Game over for Big Pharma


Karen Kingston is a biotech research expert with over 25 years of experience in the Big Pharma industry. If anyone knows the ins and outs of how new drugs come onto the market with FDA approval, it’s Karen. So, pay attention.

There’s much going on behind the scenes when a new drug comes onto the market by Big Pharma. There are phases or stages for the drug to pass through before it can make money for the manufacturer, in this case, Pfizer.

At least nine months before FDA approval is given, the drug manufacturer must put up a website for the drug. Karen’s job is to scour that site and assemble all the necessary legal and scientific information and then present it to the public.

Graphene Oxide is in the Jabs

Karen tells us that all the ingredients in the approved Pfizer jab must be disclosed within 14 days. So, Monday, 6 September 2021 is the last disclosure day. She says that graphene oxide is an ingredient of the jab.

Oh, dear. Graphene oxide causes cancers, blood clotting, and strokes. It’s known that former Pfizer employees are now at the FDA, so there’s a lot of disinformation put out on purpose about the approved Pfizer jab.

Karen says that Pfizer hasn’t had a new drug on the market for some time now, so it’s desperate to make bucketloads of cash with its Covid jab. That’s why there’s the push to force the jab on billions of people. It’s all about effing money for Big Pharma.

Here’s the thing: once the FDA approves a drug, and then it’s shown that an ingredient is harmful, the manufacturer and the FDA can be sued. So, in other words, in this case, Pfizer and the FDA WILL be held liable and WILL be finished, as will the entire global pharmaceutical industry because their Covid jabs have the same ingredients.

Government's Are Finished

Governments the world over that gave the green light to the Big Pharma jabs will also be held accountable, so they’ll all be finished as well. There’s collusion and conspiracy to genocide humanity, and it’s all going to be EXPOSED.

This is how PURE EVIL and the deep state will be taken down. The swamp will be thoroughly drained. PURE EVIL owns Pfizer and the rest of the Big Pharma pharmaceutical companies, and President Trump knows this.

The reader can now see EXACTLY what’s been going on. We’re witnessing an economic war between the PURE EVIL-driven globalist World Bank/New World Order/Bilderberg/Davos/Gates/Soros depopulation green agenda, and the coming gold-backed NESARA/GESARA quantum financial reset. That ALL the countries and territories around the world have agreed to GESARA shows that it’s going to be ‘We the People’ who will come out of WW3 victorious.

However, in the meantime things may get a bit hairy as the deep state and PURE EVIL fight to the death to remain in control: