Incompetent Cops

When the truth is told by lawyers to incompetent British cops who FAIL TO carry out their sworn duty to protect the people of their country, we can see the level of ignorance in the police service today. This also applies to the former Commonwealth countries of Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. This ignorance is their downfall.

When it comes to Crimes Against Humanity, ignorance is NO excuse. Bludgeoning and beating up of legal protesters IS a Crime Against Humanity. Notice WILL be served on cops that fail to carry out their oath to protect the public. It's NOT for cops to use brute force, tear gas (a chemical weapon), or water cannons on peaceful protestors LEGALLY demonstrating against tyrannical mandates issued by criminals in governments whose sole job is supposed to be to represent the people in their democracies. Mandates are civil requests; they are NOT laws. No cop can force mandates on anyone. No court can convict those not adhering to mandates of wrongdoing. The use of threats to coerce people to adhere to civil requests is a Crime Against Humanity.

If government ministers have usurped the Monarchy to bring in a fascist/communist dictatorship, then they have committed HIGH TREASON against the head of state Queen Elizabeth II and must be ARRESTED forthwith and put on trial for their heinous crime. The EU Withdrawal Bill of 2020 by the UK government states that parliament has sovereignty. THAT IS HIGH TREASON. The governments of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are TRAITORS to their countries and must be DISSOLVED. They have achieved what Hitler had wanted to do. This must now become a military matter because of police incompetence.

Notice has been served on incompetent police men and women. Prepare to attend coming Crimes Against Humanity trials. Atonement can begin by the arrest of traitors in governments, no matter how many. ALL MP's that voted for the EU Withdrawal Bill are guilty of this crime.