Humanity Killers

Humanity Killers - Names and Faces

Here’s a presentation of Dr. David Martin’s entrancing Red Pill Expo speech as he reveals the “they” — the names and mugshots of those behind the Covid-19 BS “THEATER OF TERROR” as parents and their kids get murdered with a patented BIOWEAPON.

Not only does Dr. Martin call out the perpetrators and reveal their names, he also reveals how the illegitimate “mandatory jab” was PRE-PLANNED in 2015 and discloses the HIDDEN modern-day PIRATES and PRIVATEER corporate outfits sponsoring CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

The corporate scumbags behind the global PLANDEMIC must be tried for their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. Dr. Martin shows slides revealing all the names of the those behind the HIDDEN HAND:

You can watch the video HERE

Here’s the TRANSCRIPT for those with short memories while watching the video, or if the video ever gets taken down:

We are now killing 5-year-old children in the name of policy and fake science. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE. So, let’s expose the names and faces of everyone behind the COVID theater.

We energize the forces of evil and darkness when we anonymize them. They are the people who have lost the social contract with humanity that says WE THE PEOPLE have the right to live in happiness. By keeping these lousy anonymous psychopaths in the dark, we prolong their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. So, let’s show who they are. These are the people that need to be outed.

A criminal conspiracy is defined as two or more people getting together to plan an illegal act. The whole COVID hoax is a criminal conspiracy of DOMESTIC TERROR. Mandatory jabs were planned in 2015 by the COVID RICO CONSPIRATORS.

“In order to sustain funding, the scamming, lying mainstream media is used to force the economics to follow the HYPE. The hype is then used to the conspirator’s advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process.”

Scumbag Peter Daszak, the British zoologist, consultant, and public expert on disease ecology, who sought US funds for the Wuhan lab, said the above. Follow the money... That is an admission of a felony by him - a crime of HIGH SERIOUSNESS, and the felony is DOMESTIC TERRORISM.

On 19 September 2019, President Trump signed an executive order on modernizing flu vaccines to promote national security and public health. It directed BARDA, the NIH, the CDC, and the FDA to ACCELERATE the approval of improved influenza vaccine technologies. The executive order mentioned the development of spike proteins, DNA, messenger RNA, vectors, self-assembling nanoparticles, and all that kind of gene-altering crap. That order was signed the day AFTER arch-criminal Anthony Fauci, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Chinese CDC said they were building a criminal universal pan Coronavirus vaccine. The effing day after!

Did Trump write that executive order? He did sign it.

The point is, it DOESN’T exonerate a failure in leadership. He actually signed the DEATH SENTENCE for many Americans. It’s a criminal conspiracy that must be held to account.

Pfizer filed the first patent for canine Coronavirus back in 1990. That was for the S1 spike protein. Since a natural substance CAN’T be patented, the S1 spike protein is a BIOWEAPON.

CALL IT AS IT IS: It’s a protein sequence derived from a model of the Coronavirus. It’s NOT a pathogen - it’s a BIOWEAPON, and we need to start using the correct language.

If we do that and tell parents that the jab is a BIOWEAPON, fewer kids will get jabbed and be maimed or killed. If you keep using the term “vaccine,” you run the risk of losing the argument, so call it what it is: a friggin patented BIOWEAPON. Do not consent.

A BIOWEAPON is a knowingly produced and stockpiled biological agent or delivery system for use as a weapon, OR the product of those who knowingly assist a foreign state or any organization to do the same.

Life imprisonment is the only sentence. The S1 spike protein is a BIOWEAPON. In 1999, Fauci used the spike protein sequence as a vaccine VECTOR. He sought to build an infectious replication-defective clone via the University Chapel Hill in Carolina. It AMPLIFIES the harm to humans. In other words, it’s MORE LETHAL. He patented it in 2002.

There’s NO Chinese virus. In fact, there is NO COVID-19 virus. Instead, there’s a BIOWEAPON built in 1990, perfected in 1999, patented in 2002, and deployed against humanity in 2002, which, remember, gave us the first outbreak of SARS - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

Stop using the language of the pro-vax criminals. If you do, you’ll be undermined as soon as you open your mouth.

Call it what it is - a frigging BIOWEAPON.

PCR tests sample protein fragments, not viruses. Viruses only exist only in cells. Stop using the language that keeps us enslaved. It’s a BIOWEAPON built by Fauci to take out humanity.


Anser is the largest single contractor in the entire COVID-19 domestic bioterrorism campaign. All the big pharma companies like Pfizer and Moderna, Glaxo and AstraZeneca, etc., are just FRONTS to take the flak and heat.

Operation Warp Speed - armaments, biotechnology, electromagnetism, space technologies, advanced materials, shipbuilding - all the money went to Anser. Nobody hears that the money made by the Covid hoax funnels to Anser. Anser gets government defense contracts for the purpose of government PROPAGANDA.

Jab manufacturers are shielded from liability under certain acts, but if there’s a STATE OF EMERGENCY, the liability shield gets pierced, and the jab manufacturers will then become liable for every injury and death. But Operation Warp Speed is run through a cover company so that any lawsuits will bankrupt that company. That’s what Anser is… it’s a cover outfit for the criminal government to hide behind the conspiracy they know they ran.

Anser is the target, and no one is talking about it. Instead, everyone is aiming for the decoys and wondering why there are no ducks on the table. Anser was set up to SHIELD the BIOWEAPON manufacturers from criminal liabilities and willful misconduct. Anser has earned TRILLIONS in government contracts so that any successful lawsuits will be PEANUTS to them. Meanwhile, the real criminal domestic terrorists get away scot-free.

It’s time to wake up, people.

The Fors Marsh Group is the shell company for marketing the BIOWEAPON. It’s the marketing agency that BRANDED COVID-19. They’re the ones behind all the subliminal marketing messages like “we won’t return to normal until we have a vaccine.”

Do you think politicians invent crap like that? No, they simply read scripts that are doing the rounds. Politicians are coerced or blackmailed to do what they do. The Fors Marsh Group supplies politicians worldwide with the same script.

“Build Back Better” is another marketing script regurgitated by lousy low-life politicians … and suckers fall for it.

“Black Lives Matter” is yet another one. You couldn’t make this crap up, and it’s only out there because the bastards have the lying, scamming, mainstream media as their mouthpieces which gullible mask wearers treat as gospel. It is all Khazarian Mafia brainwashing bullshit.

Palantir Technologies is the shell company behind all the rigged COVID-19 DATA. They’re behind app tracking to give suckers with mobile phones fake ‘alerts.’ They monitor your phone, your spending, your health, your... all under Gotham Data Sciences.

Publicis Sapient is the cover company for health and public DATA. They supply COVID-19 DATA to the scamming mainstream media. They run the government IT. So now you know where all the Covid statistics lies come from.

All these PRIVATEER SHELL COMPANIES have permission to be pirates by CORRUPT governments.


  • University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  • Vanderbilt
  • Emory
  • John’s Hopkins
  • University of California System
  • MIT
  • NYU Langone
  • Imperial College Cambridge
  • DZIF
  • IHME
  • Erasmus Medical Center

These are the PIRATE OUTFITS that made the most Covid money going into the universities. These bastards justify it in the name of science and education. They are LIARS and SCAMMERS. Just like Oppenheimer and the nuke during the Manhattan Project, they plead IGNORANCE to the science behind a weapon of mass destruction. These outfits are sick and need taking down. They are BIOTERRORISTS even though they plead ignorance. They are FELONS and need jailing for life, or better still, dragging to GITMO and the gallows. Yes, Ken Langone, you’re a felon.

The European Union funded Bart Hagman of these pirate outfits in 2012 with enormous grants for ZAPI, the EU’s DISEASE LAB that resulted in the patented MERS outbreak - the Middle Eastern Respiratory Disease. The link between that and the so-called COVID-19 respiratory disease is so bloody obvious.

Dr. Martin’s slide of the NAMES and FACES of the pirates (freeze the video at 31.27 minutes) is the frame he wants us all to see. It’s the NAMES and FACES of all the people who are, in fact, KILLING HUMANITY. These are the scumbags affecting everyone on the planet at the behest of the Khazarian Mafia. So take note of all the names and faces of the people who decided to kill us.

  • Cialis Yo-Mo Ma
  • The head of the Welcome Trust
  • Princess Ranier of Jordan
  • The woman in Canada controlling the money
  • The chairman of financial research in China

Almost none of the names and faces in the slide have sought public visibility. Dustin Moskovich has paid search engines millions to keep his name out of them. He’s the American Internet entrepreneur who co-founded DARPA-funded Facebook (now known as Meta) with Zuckerberg, Saverin, McCollum, and Hughes. In 2008, he left Facebook to co-found Asana with Justin Rosenstein. He’s reportedly the youngest self-made billionaire in history, based on his 2.34% share in Facebook. As of September 2021, his net worth is an estimated $24 billion.

Moskovich is the actual check writer for Event 201. We were told that the WEF, John Hoskins, or the Gates Foundation funded Event 201 - the plandemic exercise. No, it was Moskovich. He’s a felon, a criminal, and a psychopath. And he pays to keep his name private.

The names in the slide are exposed because WE THE PEOPLE don’t want to let mass murderers get away anonymously. So that slide in the video is a mass murderers list.

Moskovich shrouded the entire plandemic in a self-interested investment objective. He owns Sherlock Bioscience, the standard for molecular diagnostics. It’s the company that owns the technology used by the US and China for editing the genes in the human genome. Moskovich knew that if this technology were made public, nobody would allow it, especially since it is a friggin Joint Venture between him and the Chinese Communist Party. Talk about TREASON! It FEELS LIKE eugenics BECAUSE IT IS EUGENICS!

It feels like Cold Springs Harbor Labs. Founded in 1890, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory has shaped biomedical research with cancer, neuroscience, plant, and quantitative biology programs. It’s home to Nobel laureates. This private so-called not-for-profit lab employs hundreds of compromized scientists and technicians. Cold Springs Harbor Labs also pays the search engines to KEEP QUIET.

Gene-editing technology can ONLY get approved by EUA, EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION. Sound familiar?

While everyone is distracted by so-called ‘vaccines’ and fake PCR testing, Sherlock Biosciences slipped in their EUA application to the FDA and got it. In other words, using the cover of COVID-19 that everyone is talking about, the editing of the human genome WAS APPROVED, and NOT ONE OF US SAID A THING…

Sherlock Biosciences used Covid as a cover story to HIDE what they were doing. There was NO lab leak – it was a WILLFUL weaponization of the spike protein. It’s an ACT OF WAR, not a friggin leak at Wuhan.

And who was milking it all financially? Dustin Moskovich.

Follow the rabbit trail into the warren and smell all the piss and poo.

Now you know. So talk about the anonymized mass murderers in Dr. Martin’s slide. Expose those evil people who are all in on the scam. Defund the lot of them and charge them with CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

Don’t humanize their sociopathic behavior. There are individuals in organizations that are wilfully harming humanity. It’s incumbent on ALL OF US not to let that happen. It is OUR DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to put a stop to all this money-making racketeering.


The following are the corporations, entities, and states that are conspiring to kill us:

  • USA
  • Black Rock
  • AXA
  • HSBC
  • The IMF
  • United Healthcare
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
  • The Chinese Communist Party
  • The United Nations
  • The Khazarian Mafia
  • The Vatican
  • Royal families
  • Child and Human Traffickers
  • Sects
  • The climate change lobby

That is the main list of the eugenics co-conspirators, plus a few others. It’s the Atlantic coalition of doom.

United Healthcare is a manipulative and corrupt organization. It matches life insurance and insurance products with healthcare delivery so that they can WAGER against the timing of your DEATH. It is the dream of the Lloyd’s of London syndicate who would have loved to have this opportunity but missed out. Instead, United Healthcare got in on it.

They now manage your life so they can TIME your death and PROFIT on both. Because the Covid vax has NOT been approved and is deemed EXPERIMENTAL, if you have life insurance and die within 12 months, your life policy will be considered null and void. In other words, the bastards kill you and steal your last pennies.

The Atlantic coalition of doom are masters of

  • Conspiring in and performing acts of terror
  • Domestic terrorism
  • Lying to Congress
  • Criminal, commercial activity
  • Market manipulation and allocation
  • Patenting nature
  • Coercion and ignoring informed consent
  • Unfair or deceptive acts or practices in or affecting commerce

Covid is an intolerable act

Our Inalienable Rights

  • Provisioned for life, liberty, and livelihood unrestricted from provisioning
  • To peacefully assemble, speak, disagree, and express
  • Freedom of enquiry with the assurance of veracity and provenance
  • At liberty to exchange value and commerce with transparency
  • Afforded access to all derivatives of public goods
  • Organically undefiled from birth to death

It’s up to all of us now to TAKE ACTION. There’s no knight in shining armor ready to come and save humanity. It’s WE THE PEOPLE who have to act against the psychopaths and money-crazed low-life in companies and governments.

It’s up to us to force FORENSIC AUDITS on ALL elections. It’s our planet, not theirs. No one has the right to commit genocide. If that means dragging these scumbags out into the open from their hiding places and hanging them on lampposts, then so be it. The plotting and scheming psychopaths hide behind corporate facades, and if we don’t expose them and try them in non-commercial (common law/constitutional law) courts, they will continue to kill us all. The time of passive resistance is over. Peaceful demonstrations don’t work in a gestapo state. It’s time to act and drag the conspirators, corporate criminals, and traitors out. The world has had enough of the Dustin Moskovich types.

Anyone promoting EUGENICS should be made a COMPULSORY VOLUNTEER to go first. Do that, and the entire New World Order eugenics campaign will quickly disappear, as will the climate change scam.

No one has the right to take another human life

You were born here with nothing, and you will die with nothing, no matter how much Monopoly game money and false treasures you made in your life.

God will be your ULTIMATE JUDGE. Remember that…