Inflation = Fake money printing

Inflation is caused by YOUR government's inane policies with the Covid hoax. As U.S. President Harry S. Truman said: "The buck stops there."

Q. Why are Western nations suffering from skyrocketing inflation in 2023?

A. Because during the hoax Covid pandemic of 2020-22, the inane infiltrated governments PRINTED fiat money as if it were toilet paper to cover the crazy FURLOUGH costs.

Loads of non-essential workers were told to stay at home and avoid traveling to work in order to prevent the spread of the hoax Covid-19 virus.

Looking back, we now see the stupidity of this policy.

The crazy Western governments also paid shops, restaurants, and public houses to close and remain shut until told otherwise by the all-knowing (scheming more like) government.

The wasteful furlough lasted for nearly a year, with the government's 'freebie' payments gradually decreasing over weeks until everyone was back at work.

That cost many BILLIONS upon Billions, and the chickens have now come home to roost

Commodity-backed currencies RETAIN value because commodities – precious metals, oil, timber, food, etc – DO NOT lose value because they are always in demand by industry.

Fiat money, on the other hand, as introduced in 1971 following President Nixon's dumping of the gold-backed US Dollar costs HARDLY ANYTHING to print and is of NO VALUE, apart from the paper on which it is printed.

So, as more toilet paper is used to purchase things like energy, food, and goods, the currency value PLUNGES. The more trash money that is printed, the bigger the fall because it becomes LESS scarce.

The more and more garbage furlough money circulating in the West, the less it can buy.

The HUGE inflation is WHY Russia REFUSES payments for its goods, such as heating gas, in Dollars or the Euro unless purchasers convert what's left of their fake fiat money that has value into the now gold-backed Ruble.

The Euro, the US Dollar, and the UK Pound have been massively devalued by furlough-printed toilet paper, so BLAME the incompetent Western governments for the soaring cost of living.

You can only get something for something that has value.

The more worthless fiat money in circulation, the less it's worth, so the less it can buy.

Plain truths, simple facts.

So the blame lies with SILLY, incompetent Western governments.

Are you still going to continue to vote (via rigged elections) for these CRIMINALS?

Want some Good News?

Fiat money is ending, and EVERY nation will SOON have commodity-backed TOKENS.

The US Dollar should be gone before 2023 is out, replaced by the US Note token.

And when that happens, Gesara will begin.

So there will be NO hyperinflation.

The Sterling token will replace the fiat Pound. The face of the deceased Queen Elizabeth II will be no more. Don't expect Princess Diana's tainted husband to have his mug shot on the Sterling token.

The Spanish Peseta will return, as will the French Franc, the Dutch Guilder, the German Mark, the Italian Lira, as well as all the other long-since-gone European currencies.

The BEST thing is that all will have the SAME value: 1:1.

1 Zimbabwe Zim = 1 US Note = 1 Pound Sterling = I Deutchmark = 1 Peseta = 1 Lira = 1 Yuan = 1 Ruble, etc.

Get the idea?

No more FOREX cheating and manipulation.

Get ready for the Lobster wallet and Stellar.


But first, WW4 has to end.

Retirees and military veterans WILL get their ILLEGALLY stolen taxes back.

But not all at once.

EVERYONE on the planet will benefit.