s one gigantic hoax, and they’re pushing it as hard as they can. However, in the States, everything is falling apart for fake President Biden. The governors of New York and California, Cuomo and Newsome, are under fire. The nursing home scandal is under scrutiny, Cuomo is being impeached, and even the far-left polls show how unpopular Newsome now is. That’s why the desperate controllers are trying to bring in mandatory jabs and force more lockdowns and mask-wearing. It’s ridiculous!

Europe and Australia are testing grounds to see how far the deep state and PURE EVIL can push this crap. More and more people are taking to the streets in France, Britain, Germany, Italy, and Australia. The evil elite at the top of the pyramid are really panicking. They’re trying to divide the people, so we don’t know who the true enemy is.

Yet, the PCR tests are the root cause of all of this. The tests were used to manipulate everything. The test was NEVER meant to work on Covid. No Covid sample was ever obtained and remains unavailable to this day. Why? Because the whole thing's a hoax geared to make billions and billions for PURE EVIL and bring in communist population control by sick in the head eugenicists.

The PCR test and corrupt or blackmailed governments by PURE EVIL are behind the entire Covid crap. It’s so easy for them to get away with it because the effing narrative spewed out by the scamming mainstream and social media and is under their control.

They know that everything has to be done before the end of December 2021. They have to push the vax, smash economies, get people fighting each other and clamp down on freedoms with mandates before the election fraud is exposed for all to see. In so doing, they're breaking the Nuremburg Code, so they're treading along a very dangerous path.

They can’t show us the evidence that the PCR test can differentiate between the flu and Covid. So how can they say that there’s a effing delta variant? They effing can’t because they don’t even have an original Covid sample! IT’S ONE GIANT EFFING HOAX, and all the gullible out there, all the mindless business owners that play along with mask-wearing and social distancing, have unwittingly aided PURE EVIL.

PURE EVIL knows that fiat money will be no more when Gesara comes. With the end of the fake Biden administration will come a new dawn, but until then, PURE EVIL will squeal and spit venom everywhere before it loses power.